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> Hot Dog(s) And Peanut Butter, first experience
Posted: May 22 2004, 04:49 PM
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I have enjoyed reading these hot posts for a month or two. Until such time as I can move beyond my limited (but fun) animal experiences, I come here and get off over and over again. Thanks!!

I always assume the people who do this are single because how else could you find the time and place to do it? I'm a mom and I have very little privacy to get a good fucking from my HOT boyfriend (we usually end up at his place as he has his kids only 1/2 time, while I have mine full time). I can't imagine finding a way to get myself alone with my dog more than maybe once every six months, and since he's fixed and not altogether interested in my pussy, it's a lot of work. So, today I'm going to get off by typing up my past experiences and maybe some future desires.

I’m a 36 y/o female who "got started" much younger when our female poodle innocently licked at a pair of panties that I'd dropped on my bedroom floor while changing clothes. I'd already been masturbating for at least a year, but dog sex
never occurred to me until I saw her going at the wet spot on my girly underwear. I instantly felt that familiar warm tingle between my legs.

On the spot, I laid down on the floor and called her over to my exposed pussy. She dove right in and started licking like crazy. As you may know, a dog's tongue is amazingly flexible and powerful. I've been eaten by many skilled men, but none are as good as a dog!! She reached in all the soft folds and lapped up the wetness coming from my virgin hole and she never stopped. This was the first of near nightly "meals" for my little girl. She had always slept in my bedroom, so it was
easy to let her under the covers as I pulled up my flannel nighties.

As years went on, we got other dogs, including males but, sadly, all were fixed. One of our male dogs, Toby, loved to lick my asshole and I loved to let him. My parents had a white fake fur bedspread and the dresser near the foot of it had a long mirror attached. I'd get up on that bed on all fours and let him lick both of my holes until I felt like passing out from so many orgasms. I coudn't get enough of wathing the action in the mirror. But, after I couldn't take anymore, I'd
lay down on my back and call him up near my face and "French" kiss him. It was unbelievably erotic to kiss my dog and taste my pussy juice on his tongue. At this time, I would have given anything to be able to have him fuck me, but his was fixed. It was a huge turn-on to touch his doggy dick especially if he'd recently pissed and was still a little wet around the tip.

Not long after this, I was out of the house and on my own. Dog sex wasn't a part of my life for many years. I was with a few men, and I even married one of them, but the best sex was always when I was on all fours and I visualized them as big
dogs. I wanted to wear a collar and be their bitch. I never told any of them that I faked my orgasms when the licked my pussy because it never felt as good as with my dogs.

So, after my divorce I went without a man (or a regular date) for quite some time. I focused on other, more important things during that period. Then after much begging by my kids, we decided to rescue a dog. I really didn't want the upkeep of
having a pet, but of course, they agreed to do it all! (I've made them stick to it!) We adopted a male Border Collie but he was already fixed. Dammit! I really want to get fucked by a dog! Anyway, we had him for several years before I was alone in the house with him and totally horny. I'd found a bestiality chat and even though I was a little disappointed that most weren't talking about bestiality, some did and talked about how I might get this dog to lick my pussy. Peanut butter! I got off the computer, went to the kitchen for the peanut butter and called my hairy beast into my bedroom and shut the door (no one was home, but I needed to feel secure!). I stripped and was a little saddened that he didn't get excited at the sight
of my clothes coming off as my childhood pets had done. It was more disheartening to see that he wasn't interested in either my pussy or my ass. That is until I spread a little peanut butter on my pussy lips.

He licked well past any remaining traces so I put some more on my pussy, this time getting a little closer to my hole and my clit. This worked perfectly and I came hard and fast. This seemed to spook him a bit so I laid still and stroked his fur and fed him just a bit more peanut butter from my finger. I slowly began to feed him pussy juices instead and he kept licking my fingers clean. After a bit of this I was hot again and wanted more action. I spread a very thin layer of PB on my nipples and was pleasantly surprised when he actually nipped at them a bit!! I've always loved rough action on my breasts and nipples. Now I wanted him to taste my ass! I turned over and put a tiny bit of PB on my puckered hole and spread my legs wide while pushing my ass in the air. He sniffed around but licked my cheek instead. It felt good too, so I put more PB around the crack of my ass and laid all down flat on my stomach with my ass squeezed tight. Maybe my dog likes more of a challenge because now he was liking and trying hard to get down into my ass and get all the peanut butter out of my crack and hole. I had to muffle my screams as I came because I didn't want to frighten him! Yes, I am one of those lucky ladies who doesn't need to have her pussy touched to cum. In fact, I'm more of an ass girl. Sadly, only one man has ever been interested in licking my ass (all like to fuck it!) and he was the same who let me lick his.....yummy!!!

My new boyfriend is so fucking hot that I almost feel like I could tell him about my doggy adventures.....but not yet. We'll see. Anyway, he bought me my first toy for Valentine's Day. Can you believe that I've never had one before?? Well, it's perfect if not just a little bit small (I picked it on purpose because I hinted that I want to try it up his ass -he has liked my fingers up there when I suck his dick- and he said it had better be small ---we've used it once and he loved it!!) I don't know when I'll be able to be alone in the house with the dog again, but when it happens, I'll have peanut butter and my vibrator handy.

Someday I hope to feel what it is like to be taken by a dog! I love what I read at this site and the pictures are amazing!! I wish I had some to share. But, I was a bit stunned to find that men like to get fucked by dogs and I had no idea people liked other animals (okay, who hasn't heard jokes about farm boys and sheep?) Until the Internet, I figured I was a freak, now I love to read about how men enjoy being taken and used as a cum hole (such a womanly feeling) and the horse pix are amazing!! I would love to have a cock that big in my pussy!

Since various situations keep me from being able to access this site with any type of regularity (and you already know how hard it is for me to get with my dog), I'd love to have regular email "chats" with any interested parties about anim sex, but I got off of the one bestiality chat site that I tried because a guy wanted to talk to me about child sex and that IS NOT my thing!!

Drop me a PM!
Posted: Jul 18 2007, 01:53 AM
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