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> Cynthia Palmer's New Life, College f becomes dog slut
Posted: Oct 6 2007, 04:04 PM
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Hey everyone, this story has been in the fantasy section but really belongs here. I'll be posting all chapters here and then will add more as i write them.

Cynthia Palmer’s New Life Chapter 1
By redlegtiger

Note for Karen and Michelle Sad Story fans. This story is set about ten years before the beginning of Karen’s story. Marta has just inherited a fortune from her dead mother and has recently purchased a kennel and surrounding land that was for sell. She became good friends with the previous owner who sponsored her into the Coch Slaver’s organization. Marta is just beginning her odyssey as a dominatrix and mistress and has not yet become the sadistic bitch that torments Karen. She finds out that a renowned female dog trainer has interracial fantasies and introduces her to the world of submission. In the process of investigating her new slave’s situation in order to sever her ties with her family, she finds that the woman’s son has racked up an enormous amount of gambling debt. After failing to pay the debt, the bookie orders her daughter Cynthia to be abducted and turned into a high priced whore to pay off his debts. After finding out how smart Cynthia is, Marta decides that she would intercede and abduct her first. This is Cynthia’s and her mother’s story as to how they both become slaves how Cynthia learns of a world she never dreamed of and ends up having two of her most desired dreams be made real.

Chapter 1

Cynthia Palmer looked up at the clock on the wall again for the umpteenth time in the last hour. It was getting close to midnight and here she was still not finished with her final Chemistry Lab experiment. Tomorrow was the last day of class and her graduation. She had to finish everything tonight or she wouldn’t graduate as she planned. Cynthia hoped that the experiment would work this time. This was the fourth time that day that she had to do it. She kept making mistakes and having to start over. She wasn’t normally so distracted but the last few weeks had been hell for her.

Three weeks ago the beautiful nineteen year old, blue eyed, 5 foot, 3 inch, 110 pound redhead was on top of the world. She was on track to graduate from college two years ahead of the other graduates. She had graduated high school at the remarkable age of fifteen. She was a prodigy and graduated in the top five of her class. She took 26 – 30 credit hours each semester during college, including taking a full load during Summer School. As a result she was graduating after three years of college.

Her goal was to graduate and get into medical school. She had already interviewed and was waiting for a reply. She felt real good about her chances of being accepted with the grades she had and the recommendations she received from the doctors at the hospital she volunteered at the last five years. One of the doctors was on the board of the medical school and he had almost guaranteed her that if she did well on the interview and had at least a 3.0 grade point average that she would be accepted. As it stood now she had a 3.8 GPA and everything looked right on track for her final semester to be a 4.0 so that would only make her grades better.

Then she got the phone call that totally devastated her. The state patrol got a hold of her late one night at her dorm room and notified her that her parents had been killed in a car crash. After collapsing in total disbelief she finally managed to get it together enough to go home and take care of everything. She contacted all of her professors and explained the situation to them and they all gave her extensions, but they required her to have everything in to them by the end of the semester or she would get incompletes on her grades.

Cynthia managed to make it back home and help her older brother Dave take care of the funeral arrangements. She naively let her older adult brother handle all of the particulars of the estate. What she didn’t know was that he had a gambling problem and owed over $100,000.00 dollars to his bookie. She was so devastated at the loss of her parents and at the thought of not graduating on time that she didn’t pay attention to much of anything. If she had, she might have noticed the two big thugs that were always present in the area checking her out.

These were the bookie’s collectors and they were the ones that had arranged the little accident that had killed her parents. They hoped that Dave would sell the estate and be able to pay off his debts.

Cynthia spent a week and a half until the funeral was over and things had settled down enough for her to return to school. She got back to classes with only a week left to finish everything up. She worked around the clock all week and had everything finished and turned in but the chemistry lab.

She shook herself out of her funk and looked at the clock again. It was now after midnight and her experiment had just a bit over fifteen minutes left before it was finished and she could record the results.

She looked at the end of the counter she was working on and admired the single red Chrysanthemum in a large beaker that her boyfriend Rob had brought her. She thought about how great he had been to her through all of this. She knew she wasn’t ready to get married or anything but she hoped that he had feelings for her like she had for him. She had been saving herself for her future husband and had about decided that Rob was it. Time would tell. He had been patient with her so far and had showed none of the impatience that all of the other boys seemed to have about wanting her to put out to them.

Again Cynthia turned to the clock and saw that she had about five minutes now. Her thoughts turned back to the phone conversation that she had with her brother earlier that afternoon just as she was starting her experiments. He told her how their mom and dad had basically hocked everything and cashed in their insurance policies so she could go to college. He told her how even after everything was accounted for and sold off that they were still in debt by about seventy thousand dollars. Then he told her about his gambling debt and how he owed over a hundred thousand dollars. He told her that he thought that the bookie had ordered their parents killed in the hopes he would inherit enough to pay them off. He explained that without the money, he was likely to end up the same way before the next twenty four hours was up. He was scared to death and begged her forgiveness.

Cynthia had tears in her eyes as she looked at the clock again. She didn’t loose track of the time like she had all of the other times. It was this constant lapsing into thought about everything that had happened that kept causing her to let the experiment go too long on the previous tries. She had just a few more seconds and she would be done. She thought how great it was that she was finally going to be able to finish the experiment and turn in her work so she could graduate. That was at least one thing that was going to work out all right for her.

The time was finally up and she dutifully recorded the information from the experiment and wrote up her conclusions. With everything finished she cleaned up the lab and put all of the results of the experiments that she had recorded dutifully together in a large envelope. She left the lab, turning out the light and locking it. With her full book bag on her back, the envelope with the results of the experiment in one hand and the beaker with the chrysanthemum in the other she headed out of the building. She stopped by her professor’s door on the way out and slid the envelope under it so that he would get it first thing in the morning.

She finally left the vacant building and got in her car. She decided she needed a drink to celebrate finishing every thing so she went to the bar where her boyfriend worked as a bartender at night to pay for school. This was his last night at work too because he graduated the next day as well. She went into the bar and walked up to the counter and asked Rob for a beer to celebrate finishing everything. He congratulated her and gave her the beer on the house. Neither one noticed the two goons that had come in the door close behind her.

One took a seat next to Cynthia at the bar and ordered a couple of beers. The other one went over to the area around the pool tables. It wasn’t but a couple of minutes later that there was a fight going full throttle at the pool tables. Every patron in the bar was looking in the direction of the fight and no one noticed the guy sitting next to Cynthia slip a mickey into her drink. It had a couple of things in it. One was a potent aphrodisiac and the other was a hit of ecstasy.

The bouncer quickly broke the fight up and threw out the partner to the guy that had slipped the mickey into Cynthia’s drink. He got up without a word and took his beer with him along with one for his partner. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she started feeling the effects of the drug once she drank her beer.

Cynthia was already tired and anxious to get home to bed. It was now after one in the morning and the graduation ceremony was at ten. She finished her spiked beer and gave Rob a kiss goodbye and left for home.

Cynthia’s house was only about ten minutes from the bar. By the time she was half way, she began to feel strange and unable to concentrate. By the time she pulled up and parked in the driveway to the rental she shared with three other seniors, she was high as a kite. She attributed it all to the stress, the late hour and drinking the beer in such a short time. She had no clue that she had been drugged.

She thought ‘At least I’ll have a quiet night, or morning of sleep.’ She giggled as she fumbled with the keys. She knew that her roommates had decided to go on home and skip the graduation ceremony. They had their degree and that was all they cared about. If she hadn’t had to finish her Chemistry Lab, she would have probably skipped it as well.

Just as she opened the door, a large hand came around and covered her mouth while the other wrapped around her and picked her up. She was quickly forced into the house. When they were inside the guy whispered into her ear, “Your brother has a debt he couldn’t pay. So you are going to be his payment, not that he’ll ever get any benefit out of it. Now if you make a sound, you can count on joining your parents six feet under. A place your big brother is going as soon as we find him. ‘heh…heh…heh’ Do you understand?”

Cynthia’s eyes were round as saucers in fear and she shook her head yes that she understood. She felt the guy put her down as she heard the door to the house close. As she turned around she saw two big guys that somehow looked familiar. She couldn’t place who they were, but she knew that she had seen them around. They both were dressed up like typical crooks with the knit stocking cap rolled up on their head. They both looked mean and sinister and they both wore blue jeans and a gold T-shirt. Then she noticed that the guy that had just closed the door had two big dogs with him. She had always had a love for Labrador Retrievers and they had the biggest pair of male Lab’s she had ever seen. One was a black lab and the other was a golden lab.

Cynthia was now looking at the guy that had been holding her. She asked, “What is it you want? I don’t have any money. I know my brother has told you that there was nothing left in my parent’s estate.”

The guy laughed hysterically and evilly as he said, “Yeah we know. That’s why we’re here for you. You see, you’re going to be the payment for your brother’s debt. As for what we want? That would be your total obedience to every order we give you. If you cooperate, then you just might survive and live a long life, though I’m quite sure it won’t be the life you expected to lead. If you don’t cooperate, you will end up buried beside your parents and your big brother. Now what’s it going to be missy?”

Cynthia knew she had no choice. Tears were streaming out of her eyes and down her cheeks. The future life that she had planned on flashed before her eyes and was quickly gone. She knew that if she wanted to live, she had to cooperate. Maybe some day she would be able to pursue her dream again. She stammered out, “I…I…I’ll cooperate.”

The guy that had explained the facts of life to her was obviously the leader. He got a sinister grin on his face and said, “Let’s see just how much you mean that.” He pulled out a dog collar and put it around her neck and then continued, “I want you to strip out of your pants and panties and kneel on the floor and lay the upper part of your body over that nice coffee table over there.”

Cynthia was crying almost uncontrollably now as she begged, “Please don’t rape me. I…I…I’ve never been with a man before.”

The two guys both let out a loud whoop of celebration. The leader finally said, “That’ll make this even better. Now get busy and cooperate.” He pulled out a large six inch hunting knife and held it to her throat as he continued, “Or we’ll end this right now and you can go say hello to mom and dad.”

Cynthia was shaking with fear as she noticed that the guy with the dogs had pulled out a small camcorder and was getting it ready to use. She slowly started undoing the clasp to her pants and shimmying them down her hips. She reluctantly removed them and threw them on the couch. Then she removed her panties just as slowly but steadily and threw them on top of her pants. When she was done, she got on her knees and knelt across the glass top coffee table as she had been instructed. She folded her arms across each other and laid her head down on them and began crying in earnest with deep heart felt sobs.

While she had been undressing, both of the guys had lit up and started smoking a cigarette as they enjoyed the show. They enjoyed watching as Cynthia sobbed her heart out with her most private areas, never before seen by man, exposed. The dog handler with the camcorder began to feel her ass cheeks and stroke them gently. He ran his finger through her untouched nether region several times trying to make her more and more excited. The aphrodisiac that she had been slipped, along with the ecstasy, were starting to really have an effect on her. She was getting very aroused from all of the stimulation.

By the time the two had finished their cigarettes, the dog handler was satisfied that she was ready. He looked at his boss that was now sitting on the couch in front of Cynthia and said, “She’s as ready as she’ll ever be. Let’s get the show on the road.”

The leader of the two shook his head yes and ordered, “Great! Let’s start with Goldie then. I’m sure he’s up for a little fun. Give me the camera and get him started while I catch it on film.”

The guy’s partner handed him the camcorder and he stood up in front of Cynthia. The handler picked up the leash to the gold lab and brought him in front of Cynthia. He had him put his front paws on the table on either side of Cynthia’s head. She was so absorbed in feeling sorry for herself and crying that she didn’t notice the dog. The guy kept hold of the dog’s leash with one hand and reached under the dog and grabbed Cynthia’s hair, pulling her head up. He ordered, “Suck that dog’s nice cock good and hard now missy. Remember, cooperate or join old mom and dad.”

Cynthia swallowed hard and reached up and slowly began to massage the golden lab’s sheath. Shortly she saw the red tip of his cock begin to emerge. After about five more minutes, it had extended most of the way out and she leaned forward and tentatively licked it. She noticed that it tasted a bit musky, but otherwise was bearable. It was almost like giving her boyfriend a blow job when he hadn’t taken a shower. It wasn’t something she liked, but she could tolerate it. She opened her mouth and moved it over as much of the dog’s cock as she could take. She began to suck on it and could feel it begin to grow rapidly. The cock had just begun to hit the back of her throat and cause her to gag a bit when all of a sudden it was pulled away. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times like a fish before she closed it tight.

Cynthia laid her head down on her arms again on the coffee table. She knew what was coming. She hoped it wouldn’t happen, but knew it would. It was just a few short moments until she felt the weight of the dog land on her back. What she didn’t see was the dog’s handler reach under the dog and align his cock with her nice wet pussy.

All of a sudden Cynthia felt the dog ram his big hard member in all the way, ripping her virginity from her in one quick lunge. She screeched in pain from the sudden intrusion. She had imagined many ways of losing her cherry before, but none of them had even come close to losing it to a dog.

The leader handed the camcorder to his partner and grabbed Cynthia’s arms so she wouldn’t try to move away. When the dog had ripped through her cherry, she had lurched up and almost thrown the dog off. He pulled her back down saying, “The worst of it is over now. The first time always hurts. You’ll start feeling good real soon. Now calm down or you’ll scare the dog. A scared dog is unpredictable. He may just decide to bite you if you don’t calm down.”

Cynthia grit her teeth and leaned back down on the table as she felt the dog begin to jack hammer his long member into her moist cavern of love. After a few minutes of steady fucking, she started to feel aroused. Then she felt something big begin to pound against her nether lips. Each time it hit a little harder and went in a little further. Finally she felt her lips expand outward and allow the monster in. She wasn’t familiar with a dog’s anatomy and therefore had no idea that she had just taken the three inch knot of the dog’s cock. She could feel its effect though. It was perfectly aligned with her G-spot and as the dog ramped up its in and out movements, she quickly built up to the most amazing and powerful orgasm in her life.

Cynthia had just come down from her plateau of ecstasy when she felt a flood of warmth inside. The dog howled in release as she quickly launched into an even more massive cum. She screamed out in pleasure from the glorious feelings washing over her. Finally though, all good things must come to an end. The dog finished cumming and as dogs do he lifted his leg over her and turned around facing away from her. His knot had swollen up to a large five inches and was stuck tight in her vagina.

The leader lit up a cigarette and smoked it as he looked at his partner and asked, “Did you get that on film. That was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a long time. I think we have a good one here. We just might make a little money out of her.”

His partner answered, “Yeah boss. I got it all recorded. The big boss will make a fortune with just the tape alone. Do you want me to get Blackie started?”

The leader spoke up and said, “Go ahead and have her get him ready.”

The dog handler brought the black lab in front of Cynthia and had him get up in front of her so she could reach his cock. She didn’t need to be told what to do. She reached up and began massaging the dog’s sheath. She guessed that they were going to have her suck the dog off since the other one was still stuck in her vagina. She never imagined where they were going to have the dog fuck next.

It didn’t take near as long to get the black lab ready as it did the golden lab. He was already excited from the sex that had been going on before. This wasn’t the first human he had mated. He was trained to like sex with humans. After a few short moments he was hard enough and the handler pulled him away and led him behind Cynthia. He helped the dog lift its hind leg over the back of the other dog so that he was straddling it. He connected the dog’s collar to the one on Cynthia’s neck with a short six inch tether that had a D hook on each end. He looked at his boss and asked, “Are you ready boss?”

The leader answered, “Give me a second. She’ll need to be held for this next part.”

He put his freshly lit cigarette down on the ash tray and reached forward to grab a hold of Cynthia’s arms. When he had a good hold of her he ordered, “Okay now put it in.”

The dog handler grabbed the black labs cock and lined it up with Cynthia’s most private little rosebud. All the dog knew was that he felt the tip of his cock against the tight opening of his mate. He rammed in with all of the force instinct had given him. His cock rammed in about half way on the first lunge.

Cynthia couldn’t believe it when she felt the handler behind her line the dog’s cock with her ass hole. She had just taken a breath to protest when the dog lunged and sank in half way. She let out a blood curdling scream and ripped her arms out of the leader’s hands. He quickly reacted and grabbed a hold of her right hand in front of her breasts with his left hand and her left shoulder with his right hand.

The leader pulled her back down to the table as he sternly ordered her, “Quiet bitch. If you scream too loudly, you’ll wake the neighbors and they’ll call the cops. I know that you hope that happens but rest assured that before they can get here, you’ll be dead and we’ll be long gone. Now grit your teeth and bear it.”

Cynthia quickly shut her mouth and clinched her teeth as he held her just above the table. She still squirmed from the pain of the double dog fucking she was receiving. She looked over her left shoulder to see if she was being filmed. Each time the dog thrust in she screamed through her clinched teeth in pain. She hoped that the handler wasn’t there with the camcorder. It was bad enough to be filmed having sex with one dog, but two at the same time was just too much. If anyone she knew ever saw the video, she would never be able to stand it. She didn’t see him there, but when she looked over her right shoulder, there he was behind her with a shit eating grin. He had the camcorder held up in front of his face pointed at her and the dogs as he watched the view finder showing every second of her humiliation as the camcorder recorded it for posterity. She turned her head back away so she could imagine just for a moment that she was being filmed, still gritting her teeth in pain.

Cynthia knew then without a shadow of a doubt that this was just the beginning of her humiliating journey. She turned back around and laid her head on her arms and cried her heart out. She still screamed in pain through clinched teeth with each thrust into her bleeding, burning ass that was made that much smaller due to the large knot stuck in her Pussy.

It wasn’t long before she felt the pounding of the dog’s knot at her most private entrance. Her screams of pain were getting louder with each lunge the dog was making. The leader leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You better get control of yourself missy. You’re getting a bit too loud for our comfort. I’d hate to waste a pretty thing like you, especially when we have such great plans for you in the future. Ole Blackie here is about to push that nice big knot of his up your nice sweet ass. You better find something to bite down on when it goes in or you’ll end up screaming loud enough to bring a whole army here. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. Think about them finding a nice dead coed with two dogs stuck in her. Sounds like a great picture for the front page, doesn’t it?”

Cynthia had continued to scream through her clinched teeth with each hard hammering of the dog’s knot against her small rosebud. Each pounding widened the rosebud just a bit more. She knew that if she didn’t bite down on something, she would scream out when the knot entered. She thought briefly about biting the wrist of the leader where he held her shoulder. But she knew that he would probably kill her in anger if she did. She knew it would go in soon and so she laid her head back down on her arms on the table and tried to relax as much as possible. She opened her mouth and clamped it over her forearm. She no sooner had her mouth in place when she felt a searing pain in her ass as the dog’s knot finally slammed in to her all too small asshole. She bit down hard as she tried to stifle her scream. She bit down so hard that she drew blood. The pain in her arm though distracted her from the more serious pain in her ass. The soft tissue of her forearm also silenced the scream and kept the noise level low.

After the dog’s knot had entered her ass, it wasn’t long before Cynthia felt the burning flood of his cum filling her intestines. Cynthia didn’t achieve orgasm this time because of the pain. She could tell though that if the dog had continued, she would have had an orgasm pretty soon.

Her thoughts ran to her parents and her brother as she waited for the dogs to pull their knots out. She then wondered about her boyfriend and if he would miss her. She silently cried now at her lost future. As she was feeling sorry for herself, the leader grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. She immediately saw his huge, hard cock sticking out in front of her. He gave a quick command, “Suck it!”

This was something she had done for her current boy friend and so didn’t hesitate. She opened her mouth and sucked his cock in. She began twirling her tongue around the head to get it over with as soon as possible. She sucked with a passion that she had never used on her boy friend. This wasn’t passion out of love though. It was out of desire to end the most horrific night of her life as soon as possible. She was successful at it too. He came in less than a minute. He grunted out in pleasure as he shot stream after stream of cum down her throat.

When he pulled out, he was quickly replaced by the dog handler. She brought him off in about the same amount of time as she had the leader. She again found herself swallowing the nasty cum from her captors.

When the handler was done, he put his cock back in his pants. As he was doing that, the leader ordered, “Go search the rooms and see if there is anything of value to take. Let’s make it look like a typical burglary. No one will raise a stink about her coming up missing now. Her family is gone and her boy friend won’t be a problem either. I saw him with one of her room mates yesterday. I heard them saying they were going to the lake to camp out after graduation. It seems he decided to give up on getting anything from this bitch. It’s too bad for him. She sure is a hot one. Now go. It’s almost 3 am. I want to leave by 3:30.”

The handler quickly made a run through the house. He didn’t find anything of value. As is the case with most college students, the rooms were quite sparse when it came to valuables. He did mess the rooms up a bit though. When he was done, he came back out to where Cynthia and his boss were and noticed that Goldie was curled up in the corner licking him self clean. The handler went up to Blackie and released the tether holding him to Cynthia. The dog immediately lifted its leg and turned around to wait for his knot to finish going down. It wasn’t long before the black lab’s knot had gone down enough to pull out as well. It came out with a loud pop from the suction that had built up during the fucking.

The handler went about hooking the leashes back to the two dogs’ collars. While he was doing that, the leader had stepped to the same side of the coffee table and pulled Cynthia to a standing position by her hair. She reached up trying to get him to release her hair.

When she was standing and before she could react, he quickly grabbed the bottom of her sweat shirt and pulled it over her head and off. He threw it on the couch and turned back to Cynthia with his knife in his hands. She stared at him in fear thinking he was going to kill her. She let out an audible sigh of relief when all he did was put the tip under her bra between her breasts and cut it loose. He did the same to each of her shoulder straps which resulted in her bra falling to the floor exposing her pert 34 C Breasts. Her erect nipples revealed how aroused she had become from the abuse.

The leader pulled her arms behind her back and cuffed them together. He then picked up a leash out of a bag that Cynthia had failed to notice earlier. He attached it to the collar he had placed on her neck earlier. He then picked up her clothes and stuffed them in the bag. He picked up the ash tray holding the cigarette butts they had smoked and put it in a zip lock baggie. He put them in the bag as well and zipped it up

The handler went out and put the dogs in the van across the street. It was a stolen van so they were safe from it being traced to them. He tethered the dogs in the back with plenty of slack so they would be able to move around as they drove to where they would swap out vehicles. He backed up into the driveway as close to the house as possible. When he was at the side walk he put it in drive with his foot on the brake and waited.

While the handler was getting the van, the leader was giving a last warning to Cynthia. He said, “We are going to go out and get in the van here. Don’t go getting it in your head to try and break for your freedom or call for help. It will only end badly for you. Whatever future you had planned is over. You belong to us now. So come on pet. You have a debt to pay off.”

As the leader led her by the leash out the door and down the sidewalk, Cynthia silently cried at her lost innocence and her lost future. She knew that there was no one left to hunt for her. She was all alone and now she was nothing more than a bitch for dogs. As she got in the van, the only thing that she could think of was that it was better to be a bitch for dogs than to be dead. She cried as the van left the house and she rode off into a future she could never have imagined in her wildest and worst nightmares.
Posted: Oct 6 2007, 04:06 PM
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Cynthia Palmer’s New Life 2 Lisa’s Slave Auction
By redlegtiger and lisabplayful

I am a wealthy business owner of a highly successful kennel that raises and trains large breed dogs in security and health assistance. Most of my dogs sell for between 15 to 50 thousand dollars depending on the training required. I am also a divorced single mom. My kids are all adults and grew up without a father until they left home. That’s when I remarried to a wonderful man by the name of Paul Anderson. My kids are Dave Palmer who is a 26 year old construction worker. My daughter is Cynthia Palmer and she is a 19 year old prodigy. She is just getting ready to graduate from college and I’m sure she’ll get accepted into Medical school. She is so smart and driven that when she sets her mind to something, she always achieves it. Between her college expenses and helping my son start up his own construction business, I am in hock up to my eyeballs.

As for me, I’m about 45, with long shoulder length Auburn hair. I had a rather impressive rack of 38EE tits that got all of the guys just drooling. I was about five foot six and weighed about 140 lbs. It was pretty tightly packed because I exercise religiously so I don’t get flabby and out of shape. I have two kids, a son who is 26 and a daughter who is 20. By the way, my name is Lisa and I am a slut extraordinaire. I don’t know where to begin so I think that I’ll start a little over two month’s ago.

You see I am a slut with a secret kinky side that I keep well hidden. I like to play around on the computer as a hobby and got involved in a Black Domination club on line. I found the interactions I had on line to be hot and they turned me on a lot. I always managed to get two or three good cums out of seeing the pictures and mpegs of black men, naked with their big black dicks hanging out and having sex with petite submissive white women.

Some of the videos were outrageously naughty. They showed little white girls being fucked in all three holes at once. The guys fucking them were as black as coal and the girls looked as if they hadn’t seen the sun in their entire lives.

There was one in particular that caught my attention more than others. She was a natural red head with the brightest green eyes. She had freckles that highlighted all of her most prominent and important features that only added to her beauty. I’ve never done it with a woman before, but my god if I ever ran in to her I actually think I’d beg her to let me make love to her she is so beautiful. Her tits weren’t all that big but they were a perfectly proportioned 32C with little pencil eraser nipples that looked like they were and inch long. I would sure like to suck on them too, MMmmmmmmmmmm Yummy.

Any way, let’s get back to my story. I masturbated a lot when I went to the web site. I even went so far as to buy a rather huge black dildo to play with while I was watching the videos or looking at the pictures. Sometimes I even chatted on instant messaging with some of the members and had computer sex with them. God it was great to have that big black monster pumping in and out of my pussy as the guy would type in that he was fucking me within an inch of my life and describing every little intimate detail of how he was doing it.

Well the end of February came around. It was the end of black history month and someone on the web site suggested a slave auction to raise money for black charities. They weren’t suggesting anything kinky, just a little exposure and a weekend of domestic duties, a kind of a pay back of sorts. It was all arranged to happen on Presidents Day weekend when there would be a three day weekend. I signed up for domestic duty for all three days of the long weekend

All of the volunteers and buyers agreed to meet at a farm owned by someone in the group. We all signed wavers and letters of agreement that spelled out exactly what we were offering in the way of services. Just the thought of being auctioned off was very erotic.

The white slaves were put on a raised platform. Some of the more daring sluts started flashing their tits while others who obviously wanted a lot more than just simple domestic chores, stripped completely. It really looked like things were heading more and more to this being a real sex slave auction as things went on. It seemed as if each new woman that got up on the auction block would take it a step further and add some new kink to the act to get the guys to bid more money. It became a challenge to see who could get the highest bid.

When it was my turn I was scared to death and feeling very vulnerable. I had never actually done anything like this before. Sure I fantasized about it, but doing it was something I always chickened out on at the last minute. I got up on the auction block and did a slow 360 degree turn to show my entire body off. The bidding started off slow as I just stood their trying to work the nerve up to at least start dancing a little. I had just started swaying to the music that had a good heavy beat to it when they started yelling, “Show us your tits”!

Now as I described, I'm attractive with a rather large set of tits that are quite real. I’ve taken real good care of them and I am very proud of how good they look. I saw no harm in it so I flashed my tits to them as I began to really get into the dancing.

The bidding began to go up as I danced around and really got into really exposing my tits and playing with them as I danced. I even brought them up so I could lick my nipples as the bidding war escalated. I can tell you that my cunt was really flowing by then. This was one of my favorite fantasies and here I was actually living it out and it was great.

I was so into it that I began to walk around in the crowd around the auction platform. I would swing my skirt up periodically to show that I didn’t have any panties on. Some of them would reach in and grab my bald cunt when I did that and I let them feel me for a few seconds before I continued on.

By then I was getting some very high bids and it was turning me on more than I ever imagined. I got back up on the auction block and continued my sexy dance, teasing and flirting and loving every bit of the attention. The fact that I was getting higher and higher bids had me so excited that I was almost cumming. I really began to show off my two beauties that I’m so proud of and that just drove everyone wild.

Then out of no where an extremely dark, very well built black man walked up and laid down a brief case and started counting out stacks of bills. He set them aside, looked up at me and said, "This is the highest bid by far white girl. Now give Big Daddy a peek at that pretty cunt and I’ll donate this ten thousand dollars. Then you will be the highest bought slave tonight. And you’ll be worth every penny before I get through with you."

He kept teasing me and I kept refusing. The rest of the Blacks and other bidders started chanting "SHOW……YOUR……CUNT……SHOW……YOUR……CUNT.”

After a few minutes of listening to that I was so into it that I finally lifted my dress and showed my bald pussy to the guy. The guy stuck his tongue out and acted like he was licking something with it. Something primal inside of me took over and I squatted down in front of him and put my pussy on his tongue. The crowd went wild when I did that and the guy stepped back, smiled and whistled as he stared at my completely shaved pussy.

There had not been any more bids for several minutes as the crowd just stood there staring at the sordid little show I was putting on at that point. When he backed up, I started fingering my self, I was so hot. The auctioneer finally yelled, “Going Once …… Going Twice and SOLD!" There was a large bang of the gavel when he said it too.

The guy that had paid for my services for the weekend reached up and took my hand. He was very much the gentleman. He hugged me and whispered, "You’re my sweet pussy bitch for the whole weekend."

He then grabbed my ass hard. I wasn't used to being manhandled like that but got caught up in the moment. It was such a huge turn on. He put a dog collar on my neck and I reached up and felt it around my neck. As I did I had one of the biggest cums in my life. AND NO ONE WAS TOUCHING ME. He attached a leash to it and made me kneel at his feet beside him. He wasn’t happy until I was sitting perfectly back on my heels, with my back straight and my head respectfully bowed. I had to keep my palms on my thighs opened upward. If I moved from that position, he would slap me on the tit with the end of the leash. I would cum every time he did it too.

We stayed until the end of the party. Whenever he was thirsty, I fetched him his drinks. If he walked over to talk about business or other professional things with his friends, I would crawl on all fours along beside him. That’s how I spent the night. Kneeling at his side and acting every bit the perfect sex slave. After about an hour he actually reached down and exposed my tits completely to one and all in the party. I started to cover them back up which got me a lash with the end of the leash. It hurt like hell, but it also made me cum harder than ever.

It was obvious that I had cum from him lashing my tit. The guys he was talking with started calling me a slut, a whore and many other sexy and degrading things. I was very impressed with him and had really gotten into the whole slave/master thing. I started calling him Master and gave in to my lust. I decided to just go along with anything and everything he wanted. By the time we left the charity auction, I was very, very horny.

When the valet brought the car to us, we got in. As soon as he was in he leaned over and kissed me. His lips were so soft and warm on mine. He rasped out lustily, "Hey baby, ahhh why don't you take that top down so I can get a good look at my tits again, I mean it ain't like you haven't shown them girls off already."

He was right and by that time I was hot and feeling pretty good after the wine he had bought me. I took my top off and let him feel my tits right there with the valet looking on. You should have seen the bulge in his pants. I felt like such a ………… slave.

We kissed some more and he kneaded my tits as he did. What I failed to notice was that his hands were working my dress down and by the time he was done I ended up with my dress off. Now completely naked, I scooted down in the seat in embarrassment. I glanced over and the valet’s eyes were bulging out and there was a big wet stain in the front of his trousers. I giggled nervously.

My new master looked over at me and undid his pants. He pulled out the biggest, blackest cock I have ever seen. He said, "I bet you never seen a cock like this have you bitch?"

My eyes were like saucers as I stared at the absolute biggest monster cock I’ve ever seen. It had to be twelve inches long and it was still soft. I said in amazement, "No…… damn, HELL NO."

"Here baby git a feel", he said as he put my hand on it and started the car. It was huge, thick and getting harder by the second. I can’t remember if he pushed my head down or if I just went down on him. Either way, all I remember of the drive was sucking on his dick like a whore. I never swallowed with my husband but his pre cum was sweet and strong and I loved the taste. The harder I sucked the more it rolled into my mouth. I was rubbing my pussy while giving the best blow job I knew how.

He put his hand on my head and said, "Yeah, that's it slut. You swallow my big cock right down your throat. When I cum, I want you to eat it all slave." His cock swelled up and hot gushes of cum blasted in my mouth over and over. I swallowed without a second thought and by the time he had finished cumming, it felt like I had a stomach full of his cum.

I was both turned on and embarrassed. I’d never thought I would ever do anything like this let alone with a perfect stranger. If my kids ever found out they would be shocked and my new husband would probably divorce me without a thought.

My master for the weekend stroked my head saying, "Yeah that's it white bitch. You liked that didn't you? You just keep your Black Daddy's cock right in those hot white dick sucker lips. We’re almost home."

It was easier to do it now that his cock was getting smaller. It was still dribbling cum as it shrunk back to normal, adding to the fun. When I heard a garage door opening he started to get hard again. The car stopped and he pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop and got out. He came around to my side of the car and opened my door for me. He picked up the leash and led me in the house. It was a nice well decorated home and everything was very expensive looking. His dick was waving back and forth with every step he took. I was still naked and my pussy was soaking wet. He took me to the master bed room and pointed to the bed.

I didn’t hesitate and crawled up on the bed and laid down on it on my back. I was so hot and my cunt needed his big fat cock so bad that I spread my legs automatically. I didn't care how sluttish I looked. I looked at him and he ordered, “Finger fuck your self until I return. Do not leave this room no matter what and don’t even think about stopping. If you look up in the corners you’ll see camera’s so we’ll know if you stop. If you hear orders announced then you will comply. Any failure to comply with orders immediately will result in swift punishment. Now get busy.”

I wanted his cock so bad that I got up on my knees and begged saying, “Oh god, you can’t leave me like this. I need that cock. I want you to fuck my cunt until it’s raw. Please don’t go until you fuck me, please.”

My big black master quickly came over to the bed and slapped me so hard that I was thrown back against the headboard of the bed. He said in a very scary and sinister snarl, “I’ll fuck you when it is time and not until. You however, don’t have a choice as to what happens to you. The next time I hear anything out of you it had better be a yes master, no master, yes mistress or no mistress. You have no other words that you are allowed to speak. To do so will be punished most severely. Your body is no longer yours to do with as you please. It belongs to us now. Now get busy and do as you were ordered, or do I have to punish you further?”

I began to have some serious doubts about my decision to participate in the slave auction. This was getting serious. If it wasn’t for the surge of excitement in my pussy when he talked about my body not belonging to me any more, I would have bolted immediately. But I was so high on lust by that point that I ignored all of the warning signs and got on my knees in the position he had taught me and started masturbating. I was soon having orgasm after orgasm.

After about ten orgasms I passed out from exhaustion onto the bed. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up I found myself kneeling on the floor with my stomach over a padded bench. My hands were shackled to the floor, outstretched so that they were spread in a wide angle. My knees were also spread out wide, maybe three feet apart. I had a dildo gag in my mouth. I don’t know how big it was but I found it hard to breath. The final insult was that I had a blind fold on and couldn’t see what was going on around me.

There was someone in the room with me. As soon as I started trying to get free I heard a loud crack and felt the most painful sting in my ass. I would have been screaming bloody murder from the pain of the blow but the dildo gag prevented anything but a muffled scream that could barely be heard. Just as I was almost recovered from the strike, I felt another more searing pain fill my ass again that was accompanied by a loud crack. This continued over and over again until I could barely stand it. And then it continued some more. I was crying hard now from the pain and tears were streaming down my cheeks and falling to the floor. But the spanking continued without let up.

My ass hurt so bad that I was beginning to get delirious from the pain and that is when I started to feel a change. There was just a flicker of heat beginning to grow in my pussy. As the strikes continued one after the other, the heat grew to excitement and finally I had an orgasm so powerful that I passed out.

The next thing I know is that I am awake, lying on my stomach on the bed. There were shackles on my wrists that had chains running to the ends of the head board. They pulled my arms out tight so that I only had a minimal amount of movement. The same thing was done to my legs. I am only assuming they were tied to the footboards because I was still blindfolded. The thing that really got my attention was the fact that there was a pair of very soft hands that was massaging my ass. It hurt like hell at first but as she continued to massage it, the pain lessoned to almost nothing. I assumed that she was putting some type of numbing ointment because when she stopped, I felt absolutely nothing on my ass cheeks.

I was again left alone for I don’t know how long. It seemed like forever. I know it was several hours, but with the blindfold on I had no sense of time. Oh how my cunt was burning with lust. It wanted a nice hard cock and I was almost ready to do anything for it. At some point I dosed off.

Again I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up there was a dog dish in front of me with what looked like dog food in it. There was also a bottle with a plastic cock on it. There was a hole in the end of the cock so I assumed that it was like a straw. I couldn’t tell what was in it but I hoped that it was water. It was then that I realized that the blind fold had been taken off. I looked at the window and saw that the sun wasn’t up but there was still a bit of light left. I had no idea whether it was dawn or dusk.

I suddenly realized how hungry and thirsty I was. I took the plastic cock in my mouth and sucked. It was a sweet tasting concoction. I was so thirsty that I sucked half of it down before I stopped to eat something.

I tentatively took a dry nugget of food in the bowl and chewed it. It was dry and tasteless. At least it wasn’t horrible. I began eating it as quick as I could because I was famished. When I finished the food I sucked on the cock bottle again and drank the rest of it. I think I was close to finishing when a blind fold was put over my eyes again.

I lay like that for more hours on end. Only this time I felt something begin to lightly touch my cunt lips. It was nothing firm. I couldn’t tell what it was. But it raised my arousal higher and higher.

Whoever it was knew what he/she was doing. Whenever I got close to orgasm, the feeling stopped until it receded enough. Then it started all over again. I don’t know how long this went on but I know it was hours. I was hot as a firecracker and I had been sustained at such a high level of excitement without release that I fell asleep in exhaustion. I dreamt that my cunt was covered with insects all night and they kept me on edge of orgasm. I know it was a restless sleep but it refreshed me.

When I woke up this time, the restraints were gone as was the blindfold. I was more sexually aroused than I had ever been in my life. I can honestly say that at that point I would have fucked anything. When I sat up I saw that there was still no one in the room. As soon as I sat up however, a woman’s voice spoke out of thin air. It said, “You have a choice Lisa. Your agreed time is up from the auction. You can now leave through the door and go home. Or, you can lie across the bench at the foot of the bed and beg to be fucked. Understand that there will be consequences to your decision. If you go out that door, you will be blind folded and taken home, never to see that big black cock again that you wanted to fuck so desperately. On the other hand, if you lie across the bench and beg to be fucked and then fuck what ever cock is made available to you willingly, then you will get to experience that wonderful rod of pleasure that you so desire. Understand that if you make that choice, you will belong to me and will be my slave from now on. You make that choice and I will open new worlds of sexual pleasure to you but the pleasure will come when I say it does and not when you want it. You will never be allowed to go back to the world that you knew ever again. Now what is your choice?”

I knelt there on the center of the bed torn between the choices I had to make. I didn’t want to leave my life from before, especially with my new husband, my daughter getting ready to graduate and my son embarking on a new business. But god I needed to be fucked. I can’t ever remember being so high on lust in my life. I wanted, no needed to be fucked and fucked hard. As I imagined making that choice, giving up everything to become no more than a woman’s property to be played with as she pleases I came. Even though I hadn’t stimulated myself in any way, I still came. Then I thought about lying across that bench and fucking whatever cock I was told and I came again. The problem was that with each cum, I only seemed to get more and more excited. As I began to think of all of the sexual fantasies that I had ever dreamed of and thought about, things suddenly became crystal clear to me. This was the first step to fulfilling all of those fantasies and much, much more.

I got up out of the bed. Every rational thought in my head was screaming at me to walk out that door and go back to my real life. But I couldn’t do that. My legs seemed to have a will of their own. They took me right to the bench and then I knelt there. I stared at the bench for a few minutes before laying myself down on it. Once I laid myself down I saw the shackles there. I first put them on my ankles and then latched them to my wrists. I tried them and found them to be locked tight. I then yelled at the top of my lungs, “FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMEEEE PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!”

As soon as I quit saying please I heard the door open and the click of claws on the floor. I looked over my shoulder and I recognized the dog immediately. It was my champion Great Dane Dutch. I would recognize him in the middle of a pack of Danes. As I looked at him he came up behind me and began licking my dripping cunt. God it was wonderful to feel that long rough tongue pushing its way up my cunt and writhing around. I began to cum even harder than I had earlier.

It was after my second good cum on Dutch’s tongue that a woman walked in. She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall and about 110 pounds. She had short black hair and brown eyes. Her measurements were 34C breasts, 25 inch waist and 33 inch hips. She was a very beautiful woman and would catch the eye of any normal red blooded male and she was naked as the day she was born. All she said was, “You know what you want. Ask for it. Ask for it now.”

Even after cumming twice on the dog’s wonderful tongue, I wanted a cock in my cunt. I wanted it so desperately that I didn’t care whose cock it was. I yelled out, “Fuck me. I need a cock, please fuck me.”

The woman quietly asked, “Whose cock do you want Lisa?”

I begged with desperation, “I don’t care. I need a cock. I’ll fuck Dutch if I have to, but I need a cock.”

The woman squatted down in front of me and took my chin in her hand and forced me to look in her eyes. When I did she said, “If you want him to fuck you then ask him to. Look at his nice big cock hanging there just ready to fuck his bitch. You know you want it so ask him for it.”

I looked down at the floor and knew in that second that my soul was lost. I begged saying, “Fuck me Dutch. Please fuck me.”

In no time at all I felt his full weight on my back and his cock banging all around my opening. The woman reached around me and guided his cock into my dripping cunt. All of a sudden I felt the largest cock I’ve ever felt ram in me all the way to my cervix in one quick lunge. I screamed in orgasm. But that was just the beginning. He started fucking me with machine gun rapidity and I came and came, over and over again. Then I felt something big pounding against my cunt every time he fucked in. After all of my years of breeding dogs I knew that it was his knot. I also knew that Dutch’s knot was huge. I hoped I could take it all. I really didn’t have a choice at that point.

When his knot finally forced its way into my cunt, I screamed in pain and the most massive orgasm I’ve ever had. That wonderful knot of his lined up with my G spot and I came and came and came. The woman moved up and stuck her cunt in my face. She ordered me to lick and like the dutiful slave that I knew I was, I complied. I licked her like I had been doing it forever, even though it was my first time.

I had feverishly licked and chewed on her cunt and clit until she was cumming like there was no tomorrow. Then I felt a hot flood of warmth in my belly and I knew that Dutch was cumming in his bitch. It was so wonderful. I screamed in a sustained orgasm like none that I’ve ever had. I passed out from the pleasure.

This time I knew that little time had passed when I woke up. I jerked awake from the smell of ammonia right under my nose. When I was fully alert I realized that Dutch was still on my back and I could feel a spurt or two of cum being shot into my cunt. I started to build to another orgasm from the glorious feeling it was filling me with.

The woman in front of me slapped my face and that backed me off of my imminent cum but not by much. She ordered, “Lick my cunt and listen up. There are several things that are going to happen here in quick succession. First, you are going to lick my cunt as I explain what your new future is going to be. Second, you will finally get to experience that wonderfully big cock that my slave joey sports. He’s the one that bought you for me Friday night. Third, you will go out to the kennel that has ten dogs in it and you will get in that kennel and let every dog there fuck you as many times as he wants. You will not leave that kennel until one of the dogs claims you as his bitch. Fourth and finally, you are my slave. You will now follow my orders unquestioningly or you’ll be punished severely. You are to be my trainer for my dogs because you are the best at what you do in this area. All of the dogs at your kennel now belong to me. You will be training them to have some very special skills. They will go for 50 to 100 thousand dollars by the time you are done with them. But you won’t have need for any of that as my slave so it will all go to pay for your upkeep. That was why I had joey seek you out and buy you. You may have thought it was only going to be for the weekend but it was forever. Finally, when you have accomplished all of that, I will have some divorce papers for you to sign as well as a letter to your husband that will explain why you ran away. Forget your old life bitch. Your new life is just beginning. By the way, you can call me Mistress Marta.”

While my mistress was explaining my tasks and my new life to me, I kept cumming and cumming from Dutch. He had turned his ass end to me now and he would try to pull out about every thirty seconds. Finally it popped out and cum ran down my legs. Mistress Marta ordered, “Get that hand back there and scope all of that cum up and suck it off of your hand. Don’t let a single drop fall on my carpet or I will cane your ass again.”

I did as she ordered as soon as she released my wrists. I quickly had all of his cum cleaned up. I then asked my mistress, “Can I clean Dutch’s cock off my mistress?”

Mistress Marta unhooked my leg shackles and I crawled over to Dutch who had just started to lick his cock. I leaned in and sucked his cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. When I was done I asked, “May I please fuck joey now my mistress?”

Mistress Marta said out loud to no one in particular, “Joey, it’s time. Come and give her what she has wanted since she saw you Friday night.”

A couple of minutes later, joey came in the room. He was naked and his cock was hanging down about ten inches. He stood in front of me and I didn’t hesitate to suck that monster into my mouth and suck it for all I was worth. After a couple of minutes he was hard. I pulled off and in as lusty a voice as I could muster I begged, “Fuck me joey. Fuck me please.”

Joey walked around to my ass and as I knelt on all fours he began caressing my sore ass cheeks. He lined up his cock with my ass hole and began to push.

I screamed, “Don’t fuck my ass. Not in my ass please. I’ve never had anything in my ass before.”

He slapped my ass hard causing me to yelp in pain. He said, “You asked me to fuck you so shut up and let me fuck you. You don’t get to choose which hole gets fucked. You just take whatever cock is offered you in whatever hole I or anyone else decides to fuck.”

He rammed that hard cock in as hard as he could. I screamed bloody murder from the pain. He ignored my screams or relished them, probably a bit of both. I’ll never know which. He pumped and pumped for a long time until finally I felt my ass flooded with warmth. It never did feel good. I think that is because it was my first time and his cock was so big. When he was done he pulled out and walked in front of me and stuck his shit covered cock in my face. Mistress Marta ordered, “One of my cardinal rules is that you will always suck clean whatever cock you get dirty. Whether it is from your cunt or ass and whether it is human or animal, you will suck it clean. Now get busy.”

I put my mouth over his cock and started sucking it. I had to stifle the urge to throw up, but I somehow managed. When he was clean he backed away. He said, “Follow me”, and turned to head out the door.

I started to stand up when I heard Mistress Marta yell, “Crawl slut.”

I got back down on all fours and crawled as fast as I could to keep up. He stopped in front of a kennel full of a bunch of dogs. That’s when I remembered what Mistress Marta had said. I looked at joey and asked, “Is she serious? Do I really have to let all of those dog’s fuck me?”

Joey just said, “Get in”

I knew then that I had no choice. I really don’t know why I was so reluctant to go in because my cunt was dripping in excitement of being fucked over and over again by all of those dogs. I crawled in the kennel and heard joey close and lock the gate. I was now stuck in that kennel until the dogs were done with me or they came to take me out.

I was immediately descended upon by the dogs. Every one of them was male and they smelled a bitch in heat. Their instincts were driving them and they were going to mate with the bitch. There was only one of me and ten of the dogs. It didn’t take long before the dogs were fighting amongst themselves trying to establish dominance.

The dogs were getting extremely violent with each other and I was panicking because I was afraid they would attack me. I didn’t realize that the dogs were fighting over me for first rights to mate with their bitch. I started to get up and get away but one of the dogs that was behind me jumped up with his front paws hitting my back and knocking me down on all fours. The dog started to mount me but another dog attacked him and knocked him off. I decided I was safer just staying where I was but I was shaking uncontrollably out of fear that one of the dogs was going to attack me. Finally the Rottweiller had the other dogs cowering and mounted me from behind. The thing about all of the dogs that had been placed in the kennel run with me was that they were all bred specially for the size of their cock and knot. They had also been trained to have sex with humans. The Rottweiller Quickly found his mark and sunk his cock in to the hilt in my cunt. I grunted from the suddenness of the invasion and then let out a squeal of pain when the dog mashed up against my cunt.

Once the dog sank his cock in to my cunt, he started rapidly growing larger and longer. His knot started to form and it was already the size of a large orange and he was banging it against the entrance to my cunt. This caused me severe pain because it kept banging against my tender cunt lips. Finally with a mighty thrust, the dog slammed his knot in to my cunt. He started fucking in and out much quicker and I could feel his knot continuing to grow. It soon felt as if the knot was going to split me wide open and I groaned in pain almost continually.

I wasn’t paying any attention to any of the other dogs when I felt a very heavy weight land on my back. I opened my eyes and was staring at one of the largest cocks I have ever seen. The Saint Bernard had jumped up on my back and was now starting to walk his feet forward. As he did, his cock continued to extend and was now poking me in the nose. I knew what I was expected to do and in order to prevent myself from being punished I took the cock in my mouth and started sucking. He Started fucking my mouth and I felt it continue to grow and extend down her throat. His cock finally stopped growing at 12 inches. Fortunately for me the dog’s knot was too big to enter my mouth. Unfortunately that meant that every time the dog thrust in, his knot mashed against my nose. It hit against me so hard that my nose started bleeding and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. All of a sudden I felt my insides being flooded in warmth from the Rottweiller’s cum. When he was done he turned around and stood ass end to ass end with me.

I could feel the tension in my cunt start to lessen. The Saint Bernard rammed his cock down hard one more time and I felt my throat being flooded with his cum. I swallowed as fast as I could and still cum escaped out of the corners of my mouth. When he was done cumming he pulled out only to be replaced by another dog. It was apparent that they had established a pecking order. The dog now fucking my mouth was an Irish Wolf Hound. Ten minutes after the dog started fucking my mouth the Rottweiller finally pulled out. The Mastiff took his place and started trying to put his cock in my cunt and after the fifth try he finally had his aim right and sank his cock in.

The ten dogs continued fucking my cunt and mouth through the night and into the next morning. I was totally exhausted from the ordeal. Many times during the night I collapsed in exhaustion, but the dogs would growl, bark and nip at me until I struggled back up on all fours. They then would resume fucking me. At around three in the morning the dogs began dropping off and going to lay in a part of the kennel run and go to sleep. At ten in the morning the last dog left fucking me was the Rottweiller. He was on his fifth fuck since they started. My cunt was spread so wide and so slick from the dog cum that when he came the last time he slipped out immediately. I fell to the ground immediately, right where I was with cum pouring out of my cunt. I also had cum covering my face and tits where what I couldn’t swallow escaped out around my mouth. I couldn’t remember how many times I had cum through the night. But I do know that I was in a state of bliss that I never wanted to give up. The huge Rottweiller lied down beside me and put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I felt so content at that moment that I felt as if I had truly found my place in the world. I was soon sound asleep on the hard concrete floor of the kennel.

That afternoon Mistress Marta let me out of the kennel. She told me that the Rottweiller was named Jonesy and that he was my master now. She told me that whenever he barked at me twice in a row that he wanted to fuck me. A bark and a growl and he wanted me to suck him and two barks and a growl meant that he wanted to fuck my ass. I told my mistress that I understood.

That was the beginning of a wonderful new life. I got to do the job that I loved to do and experience and at the same time I lived my most perverse fantasies. I now train the dogs to have sex with humans as well as training them as security dogs. I still get to train an occasional one for health assistance on rare occasion. But what I live for is to be fucked by my master Jonesy. He fucks me at least five to seven times a day.

During the past couple of months I have been rewarded many times by my mistress, but I have also been punished severely. I don’t dare disobey my mistress for any reason. I also remember her bringing me papers to sign and I did as she wanted. I signed them and addressed an envelope to my dear husband.

It is now early May and Mistress Marta told me that a new slave was coming in. She said it was a surprise for me. She said that because I was being such a good and cooperative slave, I would be put in charge of training the new slave like I was trained. I couldn’t believe that mistress was going to trust me to train her new slave.

It was almost two in the morning when I heard the van pulling into the driveway. I couldn’t wait to see Blackie and Goldie again. They had been gone for a month and they were two of my favorites. I was also anxious to see who the new slave was and get busy beginning her training.

The two guys got out first and I saw a girl get out of the van. I didn’t get a good look at her but her hair was remarkably like my daughter’s. Then the guys started walking up towards the kennels where I was waiting for them with a kennel full of dogs. In the light that was available, I finally got a good look at her at the same time she saw me. It was my daughter Cynthia.

As we stood there in stunned silence she ran to me and wrapped her arms around me crying, “You’re alive… You’re alive…. I thought you were killed in the car accident with dad. But you’re alive.”

I wanted to tell her to run and get away from there but I was a well trained slut by then. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I hugged her tight and turned and walked to the kennel full of dogs holding her hand. I told her “Yes I’m alive. I didn’t know about any accident but I’ve been here for two months. I divorced your stepfather back then. This is my life now. And it is going to be your life now too.”

I had got to the gate of the kennel. I turned toward her and put my arms on her shoulders and looked her in her eyes. I couldn’t believe how fucking excited I was by then. I was still mortified by what I was going to do, but I was such a well trained slave that I ignored that little voice in my head screaming at me about how wrong this all was. Cum was literally flowing down my thighs from my excitement as I told her, “You are beginning your training now and I am your trainer.”

I opened the gate and pushed her in the kennel saying, “This is your new home for the next couple of days. When your new master has claimed you then I will start your training for real. I locked the gate to the kennel and turned away. I cried all of the way back to my doggy bed and laid down with Jonesy. I cried into his neck for hours. I didn’t want to train my daughter. But I also didn’t want to disappoint my mistress. I knew instinctively that this was a test, that if I could do this, I could do anything. When I thought about how happy my mistress would be if I trained Cynthia, well I almost came. That was the point where I began to really know that I would do what my mistress wanted. I would train my daughter to be the best doggy bitch alive.

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Cynthia Palmers New Life 3, Cynthia learns to Love Doggies
By redlegtiger

Cynthia Palmer felt betrayed. She had already been raped by two dogs at the hands of two thugs. She thought that she was alone in the world and when she saw her mother she was so excited that she almost forgot how she got there and that she was walking naked with a leash and collar that was being pulled by a guy that had made her screw dogs. Having her mom back made her so excited she wanted to hug her and never let go. She told her mom briefly how she thought she was dead and that she loved her and missed her. Then her mom did something that left her totally stunned. She pushed her into a kennel with about 10 dogs and locked her in. She was so shocked by what her mom did that she couldn’t say a word. She just stared at her mom as she walked away. From what she could tell her mom didn’t even shed a tear over what she had done.

About that time, Cynthia heard a growl from behind her. She turned around and found that all of the dogs were surrounding her. She just knew that the dogs were going to attack her and hurt her. She started to scoot around the fence of the kennel, keeping her back to the fence. She couldn’t think of anything to do. A big Doberman lined up next to the fence in the direction she was moving and he snarled at her and nipped her buttocks. This caused her to jump away from him and she turned to face him. A big Irish Wolfhound jumped up and put all of his weight into his front legs. He hit her in the middle of the back and knocked her over. It all happened so fast that she didn’t have a chance to react. It was almost as if they were acting in concert with one another.

Cynthia fell forward and was just able to brace herself with her hands in time to keep her face from hitting the ground. She felt the big wolfhound on her back and he was a heavy dog. She pushed up and tried to gather her feet under her to get up. When she did, he bit down on her neck and growled. He didn’t bite hard enough to break skin but it was hard enough to let Cynthia know that he wouldn’t let her get up. And it seemed to her that he was bigger and heavier over all than she was.

Cynthia felt the dog reposition himself on her back as he began to hump her ass. She soon realized that his cock was banging all around her ass hole. She couldn’t imagine what this dog’s knot was like. He was so much bigger than the two retrievers that she had been made to fuck earlier that she definitely didn’t want to try the thing in her ass.

Cynthia reached back and grabbed the dog’s cock and pulled the end down until it was lined up with her sore pussy. As soon as he felt the nice warm and wet sheath surround the end of his prick he lunged.

Cynthia gasped as she felt the massive dog prick invade her warm sheath. She let out a grunt as the force of the dog’s entry knocked the breath out of her. The wolfhound did what nature demanded and began to piston rapidly in and out of her. At first Cynthia was feeling pain at the invasion of the third dog cock in her body within the last eight hours. But as the dog kept pounding away, his knot began to grow and it banged incessantly on her outer lips. She started getting more and more excited as the knot began to force her pussy lips wide.

At the same time as the knot forced its way into her tight sheath, the Doberman launched itself onto Cynthia’s upper back. His cock was forced into her open mouth as she was gasping for air due to her sudden and massive orgasm. The trained Doberman sank its cock to the hilt and she choked and gagged from it. Her stomach cramped and tried to empty the contents of her stomach but the cock was so deep down her throat that it plugged her throat and prevented her from purging.

After a few thrusts, she finally got used to the dog cock fucking her throat. After a couple of more minutes, she heard the wolfhound howl as she felt the warmth of his cum spread through her. The wolfhound soon turned until his ass end was facing Cynthia’s and faced out. He snarled and growled at the other dogs that were anxiously awaiting their turn. Thirty minutes later, he pulled out and a flood of doggy cum flooded out of her cunt.

Cynthia was still struggling with the Doberman cock that was fucking her throat and trying to keep his knot from forcing its way into her mouth. She felt a heavy weight land on her back and she wished she could turn her head around to see what dog was trying to mount her. If she hadn’t been using one of her hands to keep the Doberman’s knot out of her mouth, she would have been able to prevent what happened next.

A large Great Dane had landed on her back and was moving his hind quarters back and forth rapidly, trying to sink his massive cock into one of Cynthia’s holes. Without any assistance, when he felt the tip of his cock start to penetrate, he lunged forward hard and fast. Cynthia screamed in pain around the cock in her throat as the Dane’s huge cock pushed violently into her anal rosebud, sinking halfway in with the first lunge. Just then the Doberman howled and began to cum and flood her throat. Her scream came out muted and garbled with some of it spraying out her nose as none could escape her mouth. By reflex she swallowed the doggy cum down after she quit screaming as she really had no other option.

No sooner had the Doberman turned around, than his cock came sliding out of Cynthia’s throat. Cynthia regurgitated some of the cum back up but just barely kept from throwing up. She looked over her shoulder and saw the Great Dane that was plowing her nether regions at the moment. She also saw all of the other dogs that were lined up impatiently waiting for their turn. They had established a pecking order and would wait there turn.

Cynthia decided in that moment that it was no use to fight it. She gave herself over to the lustful, primitive feelings that had begun to flow through her after the first dog cock that fucked her. As a matter of fact, she still had never experienced the feeling of a human cock. She figured if her life was to be one of having endless sex with dogs, she might as well enjoy it.

Cynthia spent the next seven hours being repeatedly fucked by the dogs in all of her holes. She had become so exhausted that she had fallen down to her elbows and rested her head on her crossed arms. She wanted to just lie down and curl up so they would quite screwing her. But every time she tried a dog would come up and nip her on the ass until she got back up on her knees with her ass in the air. Even though her pussy and ass were sore, she actively pushed back to meet the thrusts of the dogs because it increased the pleasure she was getting. She had long ago quit counting the number of orgasms she had. She hadn’t thought it was possible to experience so much pleasure in such a short amount of time. There was a puddle of cum under her that was a mix of her juices and all of the dogs that had cum in her.

It was in the eighth hour of her time in the kennel that things finally began to settle down. The times between dogs coming up to her got longer and longer and one time she had gone about thirty minutes without being bothered by one of the dogs. She dozed off like that with her ass in the air and her head on her arms and dreamed that she lived like a dog. That she spent 24 hours a day naked cavorting around with a pack of dogs and she would not just have sex with them when they wanted, but actively sought them out and would get them excited enough to fuck her. She even dreamed that she took two dogs at a time on a regular basis. The thing that startled her enough to cause her to wake up though was when she dreamed that she had taken on three dogs at the same time. The thing that shocked her awake was the fact that she shuddered in orgasm without any stimulation from a dog.

In her half wakeful state, Cynthia began to fantasize about doing three dogs at the same time and she found herself getting incredibly excited about the prospect. When she woke up fully she saw that the big Irish Wolfhound was lying on the ground in front of her looking at her. She looked around and noticed that the other dogs were a greater distance from her and they were also staring at her. She decided that she would see if it was possible to get three of the dogs to have sex with her at the same time.

Cynthia crawled over to the wolfhound and pushed on his side as she said in a raspy voice caused by having taken so many cocks in her throat, “On your back boy, so I can take care of you.”

The wolfhound seemed to understood what she wanted and rolled over. His cock was starting to extend out of his sheath as Cynthia lowered her head and took the tip in her mouth. She sucked on the tip and allowed it to extend into her mouth as it hardened. When it was hard enough, she quit sucking on his cock and straddled the dog. She guided the rampant dog cock into her pussy and slowly sank down on to his massive prick. She began a slow steady fucking of the dog and as she moved up and down on his shaft she gasped out ‘Ass’… ‘Fuck’… ‘Come on… fuck… my.. ass.’

After less than a minute of gasping out the command to the dogs, two of them finally got up and slowly approached her. Cynthia gasped out again, ‘Ass’… ‘Fuck’… as she slapped her ass with one hand and supported herself with the other. A black lab came up to her and began to lick the cum that was streaming out of her ass and where she was joined with the wolfhound. A large tricolor collie came up and launched up onto her back over her head which put his cock in front of her eyes. She slapped her ass again and in a commanding voice yelled, “Fuck my ass boy, fuck my ass”.

That seemed to finally get through to the lab and he launched himself up onto her back and started trying to sink his cock into her. She reached back and guided the dog’s prick until the tip hit her anal rosebud. When he felt the tight sheath begin to grip the end of his prick, he lunged and sunk it in to the halfway point. Cynthia quickly put her hand down in front of her to support the extra weight of the two dogs before she collapsed. The collie had been scooting closer and closer to her until she could just lean forward a bit and get the end of his cock into her mouth. As soon as he felt her lips around his cock, he moved his legs quite a bit closer and began to fuck her with quick machine gun thrusts. Each thrust went a bit further down her throat.

Cynthia was in heaven. Almost as soon as she had all three dog cocks in her three holes, she began cumming. She began with a massive orgasm that was far better than any she had ever had. The eroticism of what she was doing and the utter debauchery of it was fueling her orgasms. As soon as she began to come down from that orgasm, the constant assault by the three dogs sent her back over the edge into an even greater one. This kept happening over and over again until she was experiencing one continuous orgasm.

The first dog to cum was the collie. She struggled to swallow the copious amounts of cum that he was injecting into her throat. Finally the dog pulled back as the last few spurts of cum shot out and covered Cynthia’s face. She began to scream in ecstasy from the wonderful full body orgasm she was experiencing. She had never imagined she could feel this good but it just seemed to keep getting better as the two dogs kept assaulting her ass and pussy. The black lab finally came in her ass which pushed her even higher. Before he was done, the wolfhound also began to cum. She screamed out in such wonderful ecstasy that they heard it all of the way up at the house. The scream was cut off quickly as Cynthia finally passed out in exhaustion onto the wolfhound.

Cynthia finally woke up to find she didn’t even have the strength to look and see which dog it was that was currently using her for his pleasure. She mustered all of her strength and turned her head and caught a quick glimpse and saw that the Irish Wolfhound was on her back and screwing her senseless. She couldn’t remember how many times he had been with her but she knew that he had continually butted into the line to have his way with her. The other dogs were always deferential to him and would quickly get out of the way. She guessed that he had fucked her at least a half dozen times and here he was, having another go, even after that wonderful threesome. When she was finally awake enough, she began to thrust back on him in time with his thrusts into her. She began to wonder how long she had been out and how she had gotten from having him on his back with his cock up her sweet juicy cunt, to having him on her hands and knees while he thoroughly pounded his meat into her stretched cunt.

Cynthia guessed she would never know. She then became aware of clapping coming from inside the kennel. She looked around and found that the wolfhound was the only dog left. Then she noticed that the claps she heard were from two women that were standing just inside the now open gate to the kennel. One was her mother and the other was a shorter, much younger black haired woman that looked like she was from the Mediterranean. They stood and watched until the wolfhound was finished with her and then approached her as the dog curled up by her and began to clean himself off. Cynthia decided that she wanted to do that for him and crawled the short distance and leaned in, taking his prick into her mouth. She sucked on it for a couple of minutes until she was sure it was clean and then hugged the dog’s neck like he was a long lost lover.

She finally remembered the other two women in the kennel and sat up and looked at her mother. She turned red from embarrassment at her mom watching her in such a sordid situation. Before she could say anything, her mom spoke up and said, “That was such a touching display of love for your new canine master. I’m glad you enjoy having him because he has selected you to be his bitch. From now on, wherever you go he will go. I know you have a lot of questions and I will answer them in a few moments. But before I do, I want you to meet my Mistress. This is Mistress Marta and I am her sex slave. I have been here of my own free will since February. I’ll tell you the story later, but understand that I’m here because I want to be. You however aren’t. At first I was upset at them taking you like they did, but after the last few hours, I agree that she did the right thing for you and for me. Before you ask me anything, I want you to come over here and kneel on your heals in front of my Mistress and thank her for allowing Teddy there to take you as your bitch.”

Cynthia didn’t fully understand what was going on at that time but one thing she knew. She was fully converted to sex with dogs and she loved her new canine master, Teddy. She thought how nice it was that she now knew his name. She knelt in front of Mistress Marta and began to talk. Before she could say anything, her mom was busy moving her legs and arms and back until she was in the proper position. When her mom finally stepped back, Cynthia looked up at Mistress Marta to speak, only to feel a slap on her back side. Her mom quickly said, “Don’t look at my mistress unless she gives you permission. You also need to ask her for permission to speak. You do that by being in the position I but you in, with you head bowed and your hands on your thighs palm up. Otherwise, kneel with you palms down. She will decide whether to let you speak or not. If she decides against it, then don’t say a word or you’ll be punished. Now do it properly.”

Cynthia assumed the position her mom had told her and waited, and waited and waited some more. She was about to move and say something without permission when Mistress Marta said, “You may speak Cynthia.”

Cynthia took in a deep breath and said, “Thank you for allowing Teddy…”.

Her mom interrupted, “Master Teddy”.

Cynthia started again and said, “Thank you for allowing Master Teddy to select me as his bitch. He is an absolutely wonderful lover. Thank you so much mistress.” Cynthia actually surprised herself that she really meant it. She loved her new canine master.

Mistress Marta patted Cynthia on the head like she was a dog and answered, “You are very welcome pet. Now please listen carefully to what your mother is going to tell you. You have a decision to make and it will be a hard one. She has a lot to tell you that you need to hear to understand why you were taken the way you were. Listen carefully and she will ask you to decide on one of three choices that you have before you. Don’t answer immediately, but think about them as long as you like. Once you make your decision it will be irrevocable. Please make sure that it is what you really want. Now listen to your mother. She will tell me what you have decided when the time comes.”

Mistress Marta turned and walked out of the kennel and Lisa got down on her knees by her daughter and hugged her as she cried at having her with her. They were tears of sadness, betrayal, relief, happiness and love all wrapped into one. She knelt like that as her daughter patted her back and told her, “It’s going to be all right mom, I don’t understand, but we’re together and that is what matters. I don’t blame you for any of this. Now tell me what you need to. I’m ready to hear what you have to say.

Lisa finally got control of her self and after wiping her tears away began telling Cynthia what she had learned.


First and foremost I want you to know that I never imagined that you would be involved in any of this. As for me, I’ve kept a secret from you guys for many years. It was what drove your father from me because he couldn’t understand my needs. I have always craved to be made to submit. When I told your father initially, he thought I was sick and demanded that I never speak of it again. I managed successfully to keep that need suppressed for many years but after you and Dave left home it began to really eat at me. I started going on line and joining all sorts of websites and reading stories about BDSM and bestiality and other perversions. It excited me so much. I even had an online master a few times but it wasn’t enough. I finally broke down and demanded that your dad take his rightful place as my master and do all the things that I had fantasized about. That was what finally drove him away. It made him sick to even look at me after that so we got a divorce.

After that, I really hit the internet and began meeting guys I met in the chat rooms. One of them was your step dad. He really was wonderful, but we never really had a chance to explore everything we wanted to because he kept leaving on business. Last January he went to a foreign country for his company and wasn’t going to come back until the end of April.

I found a website and chat room that focused on interracial domination, particularly black males dominating white females. When I noticed that they were going to do a fund raising slave auction, I decided to participate. What I didn’t know was that one of the guys I chatted with on the website was a slave of Mistress Marta. When he found out that I trained dogs for a living, he told his mistress about me. Mistress Marta as you can see trains dogs in a very special way. She wanted to expand the dogs training to include other areas as well and when she found out about me volunteering for the slave auction, she told Joey, her slave, to make sure that he bought me for the three day president’s weekend.

To make a long story short, not once during the three days did they allow me to have sex with Joey and that is what I wanted. They kept me excited and on the verge of orgasm all weekend. When my time was over they gave me a choice to let a dog screw me and then I could have Joey or I could leave and return to my life. Well this was right out of one of my fantasies that I wanted to experience so I decided to stay and become their slave. The only time I’ve regretted that decision was when I saw you being loaded off of the van. But when I found out why that was done, I agreed that Mistress Marta did the right thing because the alternative was to frightening to consider.

It seems that in the process of studying me and my background, Mistress Marta’s investigators discovered something very sinister that was going on with your brother Dave. As you know, last fall I loaned $100,000 to your brother, supposedly to start up his own construction business. What he actually used it for was to pay off a small percentage of the money he owed to his bookie for gambling debts. It seems that your brother ran up in excess of $300,000 in debt and they were demanding their money. The money I gave him bought him a little time, but since then he hasn’t been able to come up with a fraction of the money he owed and he has gone into hiding.

Because they couldn’t find Dave, they began to focus on his family, namely you and me. They began following both of us to learn our movements. After I disappeared, they stepped up their efforts in monitoring you and trying to find Dave. Mistress Marta had directed that her investigators keep an eye on you so if they decided to move on you, then she would prevent it.

While all of this was going on, I knew nothing about it. I was too busy being trained to be a perfect slave and training my dogs. I transferred my kennel business and all of my dogs to here and I train them here now. I decided that to be fair to your stepfather that I needed to divorce him. I had found what I was looking for in life and never wanted to leave my new life. Mistress allowed me to keep contact with him on the internet so he wouldn’t suspect. I wanted to tell him in person and give him the divorce papers. The divorce papers were ready and I planned on being at home on his scheduled day of arrival.

It seems though that he returned a few days early and when he found that I wasn’t at home, decided to take a drive in his new convertible that he got for Christmas. As you know, he passed away when his car crashed into the Columbia River. Mistress Marta didn’t tell me about the accident. She was getting ready to drive me there when she heard on the radio that I had been declared missing and most likely dead in the accident because they could find no trace of me and the last email I sent to him told him I couldn’t wait for him to get back home. They just assumed that I meant that I wanted to be with him but what I really meant was I couldn’t wait to serve divorce papers on him.

Mistress Marta decided that it was for the best and just told me that I no longer needed to go see him about the divorce. She didn’t tell me why. She said that I should just forget about it and everything would work out just fine. She thought that the remnants of the estate would give Dave what he needed to pay off his bookie and everything so she decided that it was best for me to be listed as missing and presumed dead. That way you guys would get whatever was left of my estate. She didn’t know about all of my debts or she might have made a different decision.

After the accident Mistress Marta kept an eye on you and kept me posted on how you were doing. It seems that during the funeral and subsequent days after, there were several men that Mistress’ investigators spotted casing you. They followed them without being found out and were able to actually get some video and audio of several of their meetings. I watched them while you were with the dogs. It seemed that they were going to abduct you and turn you into a high priced whore initially and when they wore you out that way, they would just make you a crack whore until you paid off all of your brother’s debts. Once they were done with you, they decided they would knock you off with a massive overdose of drugs. No one would ask questions about a crack whore overdosing.

When Mistress’ investigators found out what was being planned, they notified Mistress Marta. Mistress ordered that they monitor things closely and only move in when it was imminent that you were going to be abducted.

Apparently during the day on your last day of school, Mistress’ investigators found out that the order had been given to abduct you. They knew that you were in your lab at that time and so when you left they followed you. They put a little cocktail mix in your drink at the bar to get you sexually excited and make you a little more pliable. They followed you back to your apartment and that’s where they took you. They did things the way they did because they planted evidence in the house leading to the goons that were going to abduct you anyway. What they told you about your brother was absolutely true. The rest you know.

I didn’t know any of this until Mistress showed me the tapes and audio. She explained about the accident to me as well to help me understand why you thought I was dead. I didn’t know about any of this, but Mistress Marta wanted me to know that she takes good care of her slaves. She said that when she has someone as valuable as I am that she will go to the end of the earth to make sure my needs are met and that expands to watching out over my family. After she explained everything to me, I agreed that she made the right decision. Now Mistress Marta told you that you have a decision to make. Now that you have heard the whole story, please think hard about your choices.

Your first choice is to go back to the life you had before. Mistress Marta and I will never be a part of your life again and Teddy will stay here as well. Keep in mind that the order to abduct you is still out there. You would most likely end up as I explained.

Your second choice is to give up on your dreams and stay here as a kennel slut. I will use you to help train my dogs sexually and in every other way. You will be able to screw the dogs as often as you want. Teddy will be with you always while you are here. You would become a slave of Mistress Marta and I would be responsible for training you.

I can see from your face that you’re getting excited over that one, but before you say anything, listen to the third choice. It has a couple of possibilities, but one in particular that I think you would be extremely excited about.

The third choice is to become the slave to a young master who will be going to the east coast to medical school there. You would go with him, along with Teddy, and either attend medical school with him or, and this is the one I think you would really like, attend veterinary school. It seems that the president of the university is a member of their organization and has seen your grades. He has promised you admittance to either college of your choice. The organization would pay for your schooling and you would practice exclusively for their organization for the rest of your life when you graduated. You have to make your decision on this without knowing who the young master is. A slave doesn’t get to choose their master.

Now think about your options and tell me your decision when you make it. Mistress Marta would like to know by tomorrow. The young master is here now and will come to you if you make your decision. I think you’ll be very surprised and happy at who it is. I’ve met him more than once and he’s a very nice man. Think hard before you make your choice.


Cynthia stared at her mother with a look of happiness that just made her glow. She said, “I don’t even have to think about it mom. You know I’ve always wanted to become a veterinarian. There are so few schools and they are so hard to get into that I never even hoped to get accepted into one. That’s why I focused on medical school so hard. If I get the chance to keep Teddy, attend veterinary school and still come back on occasion to screw these wonderful dogs, then I don’t care who the master is. I want option three.”

Lisa left the kennel and went up to the house. When she returned, she had Mistress Marta and Cynthia’s new master with her. What they found when they got back to the kennel was Cynthia on all fours being thoroughly screwed by Teddy. They stood and watched until he was done. Cynthia was still quite stretched from all of the dogs she had fucked over the last couple of days and he pulled out immediately after he was done. She immediately turned around and cleaned their combined juices off his cock.

When she was finished, she looked up at her audience. Her hands immediately went to her mouth and she blushed from head to toe as she exclaimed “ROB”.

There between her mother and Mistress Marta was her boyfriend Rob. Her mother quickly spoke and said, “I told you that you would like him and that I had met him many times. I just didn’t say where because Mistress didn’t want you to know who he was. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even know it was you until he arrived here yesterday. You see, his parents are members of this organization and he had decided not to join in on their activities. It seems that when he was accepted into Medical school at the university I was telling you about, Mistress Marta took action. She realized what your desires were and what the organization needs were so she got the council to agree to pay all of his tuition if he took a slave to school with him that would be attending the school as well. He agreed and came here to meet his slave. You should have seen how happy he was when he found out who the slave was. I think he loves you. Mistress and I will leave you with him for now. I know you want to spend some private time together. Oh and don’t worry about getting pregnant. The gruel that you have been eating has birth control drugs in them so enjoy.”

As her mother and Mistress Marta left, Cynthia got up and ran to Rob and literally jumped in his arms and planted the most passionate kiss on him that she could. He was surprised at the passion that she kissed him with. He had kissed her many times, but never had she been this passionate. When she finally broke for air, she looked in his eyes with love and said, “I am so glad it was you. Do you know how much I love you? When they told me you were going camping with that slut roommate of mine, I was devastated. But here you are. If I have to be a slave, I’ll be your slave forever if you’ll have me.”

Rob said, “I was going to go camping with her and about 40 others. I wasn’t taking her as a date. I was just going to pick her up to go meet the others. But early that morning I got this mysterious phone call from Marta about the possibility of a slave going to the same medical school I was going to and that if she did, the council would like me to take responsibility for her. She didn’t tell me who it was but I agreed to do it. I didn’t find out until I got here that it was you. When I saw you in the kennel with all of those dogs, it had to be the hottest thing I ever saw. It made me love you even more. I’m glad it was you. You can tell me later all about how you ended up here. Right now I want to make love to you.”

Rob laid Cynthia down on the Kennel floor and immediately stripped out of his clothes. He got down and lined his turgid 8 inch cock with the entrance of her well used pussy and began to make sweet love to her. He kept at it for about four minutes before he came in her. Cynthia didn’t have an orgasm, but she was well on the way to one. When he pulled out, she turned around and sucked him clean. She didn’t stop however and kept sucking until he was hard again.

Once Rob was hard, Cynthia turned around and looked back at him and asked, “Please stick that nice hard cock in my ass Master Rob. I need a good ass fucking. I want you to be the first human cock to take all three of my holes. I give them to you willingly.”

Rob wasn’t about to turn her down. He quickly sank his cock into her ass to the hilt. As he was pounding her he said, “I accept your submission to me my slave. You are mine and I want to make it legal as well. Before I take you to school and after your training, I will marry you. After we graduate and return here, you will have lots and lots of kids. I will get you all of the dogs you want as well.”

Cynthia was already at the edge of orgasm when Rob said he would marry her. That made her so excited that she tripped over into a major orgasm. When she started to come down she knew what would make the whole thing perfect. She yelled “Teddy Suck”.

Teddy got up and came over to her, his cock extending out of its sheath in preparation to take his slave’s oral cavity. He launched himself up and landed heavily on her back. His cock was in perfect position for her to lean her head forward to suck. She took it in and closed her eyes in pleasure as she imagined her future with her true love and her canine master. She thought her life was over and when she thought about it, she realized that it was. Her old life was over and she was getting ready to embark on a new life that combined the best of her old and a completely new wonderful world she had never imagined.
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Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 4, Cynthia’s Training and Graduation Ceremony
By redlegtiger

Cynthia was asleep and dreaming. In her dream she found herself lying in bed with her boyfriend. She was spooned against his back with her breasts mashed against his back. She dreamed that he was licking her pussy and asshole. Her brain was in a fog and it eventually figured out the impossibility of her boyfriend licking her with her lying with him as she was. That’s when she woke up and found that it wasn’t a dream. She was in fact laying in the middle of a King size bed spooned against her boyfriend and something was licking her and it felt wonderful. She looked down and back over her shoulder and saw Master Teddy lying down on his stomach with his hind legs under him and the front legs extended forward. He had stretched his head forward and was licking her.

That’s when everything that had happened in the last two days came rushing back. She remembered the nightmare of the dog rape, the betrayal of her mother and then all of her dreams being made real. She remembered her mother’s explanation about her brother’s gambling problem and his betrayal of the family.

She started to get angry until she remembered the wonderful feelings she had in the kennel with all of those dogs. How they mad her feel so good that she lost all other focus other than the depraved but erotic bubble she found herself in. Finally she remembered that she had agreed to be a slave to some organization and that she had to be owned by a master. Then she remembered that her master was none other than her boyfriend whom she loved more than life itself and that he was going to give her all of her most precious dreams.

That’s when she had her first small orgasm of the morning caused by Master Teddy’s ever persistent tongue. When she had recovered from her mild orgasm she decided that it was a wonderful way to wake up. She rolled away from Rob and very gently got him to roll over onto his back. She then very carefully crawled to the end of the bed and positioned herself kneeling between his legs. She leaned forward and opening her mouth took his limp cock in. She started to gently suck him and was rewarded for her efforts as his cock started hardening.

Rob groaned in his sleep from the pleasure Cynthia was giving him. She continued to gently suck and lick him all over. She had just gotten his cock fully hard when she felt a heavy weight land on her back. She let out a surprised grunt and immediately knew that Master Teddy wanted to take his slave. She stopped sucking just long enough to reach back and guide her canine master’s cock into her dripping cunt.

When Cynthia felt Master Teddy’s cock sink all of the way in she refocused her efforts back on Master Rob’s cock. As the big Irish Wolf Hound fucked her she groaned around Rob’s cock. That’s when she heard Rob say, “My god what a wonderful way to wake up. You can wake me up every morning like this my slave, my love.”

She looked up and saw that he was watching her being fucked by her dog as she sucked him. She saw the love in his eyes and tried to look back at him with all of the love she could muster. She was getting close to cumming and she wanted him to cum with her so she redoubled her efforts. She started forcing his cock farther and farther down her throat until it finally hit the back. She gagged at first but she remembered how she had to swallow to keep from throwing up when the dogs fucked her throat in the kennel. She went down again and this time when his cock reached the back of her throat she swallowed and it went down easily. She sank her mouth down until she felt his pubic hairs against her nose. She sucked and twirled her tongue around his cock to provide as much stimulation as possible. She could tell that he was getting close from his groans of pleasure.

She herself was getting close and Teddy’s knot was banging insistently against her nether lips. She was so close to cumming that a moment later when his knot forced its way into her cunt she screamed out her cum. The vibrations caused by her screaming was all that it took to sent Rob over the edge. He started cumming just as Teddy’s cock started pulsing stream after boiling stream of dog cum into her cunt. She shook from the glorious wave of pleasure that flowed through her.

Cynthia swallowed the cum that was being pumped into her throat as best she could. She had to pull off though because of lack of air and received the last couple of blasts across her nose and on her chin. She looked up towards Rob and with a big grin on her face as she took the finger of one hand and scraped the cum off of her chin and sucked it off her finger in as sexy a manner as she could. Then she repeated the process with the cum that was on her nose.

It was about that time that Teddy turned around ass end to ass end with her to wait for his knot to shrink down enough to pull out. She was absolutely glowing from the wonderful feelings. Then she heard Rob say, “You are absolutely the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world my love.”

Cynthia glowed at the praise and answered, “Thank you Master of my Heart. Your love slave only desires to make you happy.”

Rob sat up and began to gently stroke her hair and cheeks as he responded, “You don’t know how happy I am that you agreed to be mine. I promise to always be a gentle and loving master. But I also promise to give you a firm and thorough tanning if you ever displease me. Now we have to think of your new slave name. All slaves have a name given to them. But I love you too much to force a name on you so I have decided to let you help me by choosing a name for yourself.”

Cynthia was surprised that she had to come up with a new slave name. She had just assumed that she would always be known as Cynthia. She responded, “I don’t know at this point what I want to be called Master. How long do I have until I have to decide?”

Rob answered, “I’ll let you have until we get married. But at our wedding ceremony, you will marry me using your slave name, not your real name. I want you to pick something very special and clear it with your mother and Mistress Marta. I want to hear it for the first time on our wedding day. That will be when I accept your gift of yourself and take you into my possession for the rest of your life.”

Cynthia smiled and answered, “Oh yes master. That will be a wonderful way to give myself fully to you. I will think very carefully about my slave name then. I love you Master Rob. So what’s in store for me today?”

Rob answered, “I truly don’t know. As soon as Teddy pulls out, you need to get out of bed and report to your mother ‘trainerbitch’. She has your training planned out for the next month or so. You are to do exactly as she says and not resist. The training will test you. You will be forced to do things that will repulse you and things that hurt you. But I want you to remember that this is the life you have chosen of your own free will. I will love you all the more if you make it through your training with a minimum of punishment. Keep our love and future life together as your focus when you are faced with a totally detestable act that you just don’t think you can go through. Remember that at the end of your training is our marriage and then to school. Never forget that I fell in love with the real Cynthia Palmer and don’t lose her as you go through your training. I don’t want some mindless sex slave. I want a slave that I can talk to and carry intelligent conversations with. One who will serve me without question no matter what. Can you do that for me my slave, my love?”

Cynthia took a deep breath and steeled herself as she answered, “I will do my best master.”

Rob said, “Then when Teddy pulls out I expect you to immediately go down and join your mother. She will be waiting for you.”

Cynthia answered, “Yes Master” as Rob got up out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up.

It was almost twenty minutes before Teddy pulled out and lied down on the bed on his back. Cynthia quickly put her hand over her ass to stem the flow of cum and leaned down. She took Teddy’s cock into her mouth and sucked it clean as she knew she was expected to and felt a surge of excitement at doing it. When she was done cleaning Teddy she started cleaning herself up by using her hand to get as much cum as possible and then licking her hand clean. After another ten minutes she was satisfied that she wouldn’t leave a messy trail through the house. She knew that would lead to more punishment.

She got down off of the bed and crawled out of the bedroom with Teddy walking beside her. She had difficulty crawling down the stairs but eventually made it down and when she got to the front door she reached up to open it to leave. It was just as her hand touched the door knob that she felt something hit her hard on the ass followed by a surge of pain. She looked back over her shoulder as tears streamed down her cheeks to see her mother standing there with a riding crop in her hand.

Her mother was dressed in a leather corset that lifted her breasts up. She saw that she had rings in her nipples and that there were alligator clips attached to the rings. There was another alligator clip that was attached to the middle of the chain connecting the nipple clips. Cynthia’s eyes followed the small chain down to her mother’s exposed and swollen clit. It had a ring through it that had an alligator clip attached to it. She noticed that there was another alligator clip on the clit ring that went down and was attached to something in her cunt and from that to something in her ass.

Lisa saw where her daughter was looking and the confused look on her face. She cleared her throat to get her daughter’s attention. Cynthia looked up into her mother’s eyes and saw a mix of excitement and apprehension. When she saw that Cynthia was giving her, her undivided attention she said, “Don’t concern yourself with my attachments. You will soon have your own set and will understand what they are for. Now the reason I had to swat you was because you were about ready to go out the door for masters and mistresses. That will lead to severe punishment for you and for me for allowing it. Follow me and I’ll show you where your exit is.

Lisa put the riding crop between her teeth and got down on all fours and began crawling down the hallway to the back. They came to the kitchen and there was a door to the back porch to the right. But what surprised Cynthia the most was the fact that her mother turned left. On the opposite end of the kitchen on the far wall was a doggy door large enough for the largest breed of dog to get in and out. As a matter of fact, when Teddy saw they were heading to the doggy door, he rushed through it to the outside. Lisa continued to crawl out through the doggy door and Cynthia followed.

Cynthia couldn’t believe she was now relegated to going in and out of a house by the doggy door. She started to get upset until she remembered that Teddy was her canine master and in the realm of things, she was of less stature than he was. Then she thought about her love for Rob and her future life with him and took a deep sigh as she steeled her nerves to do what was expected of her. If this was what Rob wanted, then she would do it for him. She sped up to catch up the distance between her mother and her.

Once through the door, they crawled down an inclined path and headed toward a large barn. Teddy joined them, leading the way to the barn as if he knew what was going to happen. When they got to the open barn door her mother stopped and stood up. She drew a line in the dirt and ordered, “Kneel here and listen up.”

Cynthia crawled up to the line and assumed the slaves position. It was obvious she wasn’t in the proper position as she immediately felt the strike of the crop on her left tit. She let out a scream of pain and before she could take another breath she felt stinging slaps of the crop on her inner thigh. Nothing was being said but she started moving her thigh outward to get it away from the crop. When her mother was satisfied with the position of that leg she started in on the other thigh until Cynthia was sitting back on her heels with her knees extended so her thighs formed a 45 degree angle, exposing her most private region to the eyes of all. She blushed in embarrassment at how exposed she was.

She had very little time to think about her exposure however as she felt the sting of the crop on the back of her hands that were placed on her thighs. When she looked at her mother in confusion she saw her mother extend her hand out facing downward and then turned it palm up. Cynthia quickly flipped her hands palm up and bowed her head as tears of pain and humiliation flowed down her cheeks.

When Cynthia’s head was down in the proper position her mother finally spoke to her. What Cynthia couldn’t see was the single tear that was streaming down her mother’s cheek. She had never had to punish her daughter before in her life and she was finding it difficult to do what her mistress had asked of her. She took a deep breath to gain control of her emotions and after a brief pause said, “We will go through this procedure until you have learned the proper position of submission to your master or mistress. This is how you will present yourself to any master or mistress that calls for you. You will never hesitate to respond to their call. It is up to your master to set the limits of what another master or mistress can do for you. As it stands now, Master Rob has not put any limits on what they can do to or with you. No matter what I tell you to do, a master or mistress that calls you takes priority. When they are done with you, then you will return to your training. Understand that I am responsible for everything you do or don’t do well. Every time you must be punished, it is considered a failure of my ability to train you correctly so I am punished by my mistress at the end of the day. How severe that punishment is will be determined by how well you do with your tasks. Now for your first day of training, we are going to focus on oral techniques. Inside the barn you will find ten stalls. Each stall has a different task for you to perform. Each task will focus on a form of oral stimulation of the person or animal in the stall. I expect you to obey every order quickly and willingly no matter how repulsed you may be. Understand that I have done what you will be doing today. I hope you do better than I did. It won’t be easy so put your desire to achieve your most precious dreams to work whenever you doubt whether you can do what is expected. There is no time limit on completing your tasks. When you are performing to the standard expected, you will be allowed to move on to the next stall. The oral training won’t stop until you have finished all ten stalls. Then and only then will you be allowed to stop and rest. Do you understand slave?”

Cynthia shook her head yes and was rewarded with a whip of the riding crop on her right tit. She screamed in agony and brought her hands up to her tit to rub it. She felt an immediate strike of the crop on her hand.

Lisa said, “Get your hands back where they belong. Where you went wrong was when you hook your head yes instead of answering correctly. Now do you understand or not?”

Cynthia answered, “Yes mistress”.

Again Cynthia felt the riding crop land on her left tit, sending searing pain through her and causing her to scream. She looked at her mother with confused, tear filled eyes.

Lisa said, “I am not a mistress nor do I have the desire to be. You may refer to me as bitchtrainer. That is my new slave name. So do you understand what I’ve told you?”

Cynthia answered, “Yes Bitchtrainer”.

Lisa said, “Then you may enter the barn and begin your training in the first stall on the right. I will be there to guide you. Remember that if in doubt, act like a dog would in the circumstance you find yourself in.

Cynthia crawled into the barn and went into the stall her mother told her. When she got into the stall she saw a female Great Dane bitch that was lying in the corner licking her sex. The dog looked up at them and got up. Bitchtrainer put the ball of her foot on Cynthia’s ass and gave her a little push as she said, “Now think about what strange dog’s do when they great each other. That is what you need to do.” Then she pushed with her foot.

Cynthia scrambled desperately to keep from falling into the straw. She finally caught herself. She paused, trying to figure out how to greet another dog. She knew she should know this having helped her mother many times in the kennel. She tried to imagine herself back in the kennel at home and just for the life of her remember. She obviously waited too long because she felt a sharp pain on her left ass cheek as her mother whipped her with the riding crop. She got flustered at that and had an even harder time remembering so her mother whipped her with the crop again. Cynthia was crying now; more at being punished for the first time by her mother than anything else.

Cynthia stayed there on all fours flustered and crying as her mother continued to whip her for not acting like a dog. She was finally saved as Teddy came into the stall and stuck his nose in her pussy between the long pauses of the whipping. That was all it took for Cynthia to remember that dog’s greeted each other by sniffing each other’s ass holes. She even remembered that if a female was in heat that the male would lick the female’s sex before mounting the bitch.

Cynthia quickly scrambled toward the female bitch and went up to her ass. She stuck her nose into the dog’s sex and sniffed for a few moments then took a tentative lick. The bitch was in heat so she got into a stance and raised her tail. Cynthia remembered that from when she helped her mother mate dogs in her kennel at home. She began to lick repeatedly at the bitch’s cunt as she thought a dog would do and the bitch began to whimper and whine.

Cynthia hadn’t been paying any attention to her mother or Teddy. If she had she would have noticed that her mother had dropped down and began to suck on Teddy’s cock to get it fully hard as soon as she crawled toward the Dane bitch. The first warning Cynthia got of what was coming was when she felt the full weight of Teddy land on her back. She had been taken enough times in the last 48 hours that she instinctively moved her hips into the best position for Teddy to mount with minimal effort.

It only took Teddy a couple of tries to sink his cock into her dripping cunt. It was now Cynthia’s turn to whimper as Teddy began to push his cock farther into her. Cynthia had stopped licking the bitch’s cunt as Teddy fucked her and soon found that was the wrong thing to do. All of a sudden she felt a sharp sting of pain as the riding crop hit the nipple of her left tit. She screamed in surprise and pain as the fire spread through her tit and down to her cunt where she was getting fucked.

When bitchtrainer struck Cynthia’s tit she said, “You’re forgetting why you’re here bitch. Get back to work.”

Cynthia moved her head forward and pushed her tongue into the Great Dane’s cunt. She put all of her effort into fucking the dog’s cunt. She licked all around the dog’s cunt and began to wonder if she was supposed to lick the dog’s asshole as well. She was so afraid of being whipped by her mother she decided that she wasn’t going to take the chance of failing so she moved her tongue up and began to lick around the dog’s ass every few moments. She soon figured that her mother must be happy because she wasn’t being whipped any more. If she would have looked at her mother in that instance, she would have seen her fingering her clit ring to masturbate herself as she watched her daughter pleasuring and being pleasured.

Cynthia had been so focused on what she was supposed to be doing to the Dane bitch that she had not gotten the full benefit of Teddy’s fucking. She was brought back to full awareness though when his knot started banging against her cunt lips. She soon screamed from the momentary pain caused by the knot entering her cunt but soon began to push back to cause it to sink as deep into her as she could get it before it became to big. She was definitely feeling the wonderful feeling of a good canine fuck now. She redoubled her efforts on the bitch and tongued her as best she could. She quickly realized that it wasn’t as bad as she thought. She figured that if she wanted to get fucked in the future and there was a bitch in heat around, she would be able to just rub herself with the bitch’s secretions to entice a dog to mate with her.

After a couple of minutes of being fucked by Teddy’s, Cynthia began to get more and more excited. Her pleasure rose and she got more and more into licking the Dane bitch. She thought back a few short days ago and how all of this had started. She quickly realized that she no longer regretted what happened. Especially knowing what would have happened because of her brother’s gambling. She briefly thought about hating her brother for what he did and then she remembered that if he hadn’t, she would not have been accepted into veterinary school, get to be with her boyfriend forever or be exposed to the wonders of canine sex.

Cynthia sighed with contentment as she realized that doing these perverted things was a small price to pay. That if she really put herself into the task she would end up getting pleasure from it. It obviously worked for her mother. She had never seen her so happy in her entire life. Maybe being a sex slave to a loving master wasn’t such a bad way to live.

As Cynthia thought about being a sex slave to Rob, she launched into a tremendous orgasm and screamed it out into the leaking cunt of the bitch she was licking and sucking. Teddy kept fucking her as she came and it seemed as if her orgasm was never going to end. She finally started to come down a bit when the dog began cumming in her. That launched her into an orgasm even more powerful than before. She actually passed out because she came so long and so intensely. She fell to the ground in blissful oblivion. Her mother screamed out her orgasm shortly after and assumed a kneeling position to wait for Cynthia to wake up.

After about ten minutes, Cynthia groggily opened her eyes and found her mother kneeling beside her with a smile on her face. Bitchtrainer said, “Well it’s about time you woke up sleeping beauty. You almost got that right. You hesitated too much though. We’ll have to do it again and this time, don’t hesitate when you are given an order. Hesitation will always bring you punishment. And if in the process you find yourself being given a bit of pleasure while you are following your orders, don’t forget that you are there for the pleasure of the master or mistress you are serving, not your own. Receiving pleasure should never ever interfere with fulfilling an order that is given. Do you understand?”

Cynthia listened attentively to what her mother said and out of years of habit, shook her head yes. That earned her a strike on the tits with the riding crop. Cynthia quickly realized what she did wrong and answered “Yes mo… bitchtrainer”.

Bitchtrainer smiled and ordered, “Now go back outside of the barn and wait for me to call you. About ten minutes later Cynthia heard her mother calling her in. This time when she got to the first stall, there were three bitches of various breeds chained to the back of the stall so that their ass ends were facing towards the entrance. She remembered that her task was to orally pleasure what ever was there. She didn’t hesitate this time and went up to the bitch in the middle and stuck her face in its cunt. She brought her knees up under her to support her weight and then reached out to the bitches on either side and began playing with their oozing cunts. She alternately took her fingers and brought them back and smeared the cunt juice from them on her asshole and cunt.

Soon bitchtrainer came in with four huge male mastiffs. She released them and they made a bee line for Cynthia. The first one there immediately mounted Cynthia and began to fuck her. To her credit, Cynthia didn’t miss a beat and continued to lick the oozing cunt of the bitch she was licking and sucking. The other males focused all of their attention on her and ignored the bitches in heat. They had been trained to always pleasure any human bitch before they were allowed to mate with a real bitch. Cynthia quickly began to orgasm. She groaned in pleasure as she came and then she felt the knot slide in. It didn’t hurt her like Teddy’s did. It wasn’t nearly as big. She soon felt the dog cum in her and flood her with warmth causing her to cum again.

Cynthia backed away from that bitch and moved to the one on the left and began to suck on its cunt. She did this as the mastiff pulled out and another mounted her. This one found her ass hole and was soon raping her ass as she orally pleasured the bitch. She cringed a few moments from the pain of the entry of the knot into her tight ass but soon was cumming over and over again. She concentrated on her task like her mother said. Even when she felt her consciousness starting to flee she fought to stay alert. She became weak in the knees and wavered back and forth as her body almost gave up, but she struggled to keep herself to the task at hand. As the orgasm waned, she began to be able to focus more on her task. To her credit, she never quit licking and sucking the bitch’s cunt.

When the mastiff that was fucking her came and pulled out, she quickly moved to the other side and began to pleasure the third bitch. She was soon mounted by a third mastiff. This one quickly sank his cock into her and began to machine gun his cock in and out of her cunt. Cynthia screamed out her pleasure into the bitch’s cunt as she had orgasm after orgasm. The dog’s knot easily slid into her this time and he was cumming soon. That pushed Cynthia into another orgasm that almost made her pass out. This one was stronger than the one she had passed out on earlier. But she remembered her mother telling her that she had to focus on finishing the task that her masters had given so she fought to stay alert. She actually partially collapsed but just barely caught herself and held on.

As she pushed herself back up, the mastiff turned ass end to ass end with her but didn’t try to pull out. The fourth mastiff went up beside this one and then launched up onto Cynthia’s back as it had been trained. He then stepped over the back of the other dog with his hind leg so that he was straddling it and began trying to force his cock into her ass. After a few thrusts she felt his cock force its way into her tight ass. She groaned in a mix of pleasure and pain from the dual assault but remained focused on her task. She began to cum almost constantly from the overwhelming pleasure. She closed her eyes tight as she tried to concentrate to keep at her task. But the pleasure was too much and her arms gave out as she fell to the ground with her ass up in the air. She finally lost the battle and passed out from the pleasure.

Her mother knelt there again as she waited for her daughter to wake up. This time she had a huge smile on her face. Her daughter had managed to do in two tries what took her five to accomplish to the satisfaction of her mistress. She knew Mistress Marta was happy with the results because both of her dildos in her cunt and ass were vibrating and the clit and nipple rings that were connected by the chains were tingling with just enough electrical charge to give her pleasure. She relished in the knowledge that she had pleased her mistress.

This time when Cynthia woke up her mother said, “Well done you sinful little bitch. You are a natural at this. It took me five times to accomplish what you just did. You are a knot slut extraordinaire. You know… if you finish your training well I think that would be a good name for you. We’ll have to do a play on words and spell sinful, C Y N F U L instead of S I N F U L. Cynfulknotslut just has a ring to it.”

At that moment bitchtrainer’s dildos pulsed. She smiled as she knew that Mistress Marta approved of the name she had just given her daughter. It wasn’t often that a slave’s suggestion was taken but Marta just liked the sound of it as did Rob who had told her to let bitchtrainer know. She focused back on her daughter and said, “It seems that you have a new name. Mistress Marta signaled me that the name was approved and she wouldn’t have done that without Master Rob’s approval. So cynfulknotslut, let’s move on to the next station. I think you are going to find it a bit more of a challenge.

The two of them crawled to the next stall and Cynthia saw a big black man standing there naked. Cynthia remembered her orders at the beginning and quickly crawled up to him and took his cock into her mouth. She began to give him a blow job as she heard her mother say, “Okay cynful, your task is to learn to deep throat. You will not leave this station until you can take Master Joey’s thirteen inch cock all of the way down your throat and keep it there no matter what happens. The trick is to relax and swallow as soon as you feel the head get to the back of your throat. His cock is larger than most, but not all, of the cocks you will be expected to suck. But if you can do his monster, then you can do most of the others as well. One thing about Master Joey is that he can keep from cumming. That’s a little trick he learned when he was a slave for Mistress Marta. It’s not often that a slave becomes a master, but Master Joey brought in so many willing slaves to the organization that Mistress Marta belongs to that they allowed him to become a master when she freed him. She allowed him to keep one slave for every four he brought to the Coch Organization and that if he ever had ten in his harem, she would free him. Now I want you to do Master Joey well cynful. He is the one that got me into this. If not for him, we wouldn’t be together and I would have most likely died with your step dad and you would be a crack whore. And you wouldn’t be going to veterinary school nor be engaged to your Master Rob. Now take that cock down your throat and show him the pleasure he deserves.”

She watched as cynfulknotslut pushed the cock to the back of her throat. She tried to swallow but after she got seven of the thirteen inches down she started to gag and pulled off. She listened to her mother tisk at her and knew she had disappointed her. She tried harder this time and was rewarded by gagging as soon as she got five inches in. She pulled back off and remembered her mother’s admonition to relax and swallow so this time she closed her eyes and concentrated as she slowly relaxed and slid his cock into her throat. She swallowed and relaxed when the head hit the back of her throat. She concentrated on relaxing and pushed her face down until her nose was mashed into his pubic hair. His cock was so long that she couldn’t breathe through her nose with it all of the way down her throat. She held her breath until she couldn’t stand it any more and then pulled off remembering to twirl her tongue under his shaft as she did. She pulled off just enough to get a breath and then forced herself back on to his cock and held it there.

She had been sucking his cock like that for five minutes when she felt a weight land on her back. She started to panic and choke but quickly suppressed the urge. She didn’t pull off all of the way but did pull off to get another breath. As she pushed his cock back down her throat she felt a cock push into her cunt. She groaned in pleasure at the feeling. She felt the cock hammering into her but having learned her lesson from the first stall she focused all of her attention on Master Joey’s cock. She continued to deep throat his cock by holding it all of the way down her throat until she needed a breath. She tried her best to ignore the cock in her cunt and the pleasure it was giving her. Even when she felt the dog cumming in her cunt and the pleasure of the warmth of the cum spreading through her she continued to focus on deep throating the master’s cock.

Cynfulknotslut felt the dog turn around ass end to ass end but not pull out. She thought she knew what was coming and was prepared when she felt another weight land on her back. She soon felt another cock forcing its way up her ass hole. It was still loose and lubricated from the cum of the two previous dogs fucking her so the cock slid in easily. Cynful didn’t even pull off of Master Joey’s cock a fraction as the cock sank to the hilt in her ass and began fucking her. She focused all of her attention on pleasuring Master Joey’s cock. She was wondering just how much longer he could hold out when she felt him start to cum down her throat. She kept his cock all of the way down until the last couple of spurts when she pulled back far enough to catch them in her mouth. About that time she felt the dog cumming in her ass. She ignored the pleasure and looked up into Master Joey’s eyes and opened her mouth, showing him the pool of his cum that was there.

Master Joey looked at bitchtrainer and said, “You know bitch, this little bitch here is even better at sucking cock than her mother was. She’s a natural born cock sucker and she didn’t even loose focus when she was being fucked by the two dogs. I envy Master Rob. He has himself one fine bitch. Train her good for him and we’ll see you at the graduation ceremony. I’m sure it will make for a wonderful grand opening show.”

Cynfulknotslut was basking in Master Joey’s praise. Especially when he said that she was better at cock sucking than her mother. But she was confused at what he said about a ceremony and a grand opening. She sat back in the slave’s position to ask a question and when he recognized her she asked, “What ceremony and what grand opening are you talking about master? I don’t understand.”

Master Joey answered saying, “Well since I was going to tell your mother when she was done and since you did such a fine job, I’ll tell you. When I was freed I wanted to open a business. I didn’t have enough money and couldn’t find someone to go in with me. I eventually met up with the other Master Joey who owns the porn shop. It seems that he is a switch hitter in two ways. He is bi and into girls and guys. He also likes being both a sub and a Dom. Well when he propositioned me one time at the porn shop, I took him to the back room and reamed him a new ass hole with junior here. Well he loved it so much that he kept inviting me back and I started taking advantage of him and getting him to do things for me. He may be a Master in all respects, but he is my sub and will do whatever I want him to. I told him that I wanted him to help me open a roadhouse restaurant and bar. He agreed to put up half of the money if I put up the other half. I didn’t have the money so I countered him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. I told him that every day I would bring one of my slave girls up to him and he could whore them out and keep all of the money. He would also be recognized as their master after me if I was gone or something happened to me. I also told him that the restaurant would be in my name, but everyone would believe it was his restaurant and that I would act as the bouncer and manager. He agreed and the restaurant is scheduled to open at the end of July when you should be finishing with your training cynful. I arranged with Mistress Marta and Master Rob for the two of you to put on a little show at the grand opening as a sort of graduation ceremony. So we will be seeing you again and you will be putting on a wonderful performance for hundreds of people. Now I would love to stay and enjoy the rest of your training, but I have a company to help get off the ground. Keep up the good work cynful. You are going to make your master very happy.”

The rest of the eight stalls were almost a let down compared to the first two. The third stall had a couple of male goats in them that she sucked off. The fourth stall had a male pig which was the strangest cock she ever sucked. She couldn’t believe its cork screw shape but she sucked it like she was supposed to. The fifth stall was empty when she got to that. When she looked at her mother she pointed at herself.

Cynfulknotslut stared at bitchtrainer and then it dawned on her. She crawled over and pleasured her. When she was done she went on to pleasure a cow which included sucking on the cow’s teats and drinking the milk straight from the source. She groaned in disappointment when her mother made her quit. She really enjoyed drinking the rich, creamy milk straight from the source. The seventh stall was a bull that she sucked off and the eighth was a mare in estrus. She knew enough about animals to recognize this and she figured there was a male horse in the next one. She made sure to smear as much of the mare’s secretions on her face, ass and cunt as possible.

Cynful was actually looking forward to trying a horse cock. When she finished the mare station she crawled to the next stall. Sure enough it was a stallion as she had hoped. As soon as cynful crawled under his nose, the stallion nuzzled her face, then her cunt and ass, licking it. His cock began to extend and harden. Cynful crawled up to it and began to suck it up and down the sides of its over two foot length. It started out at about two and a half inches in diameter at the tip but gradually increased in girth to about six inches in diameter at the base.

Cynful put the skills she learned on Master Joey to work and began to deep throat the horse’s cock. She slowly relaxed and forced her face down as far as she could. She was actually able to slide about sixteen inches of cock down her throat before it got too wide for her mouth. It was quite a sight and her mother was encouraging her the entire time. What cynful didn’t expect was how much cum was produced when the horse began to cum. She was all of the way down on the cock when she felt the flood of horse cum. Her stomach quickly filled and began to painfully bloat. She pulled back and the cum began to shoot back out of her nose and mouth. She eventually pulled all of the way off and was covered from head to knee with several spurts of horse cum.

When she caught her breath she looked at her mother. She watched as bitchtrainer crawled up to her and began to lick the horse cum off of cynfulknotslut’s body. When she was clean, bitchtrainer said, “Come with me you slut. I wish I was half as natural at doing this stuff as you are. It took me two and a half days to get to the last stall. I kept having to do things over and over to get it right. You seem to get it on the first try. Now come with me and earn your reward. The last stall is all about you getting your pleasure. You’ve earned it and will spend the night in the stall.”

Cynful crawled behind her mother, looking into her ass and cunt as she went. Again she wondered what all of the dildos and chains were about but didn’t ask. She figured she would find out before it was all over with. When they arrived at the last stall, bitchtrainer opened the door and there were six dogs standing there wagging their tails. Cynful recognized Teddy immediately and crawled straight to him and greeted him like any dog would. She stuck her nose into his ass and was rewarded with him doing the same. She reached under him to begin to caress his cock with her hand when he pulled away. She soon felt him land on her back and she guided his cock into her juicy cunt.

Bitchtrainer closed the stall door and locked it. She crawled back to her Mistress’s house for the night. It had been a very successful day and she looked forward to her reward from her mistress. She had been promised a full night with Master Joey if Cynthia had finished in the first twenty four hours. It hadn’t even taken twelve to get her to pass each of the stations. She was glad that her daughter was taking to all of this. She guessed that she had inherited her submissive nature from her and was actually proud of what her daughter had accomplished. She entered the master’s house through the slave doggy door and went to the monitoring room where her mistress and Master Rob had watched the day’s training.

When she entered the room she immediately assumed the slave’s kneeling position in front of Mistress Marta and waited. Her mistress was on the phone. When she hung up she turned to bitchtrainer and announced, “That was Master Joey. He has agreed to pick you up and take you for the night. He couldn’t believe it when I told him that cynfulknotslut had already finished her training. He thinks it’s a record and I would have to agree. You definitely gave birth to a natural zoo slut. Nice slave name by the way. Master Rob wants her to be called that from now on. Cynthia Palmer no longer exists. She is now cynfulknotslut. She will receive her tattoos and brandings at the graduation ceremony at Joey’s Roadhouse and Restaurant opening ceremony. Since you I haven’t yet made you get yours, I’m making it a dual ceremony. Now go out to the drive and wait for Master Joey. Tell him that I expect you back first thing in the morning, no later than eight so you can continue your training of cynful.

Cynful spent the rest of the night enjoying her canine gang bang. She came multiple times, each successive cum more intense than the other. But the best cums were always with Teddy, her canine master. And when the dogs had exhausted themselves, she curled up around Teddy with her arm draped over him.

The next couple of months, cynfulknotslut was introduced and trained in every form of sex imaginable. She not only learned to fuck and suck any and all cocks and cunts presented to her without hesitation, she also learned about humiliation, where she was taken to a public park and made to fuck Teddy even though there were people in the park, some who stopped to watch. She was taken to restaurants to eat meals dressed in outfits that continually exposed her tits and pussy. She was even made to suck off three men under the table at a busy restaurant during the lunch hour. That was one of the toughest tasks she had to endure. She learned about water sports and scat, something she totally hated and that disgusted her but she learned at the end of the riding crop that she had no choice. She learned all about electrical torture of all types and especially the sting of just about every whip, crop, cane or switch available for BDSM Play. There were a few times she thought about rebelling and refusing but that was usually short lived and got her punished. At the end of two months, Master Rob and Mistress Marta were satisfied that she was in fact trained well enough to go through the graduation ceremony.

The day of the ceremony, cynful was taken to the house and allowed to clean up. When she was done, she had her hair done, a full manicure and pedicure as well. She was dressed up in a sheer black blouse that did nothing to hide her tits. She wore a black skirt that only came down about three inches below her bare pussy. She wore sheer black thigh high stockings that ended mid thigh, leaving about four inches of bare thigh between the tops to the bottom of her skirt. She wore patent leather pumps with four inch spiked heels. Anyone standing directly in front of her could look down and see her bare pussy in the reflection. The final items she wore were a black leather collar which was both functional and decorative with faux diamonds on it. She also wore matching wrist cuffs. In short, she looked like a wet dream. Her mother was dressed in a similar outfit, only it was red.

When the time came for the ceremony, cynfulknotslut and bitchtrainer were led out to a stretch limo. Cynful sat demurely next to Master Rob and bitchtrainer sat opposite of her with Mistress Marta sitting next to her. They had been told that a major part of the ceremony would be a branding to permanently identify them as slaves belonging to their master and mistress. They were not given an option to refuse, but because of how well cynful’s training had gone they were given the choice of having something for the pain or not.

The drive to Joey’s Roadhouse and Restaurant took them the better part of an hour as they had to go up into a resort area in the mountains. When they arrived at the roadhouse at eight in the evening, the place was packed. The parking lot was full and cars were parked along side of the road for a half mile either way. Cynful looked at her mother with a faint look of fear. She knew that they would be made to do things in front of a crowd, but they didn’t expect anything this large. She began to shake a little out of nervousness.

When they arrived, the limo took them right up to the front door of the roadhouse. Master Rob and Mistress Marta got out first and made a big production of opening the door next to their slave and attaching the leash to their collar. Their wrist cuffs were connected together behind their backs, causing them to thrust out their tits. This is the way that both women were led into the restaurant. As they entered the restaurant, they were met by Joey. He looked like the typical bouncer for a bar and if they hadn’t known the real story, they would have never guessed that he was in fact the owner.

Joey saw his attraction for the grand opening getting out of the car and whistled as he saw the lovely mother and daughter led up to the entrance. He looked at Marta and Rob and said, “You two have really got yourselves two of the loveliest slaves I’ve seen recently. It’s sure obvious where cynful gets her good looks from. Bitchtrainer sure looks like she could be her sister. Go on in and find a table. I’ll take our two star attractions and have them readied.

Marta and Rob handed Joey the leashes and entered the roadhouse. Instead of turning and entering behind them, Joey led them out of the restaurant and around to a back door. When they entered the door they went down a short hallway to a room. When they entered, the room was large with lockers on either side with a bench in front of them and in the center was a row of vanity dressing tables. It looked like the typical dressing room for a strip joint. Joey led them up to a group of women who were dressed in nothing but matching black corsets that lifted their tits for display and exposed their cunts.

Joey handed the leashes to the girls and told them, “Get them ready. Cynfulknotslut is going to receive her rings, tattoos and brandings. Bitchtrainer already has her rings and is going to receive her tattoos and brandings. Make sure they are properly prepared. Their masters have decided to allow the use of local anesthetic so that the brandings won’t hurt as badly. Make sure you do it right. They don’t want this show to be about pain. If for some reason they start screaming in pain during the process, all of you will go through the same thing again without the anesthetic so get it right. When you have them ready, open the curtain and the show will begin.”

As cynful and bitchtrainer were undressed except for the stockings, collars and wrist cuffs, one of the slaves attending them came up with a tray that had several syringes and a large vial of liquid on it. She told the two, “Don’t worry. I’m a Physician’s Assistant in real life and am well trained on how to do this. You should feel privileged. Most slaves have to go through this without the aid of anesthetic. I can assure you that it is most painful, having experienced it myself. Your master and mistress must love you very much to allow you to be numbed. I will be numbing the entire area around your tits as well as your pussy and clit. I will be using Lidocaine to deaden the area. You will have to suffer through several sticks of the needle but that is much desired over the pain of the branding.

The PA spent the next few minutes injecting the areas and deadening them. When she was done, they were led to the stage. They could hear the commotion on the other side of the curtain. It sounded like there were hundreds of people on the other side. They were led up to a pair of Saint Andrew’s crosses and strapped in so that they were in an X position. Their legs however had been adjusted up so that they were almost doing the splits.

Once they were locked into the crosses, there was a brazier wheeled in and placed in front of and to the side of each of them. They had steel rods sticking down into the almost white hot coals. There was also a square container of red powder attached to each one. There was an additional cart wheeled up between the brazier and cynful that held piercing needles and rings. The attending slaves ensured everything was ready and then opened the curtains.

The scene that cynfulknotslut and bitchtrainer saw amazed and scared them. There appeared to be several hundred people in the audience. In fact there were almost four hundred. The bar and restaurant could normally hold 250 people comfortably and 300 on a crowded day. But for this they had removed the tables and set up chairs. They had set up 350 chairs and there were still a lot of people standing.

Master Joey, the white and slightly overweight Joey, went up on stage and got everyone’s attention. When the audience was finally quiet he announced, “Masters and Mistresses, welcome to the grand opening celebration of Joey’s roadhouse restaurant and bar. We have a special ceremony here tonight to celebrate. It seems we have a mother, daughter pair of slaves to be branded and tattooed tonight. The daughter will also be receiving her piercings. Afterwards they will put on a little show for us and then be available for the crowd to enjoy. Let the piercings begin.”

A loud round of applause arose as the PA that had given them the shots stepped up in front of cynful. She tweaked and pinched her left nipple until she was satisfied it was as hard and as long as it could be. She picked up a needle out of a tray of alcohol and pushed it through the nipple at the very base. She left the needle in and took a fine gold ring out of a sealed packet and inserted an end of the ring against the end of the needle and then pushed it through the new opening. When the ring was all of the way through, she snapped it shut and put a drop of liquid solder to make it permanent. She then repeated the process on her other nipple and clit. Then to cynful’s surprise, she took a curved needle and stuck it through her naval. This area hadn’t been numbed and cynful let out a short squeal of pain. The PA’s face turned white when she heard the squeal of pain. She knew that she had screwed up and forgotten to numb the area. She finished up the piercing and then removed the cart. By the time she finished, she was shaking terribly from the full body sobs.

Within a few short seconds, a couple of male slaves had come up to her and shackled her hands and suspended her from a hook at the end of a rope and lifted her up so that her feet were off of the ground. When she was thus strung up, Joey stood up and announced, “I see we are going to have a little unexpected additional pleasure this evening. Our two starlets for the evening had been granted the benefit of a pain free ceremony for their good service and exceptional training. Both of these slaves have volunteered for this and their Master and Mistress were most adamant about that. Our dear little slave doing the piercings was to have deadened all areas before they were brought out on stage and she failed her instructions. For this evening, her punishment will include being made available to you to whip and abuse as you see fit. She is to receive no pleasure this evening. Limit your whippings to no more than one stroke per person. We don’t want her permanently damaged. A table with the whips and canes will be brought out and set behind her for you to choose from. Her actual punishment will be done by her master, in conjunction with Master Rob and Mistress Marta at a later date. Now we get on with the ceremony. The Branding will be the next stage. This will be done by our slave’s master and mistress.

Marta and Rob came up to the stage. They each grabbed an iron out of the brazier and dipped it into the red powder. Then they went up to cynfulknotslut and bitchtrainer and at the exact same time pressed the red hot end perfectly centered on their left nipples. Both mother and daughter looked down in an almost detached manner as the hot iron burned into their tit flesh. When the iron was taken away, left behind was a bright red burn that perfectly went around the areola. The burn was in the form of a sun with two of its flames extending up from either side to join with a word. Bitchtrainer had ‘BITCH’ and cynfulknotslut had ‘CYNFUL’ on it.

Rob and Marta returned to the brazier and put the rod down and picked up the next one. They returned to the two slaves and branded their right tits which left a similar brand except that cynful’s mom had ‘TRAINER’ and she had ‘KNOTSLUT’ above their right tit. They then branded the edge of their vaginal lips on either side with ‘PROPERTY OF’ on one side and the name of their owner on the other. Both cynful and bitchtrainer were happy that they had been numbed up before. Neither of them could imagine what it would have felt like to have that done without that.

When they were done branding the two slaves, both Marta and Rob returned to their seats. A man came up and knelt in front of Bitchtrainer and began tattooing her around her navel. When he was done she had a red star with a sun in the center of it centered on her naval. When he stood up he told them that the tattoo was to indicate that they were organization property. He then put the same tattoo on cynful. When he was done he packed up his tools and left.

The slave girl attendees quickly went to work and removed the braziers and began to remove cynful and bitchtrainer from the crosses. When they were released they were both led to a bench that had been brought and placed at the front of the stage with it’s long axis visible to the audience. They were laid down across the long axis of the bench on either side so that their heads were side by side. Their wrists were placed behind the other’s head with the cuffs connected. A strap was then attached to the cuffs so that they couldn’t remove their hands. When they were hooked up and in position, two slaves entered leading Teddy and Jonesy were led in. They ordered the dogs to fuck bitchtrainer and cynful.

The dogs immediately rushed to their human bitch and began to lick their cunts. It didn’t take long before Teddy launched up onto cynful’s back and begin to try and sink his cock into her cunt. He was soon fucking her with abandon. Jonesy followed suit less than a minute later. Neither cynful nor her mom could feel any pleasure from the stimulation of their clit because of the numbing. However, the friction in their cuntal walls and especially when the knot was forced in and began to rub their G spots, quickly took them to a good hard cum. Bitchtrainer was the first to cum with cynful cumming a couple of minutes later.

After cynful had her second orgasm, she lifted her head up to look into her mom’s eyes. She could see the lust in them. She knew that her eyes reflected the same lust. She told her mom to kiss her. Bitchtrainer didn’t even hesitate and they began to kiss each other in an undecidedly un-motherly like mother/daughter kiss. The crowd erupted in applause as they kissed.

For the next ten minutes the two were fucked by there doggy masters. When the dogs were done, they turned around and faced outwards, ass end to ass end. The next part of the ceremony was a complete surprise to both women and the audience. Reverend Patterson, who also happened to be a member of the organization, stepped up on the side opposite of the two knotted slaves. Rob approached and took up a position on the side towards the audience and stood there. Reverend Patterson was dressed in his religious robes and Rob was dressed in nothing but a bow tie. Rob’s best friend was standing next to him holding a pillow with a gold ring with a large half carat diamond on it surrounded by chipped emeralds.

The reverend announced, “Masters and Mistresses. Tonight we have a special addition to the ceremony that has been requested by Master Rob. Cynfulknotslut and Master Rob have known each other for a couple of years and developed a loving relationship. Master Rob had decided to turn away from the organization in order to pursue the relationship as is permitted for the sons and daughters of masters and mistresses. Due to circumstances beyond either of their control, cynful was forced to decide to either become a slave to an organization member or become the crack whore of a bookie to pay off her brother’s gambling debt. She was given the choice and she willingly agreed to become a slave of the Coch Organization, not knowing who her master would be. Master Rob had agreed to take possession of a slave to take to his medical school with him at the request of the organization. When they both found out who the other was, their love for each other was strengthened and Master Rob promised to marry cynful when she completed her slave training. Cynful has successfully completed everything in record time and is one of the most skillful and lustful slaves to come into the organization.”

Both bitchtrainer and cynfulknotslut were looking at each other with a mix of lust and surprise on their faces. Both had dreamed of how Cynthia’s wedding would be but this definitely didn’t come anywhere near their wildest dreams. The smile on their faces though, indicated that neither cared and bitchtrainer whispered to cynful, “It only seems fitting that you be married with a dog’s knot stuck in us considering the life we have chosen. Congratulations you sexy bitch.”

Reverend Patterson continued saying, “As you know, in real life I am a reverend and am licensed to perform weddings. This is an undecidedly non religious ceremony so in coordination with the organization council and with their approved blessing, we have created a ceremony befitting the marriage of a master to his slave.”

He begins the ceremony and speaks directly to Cynthia saying, “Cynthia Palmer, now known as cynfulknotslut. Do you take as your husband and master, Robert Billinger? To submit and obey his every order without hesitation or reservation?”

Cynfulknotslut didn’t even hesitate and answered with a groan of pleasure, “I do.”

The reverend continued, “And do you cynfulknotslut accept Teddy as your canine master and willingly submit to his every carnal desire?”

Cynful quickly responded with and “I DOOOoooooooooo” as she tripped over the edge into an orgasm as she said it. It sounded remarkably like a dog howling when she said it and the audience laughed and applauded.

The reverend then looked at Rob and asked, “And you, Rob Billinger. Do you take cynfulknotslut as your wife and slave? Do you promise to ensure her continual submission to you and to any master or mistress in the Coch Organization and accept Teddy as her canine master and your family pet?

Rob smiled and answered, “I do”.

The reverend then said, “It’s time for the ring”.

Rob went up to cynful’s ass and straddled Teddy. He lined up his rampant cock with her asshole and sank it in to the hilt. The best man went to her mother’s ass and did the same to her. When they were fully seated in mother and daughter’s asshole, the best man leaned forward and held out the pillow holding the ring toward Rob. Rob took the ring and reached down and placed the ring on cynful’s left ring finger.

When Rob stood back up the reverend announced, “I now pronounce you husband and master and wife and slave. You may fuck the bride.”

Rob began to fuck into cynful with all of the love and passion that he had. Cynful began cumming almost immediately when he started thrusting and continued to cum continuously until he came in her ass. It was the happiest moment in cynful’s life. She was now married to her true love. Definitely not the type of wedding she had dreamed of as a little girl but under the circumstances it was the most perfect ceremony for her. She was married to both Master Rob and Teddy now. She had tears of happiness streaming down her eyes.

When Rob finally came in her ass, he waited until his best man finished. When they pulled out, they pulled out together. They grabbed the collars of the two dogs and ordered ‘heel’. They walked off to the side of the stage. Rob handed Teddy to his best man and walked back onto the stage. He announced, “I would like to thank all of you for coming tonight and joining in our little surprise wedding. I hope you enjoyed the entertainment preceding the wedding. You have the rest of the night until closing, which I am told is three in the morning, to enjoy yourselves with my new slave and her mother. Please refrain from playing with the newly branded tits as I do not want them to be damaged.”

The crowd erupted into applause and soon people were lining up behind mother and daughter. At first they were fucked one at a time in their cunt or ass. Then some of them started stepping up and having them suck them off while another was fucking them. The attending slaves rolled out a cart with a variety of strap on dildos on them for the mistresses to use. The PA hanging towards the side of the stage was being whipped one time by every master or mistress that came up to fuck one of the women. Her screams punctuated the counterpoints of cynful’s and bitchtrainer’s moans and screams of pleasure.

After about a half hour, cynful and bitchtrainer were released from the benches and were then triple fucked. The wedding had been completed a little after ten thirty. For the next four and a half hours, mother and daughter were fucked repeatedly. Unfortunately the pain shots numbing the branded areas began to wear off after the first couple of hours. They were both given a shot of morphine to keep the pain at bay until they were done.

At two forty five in the morning, Joey announced the fifteen minute warning and the last remaining few masters and mistresses began to leave. When the doors were finally closed, the owner Joey and Rob went up to the women and saw that they were covered in cum but had a blissful smile on their face as they lay there in exhaustion. Joey ordered the attendant slaves to clean them up.

Three slaves got down around each of them and began licking and sucking all of the cum off of cynful and bitchtrainer. After they were sure all of the cum on the women and the floor was gone, two of the slaves helped each one of them up and helped them into the showers. The third slave washed them both inside and out as the other two held them up. When they were cleaned up, they were dressed back up in the clothes they came in and taken back out. The slaves helped the two thoroughly sated and exhausted women out of the dressing room to the back door where cynful was helped into a limo with Master Rob. Bitchtrainer was helped into a van and after the rest of the slaves were loaded up, Joey took them all home. As a reward to bitchtrainer for a job well done, Marta had given her two weeks with Master Joey. Over the next two weeks, Master Joey allowed bitchtrainer to punish the slave attendants for the pain that cynful experienced during her piercing.

The limo with Master Rob, Teddy and cynfulknotslut dropped them off at a remote cabin in the woods that was owned by the organization. Rob’s dad, who happened to be on the organization council, loaned him his cabin the organization allowed him to use because he was a council member. They spent the next two weeks enjoying themselves in every way imaginable before they made the trip to school when they returned.

Cynfulknotslut was inspired by a suggestion from knotaslut

Stay tuned for Rob and cynful’s experiences at
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Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 5, Best of Breed
By redlegtiger

Cynthia and Rob lay in bed staring into each other’s eyes with love and adoration for each other. They had been going at it like the newly weds they were for the last 24 hours. Between Rob and Teddy, she had had sex at least every couple of hours. She was a bit sore from the ceremony the night before and all of the activity, but it was a good sore. Rob was happy and that was all that was important to her.

They had been lying like that for a while when Rob said, “God you are beautiful my pet. You couldn’t have made me more proud of you with the way you handled your graduation ceremony and the wedding. I just want to show all of the other masters how perfect you are. They would all be so jealous after seeing you perform. What would you think about doing something like that to show off your beauty and your skills?”

Cynthia brought her hand up to caress Rob’s face as she continued to stare into his eyes with love and answered, “You know that my only purpose in life is to make you happy with me. If it would make you happy for me to do something like that, then it would be my pleasure to do it for you.”

Rob explained what he had in mind saying, “Weekend after next, there is a dog and slave show. There are three categories that are evaluated and awarded and there is a special award for the overall winner. They call it “Best of Breed”. The three categories that they evaluate you and your dog on are grooming, form and freestyle. Grooming is all about presentation and that my dear is something that you and Teddy will surely win. Form is an evaluation of how you and Teddy react to a given set of basic commands such as heel, present, suck and fuck. The freestyle part of the show is just that. You get to decide how to put on a show for the audience. You of course will be awarded for originality and level of erotic arousal. Is that something you think that you could do?”

Cynthia quietly said, “You know I will if you want me to.”

Rob sighed in frustration and said, “I am giving you the option to choose or not. This is something that I will not force you in to doing. So tell me what you want to do. I want you to be happy and will not force you to do this even though it would make me happy for you to do it. So please tell me what YOU want to do.”

Cynthia grinned at Rob for the love and respect that he was showing her by allowing her to choose. She answered, “Three months ago I had to make a decision. I could either end up being a crack whore to pay off my brother’s debt or I could become a slave to a master and get to be a veterinarian. When I was making that decision, I decided that there was really only one option. I decided that I would devote myself to making my master the happiest man or mistress in the world. When I found out it was you, that just made me doubly sure of my decision. Knowing that you would be happy if I did this show for you is all I need for me to say yes. Because making you happy is all that is necessary for me to be happy. So call whoever you have to and tell them you have a dog and slave to participate in the competition. Then tell me what Master Teddy and I should do to get ready for the show.”

Rob began to caress her cheeks and stroke her hair. He said, “Knowing that you have given yourself so fully to me makes me happier than you will ever know. I will call in the morning and make the arrangements for you and Teddy to participate in the competition. Bitchtrainer has been training Teddy for this during the times you were separated over the last three months. He knows exactly what to do and how to do it. You have also been trained on all of the basics. All we need to do is have you two work together and get use to each other and come up with a show for the freestyle part of the competition. We’ll also need to decide on how to groom you and Teddy for the competition. You have the prettiest red hair and I think you should do something to highlight that and draw attention to it. We will of course connect your clit and nipple rings with a decorative gold chain and we’ll get something ornamental to put on the rings to draw attention to them as well. Now why don’t you do something about Rob junior here and then climb aboard, I’m feeling like having a little more fun.”

Cynfulknotslut rolled over and nuzzled Rob’s cock and then sucked it into her mouth. She sucked a few times and then pulled off creating a loud pop from the suction as the cock came out of her mouth. She proceeded to lick and nibble with her lips up and down the sides of his cock. When it was half way hard she took it back into her mouth and began to work the entire length into her throat. She proceeded to deep throat his cock until he was fully hard. When she felt that he wasn’t going to get any harder she moved up and straddled his waist, grabbed his cock and guided it into her opening. When she felt the tip enter her wet cunt, she pushed down all of the way until she had taken it all in. She leaned forward, mashing her tits into his chest and kissed Rob with all of the passion one would expect of a new husband and wife on their honeymoon.

After a few moments of dueling tongues with cynful, Rob broke the kiss and said, “God I love you my lovely cynfulknotslut. But we need one more thing to make this perfect. TEDDY…… FUCK.”

Teddy, who had been curled up in the corner with his head on his paws watching, immediately got up, stretched and bounded up onto the bed. He immediately began to lick cynful’s and Rob’s joined cock and cunt and up to her asshole. He did that for a couple of minutes as Cynful rocked gently up and down on the turgid shaft. Finally Teddy’s cock had extended out enough and he launched himself up onto Cynful’s back. She reached back and grabbed his cock and guided it to her anal rosebud. She let out a grunt of pain when he forced his cock into the constricted orifice. It entered halfway on the first thrust and Teddy repositioned himself forward and then pushed in again. The second thrust pushed the cock in up to his knot which was just beginning to swell. She relaxed her ass as much as she could and on the next thrust his cock sank in past his knot. He repositioned forward one more time and began a rapid machinegun like fucking into her ass. He had been at it less than a minute before she began to cum. She screamed out her orgasm into Rob’s mouth.

The duel fucking cynfulknotslut was getting kept driving her orgasm higher and longer. She would just begin to come down when she would launch into another. For five minutes Teddy fucked her over and over while she came time and time again. Finally Teddy began to cum with Rob cumming before Teddy finished. She felt the warmth spread through her ass and belly causing her to come so hard that she passed out onto Rob’s chest. She was so exhausted that she fell into a deep sleep and wasn’t aware of when Teddy or Rob pulled out. She wasn’t even aware when Rob got out of bed and came back with a bowl of warm water and a rag which he used to clean her up with. When he was done he put the bowl and rag up and returned to bed and curled up next to his beautiful wife and slave and went to sleep.

The next morning when they woke up, Rob made all of the necessary calls to sign Teddy and cynfulknotslut up for ‘Coch’s Annual Interspecies Exhibition’ or CANINE for short. This was an annual event that was put on by the Coch Organization to allow masters to show off their slaves’ talents with multiple species. Some were kennel operators and slave trainers that were looking to attract new customers. The competition included slaves competing with dogs, Horses and many other animals. The catch was that a slave could only compete with one type of animal each year. There were awards for ‘Best of Canine’, ‘Best of Equine’, ‘Best of Bovine’ and ‘Best of Alternative Animals’. The overall award of course was ‘Best of Breed for Show’. The evaluation of the slave and their animal partner included 25 points for grooming, 25 points for form and 50 points for the Freestyle exhibition for a total of 100 points. If there ended up being a tie for first, the contestants then had to do their opponents freestyle exhibition as the tie breaker. The slave that does the best with the others original freestyle performance is the winner.

After all of the appropriate phone calls were made, Rob went out into the large space in front of the cabin and marked off the dimensions of the arena. For the rest of the week until Friday, he put Teddy and cynfulknotslut through the form requirements. The first couple of days that they entered the marked off area with Teddy leading and cynful in the heel position, she wasn’t positioned exactly right. The heel position was to be on the right side of the dog on all fours and halfway back. When cynful moved too slow or Teddy too fast then she fell back out of position. This earned cynful ten swats with the crop. Once Teddy and cynful became use to each other they developed a steady gate that allowed them to easily maintain the proper position to each other.

After getting the heel position down pat, Teddy and Cynful began to work on the proper form for display. Teddy was to stand with his front legs straight and his hind legs slightly to the rear with his head up and to the front. He would be holding in his mouth, the leash that was attached to Cynful’s collar. Cynful’s position was to be on all fours with her arms straight down, shoulder width apart. Her knees positioned shoulder width apart and her thighs going straight down front to back. Her back was to be slightly bowed so that her ass was slightly elevated to fully expose her asshole and cunt. Her head was to be held straight up with her eyes looking straight ahead proudly so that her breasts were fully exposed to a frontal view. When she didn’t immediately move into the proper position, she was cropped on her tits or her thighs ten times. Initially she was cropped on both her thighs and tits but soon was getting it on one or the other as she improved. She and Teddy practiced hours on end until they were able to get it right 50 times in a row. By the end of the first couple of days, both her ass and tits were red and burning. By Wednesday however, she was moving immediately into the proper position when they moved up into the present station in front of the judge’s panel.

During the evenings they discussed the types of things they could and couldn’t do for the freestyle portion of the competition. For the freestyle, additional animals of the species category you were competing in could be brought in to participate in the show as well as additional slaves. The difficult part was coming up with something unique. It was Friday afternoon before they decided on exactly the show that they would do but it would require some extra training for Teddy. Saturday, they packed up and went to Marta’s Kennels and cynful explained her idea to Mistress Marta. They all agreed that it was a good plan and cynful spent the rest of the week with Teddy and her mom perfecting the act.

While they were training, Rob purchased a special set of cunt and nipple ring ornaments that looked like little bow ties with a very small bell that hung from them. When shaken, the bells made just enough sound to make someone think they were hearing bells but couldn’t be quite sure. The bow of the ornaments clipped tightly to the ring and was made of silver with a chip emerald on each side of the bow. The bell was made of gold. There was a fine gold chain that connected the three together. He also bought a bright red see through teddy that left the tits and cunt exposed and had a red cape with hood that went along with it.

Friday night before the competition they loaded up all of the dogs and the slaves that would participate in the competition and traveled to Cochville, a town that bore the name of the founder of the Coch Organization. The competition began midmorning Saturday morning so everyone went to bed early. Cynful and bitchtrainer were up at three a.m. so that they could fix her hair and get her prepared for the show. Three hours later at six a.m. they finished with her hair and makeup. Her red shoulder length hair now fluffed out and was extremely full. She had green ribbons on either side that matched the green of the emeralds in the ring ornaments. For the grooming and form part of the show, she would wear nothing else.

At six thirty a.m. Rob loaded cynful and bitchtrainer into the car and departed for the show hall where the competition would be held. The rest of the dogs, slaves and props for the freestyle part of the competition were to arrive at noon. When they arrived at the hall they immediately went up to the registration desk to pick up the schedule of events. There were several slaves ahead of them, several of which looked like they had just been freshly whipped and were crying. Cynful didn’t think that they would be much competition if they had to be punished like that to participate.

Shortly after they got in line a hush came over the registration area and all eyes seemed to turn toward the entrance. When cynful turned around she saw a statuesque, black haired beauty walk in being led by a beautifully groomed German Shepherd. The woman was about 5’ 10” and weighed maybe 130 pounds. She had firm 36C tits with quarter sized areoles and half inch nipples the size of small raspberries. Her tits were definitely real and they didn’t sag one bit. Her waist was about 23 inches and her hips about 34 inches. She stood very regally and like cynful, she didn’t have a mark on her. Cynful turned back toward Rob with a look of apprehension on her face but didn’t say anything.

Rob saw how apprehensive cynful was and he leaned in and said, “That’s slutroweena. She was last years ‘Best of Breed’ winner and she is going to be your stiffest competition. Don’t worry though. You are much more beautiful than she is and your freestyle performance will knock her right out of the competition. Just relax and do your best.”

Cynful answered, “Yes master. She is beautiful though.”

They were at the registration desk then and picked up their kennel assignment and their time for the Grooming and Form part of the competition. They would be going on at 10:10 a.m. right before slutroweena who was scheduled for 10:20. After registering they departed the registration desk and went to their assigned kennel.

They walked down the row of kennels until they found one with a sign that said;

Teddy and cynfulknotslut
owned by
Master Rob Billinger

Cynful entered the kennel which was about five feet wide by ten feet deep. There was an elevated area that took up the back four feet of the kennel that was intended for the slaves and dogs to position themselves for display. As soon as they were in the kennel, cynful began to groom Teddy to put the final touches on him. Bitchtrainer did the same for her. Finally they were ready for the grooming and form part of the competition. They went up the steps to the display area and she knelt on the left side so that anyone going by the kennel would see her from the side. Teddy took up his place on the right side and faced cynful. They both took up the display position as they had been trained and spent the next hour and ten minutes on display for anyone wanting to come by and look at the contestants. Many masters and mistresses came by and cynful’s confidence began to grow as she heard them saying how beautiful she and Teddy were. She even heard a few say that they thought she had a chance to take ‘Best of Breed’ if she performed as well as she looked.

At 10 a.m., Master Rob came in and took a minute to do a little touch up and then had them get down with Teddy holding cynful’s leash in her mouth. He then led them to the entrance to the display arena. Cynful immediately noticed that it was exactly like the one they had set up for them to practice on at Mistress Marta’s. Master Rob said and then commanded, “Good luck you two. Teddy… Showtime”

Teddy and Cynful immediately entered the arena at the pace they had trained. Cynful stayed in perfect heel position as they went along the back picket fence that marked the edge of the arena. Cynful’s tits swayed and caused the bells to ring. Cynful heard a few people in the audience ask their neighbor if they heard bells. The typical response she heard back was that they had to be imagining things. Her chain that connected the ornaments swung back and forth and reflected light off of it adding to the beauty of the display. They turned left at the far side and traveled halfway up to the front side of the arena and then turned left heading back toward the side they entered. When they were in the center of the arena, they turned right and went up an inclined ramp that took them to a display platform. As soon as they reached the center of the display platform, Teddy stopped and he and cynful took up the display position.

There were three judges and they immediately got up and approached the dog and slave duo. They checked the grooming of both Teddy and Cynful going down a checklist. They had already made marks on their form as they entered the arena. Cynful was nervous but kept perfectly still as she had trained. One of the judges reached under cynful and pinched her nipple trying to get her to break form. She didn’t flinch or jerk at the unexpected contact. Even as the pinch got harder and more painful, she didn’t move. Just as she thought she could take no more, she felt her nipple released.

Just as her nipple was released, she felt a finger being pushed into her asshole. At the same time she felt her clit being pinched. Again the pinching started out as pleasurable, and when combined with the finger fucking her asshole, she started racing toward orgasm. Cynful started thinking of anything she could to keep from getting too excited and cumming as she knew that would cause her to lose points. The manipulation of her clit and ass continued and she felt her excitement getting higher and higher. It had been going on for two minutes when they finally stopped.

The next thing that happened was a hard slap on the ass. It was quite painful and she almost screamed out in pain but clenched her teeth tightly together to keep from it. To anyone looking on they would think she didn’t even react which was exactly what the judges were looking for. Any reaction would have been a mark off. They slapped her ass and then her tits several times trying to get her to move. Finally the time was up and they returned to the judges’ seats. The head judge announced, “Judging Completed”.

Teddy and cynful turned to the left to head off of the exit ramp to the left. They maintained the perfect position as they headed to the side of the arena, turned left and returned to the entrance. As they entered the doorway, cynful saw slutroweena waiting as she had been before. Rob was taking them back to the kennel area when cynful looked back and saw that slutroweena’s master was leading the dog onto the arena instead of the dog doing it on its own. Cynful smiled inwardly as she knew that they had just lost five points off of their score because of it.

When they got back to the kennel, cynful immediately took up the slave’s question position and waited for Rob to recognize her. He had been approached by a couple of masters and mistresses that were congratulating him on her performance. Several even offered to buy her from him for ten thousand dollars. He of course steadfastly refused. Finally they left and when Rob turned around he saw she wanted to say something. He said, “It seems as if you’ve made quite the first impression my beautiful slut. You did absolutely perfectly. I don’t think they can take any points off of you. I am very proud of you. Speak freely.”

Cynful looked at Rob and said, “Master my love, slutroweena’s canine master was led into the arena by her master. I saw them just before we left the staging area. Doesn’t that mean an automatic five point deduction?”

Master Rob was extremely pleased to hear that report. He answered, “It sure does. I bet that you are in the lead then. Didn’t I tell you that you had nothing to fear? Now get back up on the display until lunch time. I will allow you to take an hour break during lunch and will give you and Teddy a very special treat for lunch.”

Cynful immediately went up to the display platform of the kennel and took up her position that she had been in before. More masters and mistresses were coming by now than had previously. Most were remarking on how perfectly they had performed. Bitchtrainer was standing at the front of the kennel to answer any questions from the masters or mistresses while Master Rob was watching the competition. Many were interested in finding out who had trained Teddy and cynful and when they found out that she had been the trainer and belonged to Mistress Marta at Marta’s Kennels, they began taking down information. Bitchtrainer already had several orders for dogs from the kennel and she had actually had a couple of masters arrange for slaves to be trained by Marta’s Kennels.

Just before lunch, Master Rob came back to the kennel and cynful couldn’t tell whether he was happy or not. He allowed Teddy and cynful to come down off of the display platform so they could relax. When she was down to the doggy pad she knelt and looked at Rob. He handed her a piece of paper that had the standings. She was in first place with a perfect score in both form and grooming. One other slave had 48 points which she lost due to the dog getting skittish during the display portion of the judging. Slutroweena was in fifth place with a score of 45 points. She had lost the five points because her master led the dog in but otherwise was perfect. When she looked back up at Master Rob, she saw that he was happier than he had seen him since the wedding.

Master Rob told her, “You were absolutely the best out there this morning. Everyone is saying that if you have a good freestyle performance that you are a shoe in for ‘Best of Breed’. And having seen your freestyle I think you’ll walk away with it all. Now here is some raw steak I cut up for Teddy and some barbecue chicken for you with a dish of chocolate ice cream for desert. I know that is your favorite ice cream. You definitely deserved a treat after that performance. I love you cyn.”

Cynful beamed in happiness at hearing Rob tell her he loved her. She answered back, “Thank you master. I love you too.”

Rob left them to enjoy their lunch and to relax for the lunch hour. Cynful and Teddy enjoyed their lunch and then curled up for a short rest on the doggy pad. Their freestyle performance was scheduled for three to three thirty. Cynful laid there thinking through her freestyle performance. She hoped that it went as well as it had in practice the last few times.

Cynfulknotslut was able to actually nap for about an hour after she had lunch. When Rob came back to the kennel at one thirty, she and Teddy were curled up together asleep. Rob wished he could let them sleep but he knew that she needed to wake up and go over everything one more time with all of the participants for her freestyle performance, all of which had just arrived with the extra dogs.

Ten minutes after she was awakened by Rob, the two Master Joeys arrived with four male and two female dogs. Cynful immediately noticed that a female dog was missing and she had wanted three of them to make the performance perfect. She asked, “What happened to Princess? She was supposed to be here too.”

Her mother, bitchtrainer immediately answered, “Princess was bought last night after you left. The owner wanted to take immediate custody and wouldn’t wait. Don’t worry. I have an alternative that I think you will like.”

Cynful’s mother then explained what she had in mind and cynful readily agreed as she felt it would improve what was already a great show. She hugged her mother and thanked her for being there for her. They spent the next hour talking through everyone’s responsibility during the performance. At two thirty, the three masters went to be sure that the slaves were ready to rush in the props for cynful’s freestyle performance. Cynful looked at her mother and said, “I’m so nervous. I hope I can get through this without screwing it up.”

Bitchtrainer came over to cynful and wrapped her arms around her daughter and reassured her saying, “I know you will do a wonderful job. You have always excelled at whatever you put your mind to. I guarantee you will get a standing ovation from the audience. The couple of performances that I’ve seen this afternoon fall way short of the one you have planned. Let’s hope the rest are the same as they have been. Now relax and let’s get you ready.”

They spent the next fifteen minutes dressing cynful up in the red teddy and red cape. Both had been modified by having the seams weakened. Her long red hair was put up in pig tails on the side. She also put colorful red ribbons on each pig tail. She then put on red mesh nylons and red pumps with four inch heels. With the cape on she looked like a girl of fourteen or fifteen. But without the cape she looked every bit the almost 19 year old beauty that she was. At ten minutes to three they went to the entrance to the arena to wait for her name to be called to start her thirty minute performance.

Cynful watched the slave that was performing before her. She was surprised that the slave was only having sex with one dog and her master. It was an exciting and erotic performance but was uninspiring. This was the slave that was in second place to cynful. Cynful’s confidence in the quality of what she had planned grew exponentially. She wouldn’t be able to see slutroweena’s performance but hoped that it was no more inspiring than the one that was being done at the moment.

Finally the judge’s called time. The slave girl performing was still locked on her dog’s knot. It was another four minutes before he pulled out and she could leave. That ensured that she wouldn’t be any competition to cynful because of the penalties for going over the time limit. That was a big no, no. Five points off for each minute over the thirty minute time limit resulted in twenty minutes being taken off her overall score. Cynful was excited and knew that she had a better than even chance of winning now.

It was about five minutes after the previous competitor had left the arena when they announced cynful’s and Teddy’s name. Cynful hesitated just a moment as the slaves ran in with the props and positioned them. Teddy went in with the slaves and took up his position at what looked like a large log which was in reality a padded bench that had Styrofoam added to it that was painted so that it looked like a real log. Thirty seconds after their names had been announced, cynful began skipping into the arena carrying a picnic basket in her red outfit. She looked just like little red riding hood, which was exactly the effect that she was going for.

As cynful approached the center of the arena, there were trees that defined a path between them. The trees were like any painted stage tree that you might see in a high school play but they gave the impression that they were in a forest going down a path. As she skipped down the path she began to sing, “Over the hills and through the woods, to grandmother’s house I go. Dreaming of all of the goodies I’ll get, while listning to stories she knows.”

It was just as she said ‘knows’ that she came even with the log and Teddy jumped into the path facing her and crouched down, growling at her as if he was going to attack. Cynful abruptly stopped and brought her free hand to her mouth and announced fearfully, “Oh no, it’s the big bad wolf”.

Teddy rushed up to her and launched himself up so that his front legs were on cynful’s shoulders and he was looking into her eyes. She made herself shake like she was afraid and said loudly for the audience, “My, what big eyes you have. What big ears and what big teeth you have.” She looked down where Teddy’s cock was beginning to protrude and cynful said as sultrily and sexily as she could, “Ooooh what a big cock you have mister wolf. What do you want of me mister Wolf?”

Teddy let out a long howling noise that made it sound like he was talking in some kind of alien language. Cynful answered the noise with a statement so that the audience could picture in their minds what he said by saying, “You want to claim me for your bitch? Oh no mister wolf, I could never do that.”

Teddy again let out a long howling speaking noise and cynful said, “No… no… no…, you can’t do that mister wolf. Please don’t eat grandma. She has done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve to be eaten.”

Teddy again howled in the speaking type noise and cynful answered, “Oh god no mister wolf. I’m a virgin and want to wait to give my cherry to my husband.”

The audience laughed at what cynful said and the way she said it. Teddy again howled but this time when he stopped, he bent his head down and bit down on the collar of the little red teddy that cynful was wearing. When he had a good hold of it he dropped down to all fours and pulled back ripping the teddy at the weakened seams. Cynful’s front was bared, exposing her perfect eighteen year old tits with the ornamental clit and nipple rings.

When Teddy began to rip the teddy cynful was wearing she acted like she was panicked and pulled back away from Teddy. She took a step back and then acted like she tripped and fell down on her ass screaming. She acted like she was struggling and got on all fours to get up only to have Teddy attack again. He quickly ran up beside her and bit down on the collar of the red cape she was wearing and pulled back, ripping the cape and the remainder of the teddy off of cynful, leaving her naked. Cynful at that point was yelling like she was in mortal fear, “No… no… no… I don’t want to be your bitch. I don’t want to be raped.”

Teddy barked and got in front of her growling and then making the howling sound again. Cynful had enough acting experience from high school to be able to make her self cry. She turned her tears on and cried out, “But I don’t want to be a wolf’s bitch. I’m not a wolf.”

Teddy came up to her growling and snarling and actually nipped cynful on the shoulder. Cynful let out a yelp of pain as the nip pinched her hard. To the audience it looked like Teddy was really attacking cynful which was the effect they wanted. He backed away from cynful and howled that mournful talking howl again. Cynful pushed the picnic basket toward Teddy and said crying, “Here mister wolf. Please don’t hurt me. Take the basket and leave me alone please.”

Teddy went to her ass and began nipping her ass cheeks. He had been trained to make it look like he was driving her toward the log bench. He continued this until she was laid over the log. When she was in position, Teddy went back to the picnic basket and put his nose under the basket lid and opened it. He stuck his snout in and when he pulled it out he had a small dildo in his mouth. He shook his head no vigorously and dropped the dildo beside the basket. He did that two more times, pulling out a larger dildo and a butt plug. On the fourth try he pulled out a large, white, ten inch dildo that had a band of holes around the circumference about three inches from the tip. At the flat end of the dildo was a large button. What the audience couldn’t see was that the holes around the dildo were for pins to be pushed out. The knob on the bottom was designed to be twisted in order to set a spring. Once the pins were pulled inside the dildo and had been set by twisting the knob, all that it took to release the pins was for the knob on the tail end of the dildo to be pushed hard. When the pins were released they would quickly stab out through the holes and then retract. The idea was for the dildo to cause her pain as if she was really loosing her cherry and then leave a little tell tale trace of blood.

Teddy had picked up the dildo with his teeth at the base so that about six inches were sticking out to the left of his snout. He went up to cynful and stood so that the dildo was at cynful’s mouth. She at first didn’t do a thing but when he growled she opened her mouth and he pushed the dildo in once and then twice and finally a third time. After the third time he went behind cynful and lined the head of the dildo with her cunt and he pushed it into her cunt. As he had been trained to do, he made it look like it was hard to get the dildo into her cunt, even though it would have normally just slid in easily. When the dildo was about three inches in he let go and went to her back. Cynful had to clamp down on the dildo with her cunt muscles to keep it from falling out. He lowered his head down and put the end of the dildo that had the knob against his forehead and pushed hard as he had been trained. The extra tension caused the spring loaded pins to release and push them in to cynful’s vaginal walls.

Cynfulknotslut let out a truly pain filled scream as the pins punctured her. The pain was short lived as the pins were released and then immediately withdrawn back into the dildo. Teddy continued to push the dildo into the hilt. Once it was forced all of the way into her, he gripped the end with his teeth and pulled it out. The dildo was covered with blood and the audience gasped in surprise and some said to no one in particular, “She was a virgin.”

Teddy dropped the dildo and launched himself up onto cynful’s back. She made it look like she was struggling but she was in fact trying to line up her cunt with his cock without using her hands. They were less than five minutes into the performance when Teddy sank his cock into cynful’s wet cunt. Teddy fucked her cunt for a couple of minutes and then began to howl as he came. During the whole time he was fucking, cynful was crying out ‘no… no… no…’.

As Teddy began to cum, cynful also launched into a good cum and screamed out her pleasure saying, “Oh my god mister wolf, I’m cumminggggg………”

After cynful calmed down a few short seconds later, Teddy made a howling mournful moaning sound that sounded like he said, “Call me Master Teddy”.

Cynful answered, “You want me to call you Master Teddy?”

Teddy let out a little affirmative yip.

Cynful responded dejectedly, “Yes Master Teddy.”

At that time there was a loud noise as the two Master Joeys and Master Rob entered the wooded area. The big black Joey was leading two large German Shepherds while the white Joey and Rob were each leading large Great Danes.

Teddy made a mournful howling noise and cynful looked at the direction of the hunters and announced for all to hear, “Please don’t let the hunter’s dogs fuck me too. I’m not a bitch.”

Teddy howled again and the dogs the three men were leading in started pulling on the leashes. Teddy had turned ass end to ass end with cynful and howled again. This time cynful said, “Oh great hunters of the forest. ‘Sob… sob’ Master ‘Sob… sob’ Teddy asks ‘Sob… sob’ that you please ‘Sob… sob’ let his brothers ‘Sob… sob’ enjoy his new bitch. ‘Sob… sob… sob’.

The crying looked so real that the audience was actually buying into the performance. The hunters released the four dogs as Teddy howled again with cynful interpreting, “Master Teddy ‘Sob… sob’ asks that you enjoy ‘Sob… sob’ his other bitches ‘Sob… sob’ while his brothers ‘Sob… sob’ are enjoying themselves ‘Sob… sob’ with his new bitch.”

At that point cynful’s naked mother came in leading two bitches toward the hunters. Cynful acted surprised at seeing her mother leading two shepherd bitches in and she yelled, “Mom…… what are you doing here??????”
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Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 5, Best of Breed Continued
By redlegtiger

That was the last thing that cynful said as one of the dogs launched himself up onto cynful’s back with his cock poking at her mouth. When cynful had exclaimed her recognition of her mother and while the four new dogs went to fuck cynful she announced for all to hear, “Yes my daughter. You are now the bitch of the wolf god, Master Teddy. When I was your age he made me his bitch like he is making you his bitch. You are just another of the Palmer bitches to become Master Teddy’s bitch. How can a dog or wolf live long enough to enslave several generations of us you ask? The short answer is that he is a god. He is god of all of the wolves. Just as he has done for centuries, he will make you his bitch like he did me, your grandmother and her mother before her and so on. Before the day is done one of the huntsman will fuck you and put a baby in your womb. It will be a girl when it is born and she too will become a bitch to Master Teddy when she is of age. That is how it has been for generations and will continue to be.”

Cynful took the cock that had been forced into her mouth as she felt another cock being forced up her ass hole. The remaining two dogs, the Great Danes, had been trained to put their paws onto cynful’s shoulders from either side so that she could reach under the dogs and grab their cocks. She started masturbating the two dogs letting the bench and her knees support her full weight. She was quite the sight with one dog tied to her facing ass end to ass end, one dog fucking her ass hole, one dog fucking her mouth and a dog being jacked off in each hand. Cynful was putting on a tremendous act and was enjoying every minute of it.

While Cynful was listening and now getting thoroughly fucked, the three masters began to fuck the two German Shepherd bitches and bitchtrainer. Rob was the one that got to fuck cynful’s mom. All three of them had been jacking off while they were waiting for their cue to enter the arena so it didn’t take long for the three of them to cum. Trainer bitch turned around and sucked each of the masters clean. She had saved the big black ex slave and now Master Joey for last and after she had him cleaned she sucked him until he was hard.

The judge had just announced the fifteen minute warning as Teddy pulled out. The big black Joey stood there with his thirteen inch long hard cock, looking like he wanted desperately to fuck cynful. While the dog was fucking her ass, he walked up and began fucking her cunt with his huge cock.

The crowd was going wild now and was chanting encouragement to the actors in the arena. The dog came that was in cynful’s mouth and he trotted over to the picnic basket and lay down waiting for his master to finish when he was done. The two bitches had been well trained and when they saw the male leave cynful, leaving her mouth open they both trotted up to her and backed their asses to her. Cynful began to lick up the cum that was leaking out of their cunts, alternating between them.

At the ten minute warning, the dog in her ass began cumming. Joey followed shortly thereafter. Cynful sucked on one bitch and then the other until they were both clean. Finally the two dogs she was jacking off began to cum all over her sides and tits as the judges called out the five minute warning. Her mother had backed up to her and forced her cunt against cynful’s mouth. Cynful dutifully sucked the cum from her and only stopped when the two minute warning was given.

Teddy let out a long mournful howl and cynful interpreted, “Master Teddy thanks you for letting your dogs play with his new bitch and hopes that you enjoyed his bitches. He looks forward to his next encounter with you. Farewell.”

Teddy begins heading toward the arena exit with cynful following in the perfect heel position. Then big Joey took the leash of all of the dogs and led them out while bitchtrainer, the other two masters and some other slaves began to clear the stage floor in a well rehearsed manner.

Just as they were nearing the arena exit, there was the sound of a crying baby that could be heard through out the hall. Cynful, always being quick on her feet took advantage and yelled out, “OH MASTER TEDDY, ITS A GIRL. IT’S ANOTHER PALMER TO BECOME YOUR BITCH AND CONTINUE THE LINE”

Teddy let out a loud and long cheerful howl just as the judge’s yelled time and they stepped out of the arena through the doors. The audience erupted into a loud and sustained cheer. The applause went on and on for ages and finally one of the handlers indicated for cynful and Teddy to go back out into the arena. When they did the cheers and applause got louder and everyone stood up, giving them the first ever standing ovation in the shows history. Finally the applause died down and cynful left with Teddy out through the arena doors. Cynful saw slutroweena looking at her with tears of sadness streaming down her cheeks as she walked past. Slutroweena knew that her freestyle performance wasn’t anything close to what cynful had just done and knew her master would be disappointed in her. Cynful just knew from that look that she had won. Her performance had gone perfectly and ended exactly on time. She almost felt sorry for slutroweena.

Cynful went to her kennel area where she found Rob, Mistress Marta and a lot of other masters and mistresses that she didn’t recognize. They were soon joined by the two Master Joeys and bitchtrainer. When they were all there, Mistress Marta announced, “I know all of you are eager to ask questions about the training of Teddy and his bitch cynfulknotslut. My slave and cynfulknotslut’s mother, bitchtrainer is the trainer of both the dog and the daughter. She will answer any of your questions and will take any orders that you want to make. Thank you all for your interest in Marta’s Kennels.”

Rob came up to cynful and took her hand and pulled her from the crowd. He led her to some chairs in the audience so she could see the rest of slutroweena’s performance. It was a wonderfully erotic performance that entailed a triple fuck with two dogs and her master. They managed to perform the triple fuck in three positions and finished on time. It was by far the best performance of the show other than cynful’s. Her form was perfect and it was extremely erotic but it lacked the panache and the emotion of cynful’s performance. And coming immediately after cynful’s performance, it was graded on a different scale than all of the other performances. It would have most likely been rated a near perfect performance if cynful hadn’t been there but as it was she lost four points for style.

After slutroweena’s show they returned to the kennel area and cynful took up the display position and waited for the end of the freestyle performances. As the afternoon and evening drug on, many masters and mistresses stopped by and ordered dogs from the kennel or arranged for their dogs and slaves to be trained at the kennels. Marta’s Kennels had just jumped in everyone’s eyes from being an also ran start up pretender to the most sought after kennel and training facility in the Coch Organization, all thanks to cynfulknotslut’s and Teddy’s performance.

It was eleven p.m. when they were finally ready to announce the winners of the day’s performance. This was the award for the canine competition. The ‘equine’, ‘bovine’ and ‘all other’ parts of the show were to be conducted on Sunday with the overall ‘Best of Breed, Best of Show’ awards being given at the end on Sunday evening. But the canine specific awards were awarded on Saturday night.

The first award given was the ‘Best Grooming Award’. This was a tie between cynfulknotslut and slutroweena and they both received a blue ribbon. The second award was for ‘Best Form Award’ and cynful received the blue ribbon. The third award for the evening was the ‘Best Freestyle Performance Award’ and that also went to Cynful. They had to wait about ten minutes for the applause to go down before they could award the ‘Best Overall Canine Award’. The trophy for ‘Best Overall Canine Award’ was a foot and a half high with a six inch base. It had the typical naked woman on the top on tiptoes with a wreath held above its head. There was another small statue on the base that was a cast of a woman being fucked by a dog. This overall award also went to cynful. The trophy nameplate had;


Cynful was the first ever contestant to receive a perfect 100 points out of 100 points in the history of the show. Second place went to slutroweena who got 91 points. The third place award winner only got 83 points. Cynful was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the awards the next evening.

After the awards ceremony, they cleaned out the kennel they had used all day and then returned to the hotel. It had been quite the exciting day for all concerned so Rob and cynful made love one time and then cuddled together until they slept. The next day they returned to the arena where they watched all of the performances with the other animals. There were really no surprises to cynful. She had been well trained with just about every animal imaginable. But it did give her an idea of what kinds of things she wanted to try out while at the veterinary school. The one surprising thing was when slutroweena and her master came up to Rob and her. They congratulated them on their performance. They actually spent several hours together after that and cynful and slutroweena realized that they were kindred spirits and got along famously. It turned out that Rob and slutroweena’s master were acquainted with each other and had attended the same high school with Rob graduating three years after slutroweena’s master.

That evening at ten p.m. was when the overall awards ceremony was conducted. The canine awards were announced and cynful accepted the applause of the audience. The other awards were all given out and then it was time for the overall ‘Best of Breed, Best of Show Award’. The arena was silent as they extolled the perfect performance of the dog and slave in the grooming and form part of the competition of the winner. Then they extolled the very original and standard setting freestyle performance that was the rave of the show. Then they announced the second runner up. It was a horse and slave from the judging on Sunday. The first runner up was none other than slutroweena who had the second highest overall score. The winner of the “Best of Breed, Best of Show Award” was none other than Cynfulknotslut and Teddy.

The arena erupted in a standing ovation as Teddy led cynful in a perfect heel position up to the first place podium with Rob following along behind them. The trophy they received was huge, standing two and a half feet high. The base was ten inches square and had four columns that were a foot long. There was another base on top of the columns and another set of ten inch columns that were set in a couple of inches from the edge. There was another smaller base on top of those columns and there was a gold naked woman standing on her toes with a wreath held high above her head in the center. This was no ordinary trophy. The little statues were made to be anatomically correct and showed every little detail that you would expect to see if you were looking at a naked woman. In the center of the large base at the bottom was a gold statue of a dog standing in the perfect display position, with a huge erect cock complete with knot extending down. The dog was nose to nose with a gold statue of a naked kneeling woman on all fours in the display position. The plaque said;


After the trophy had been handed to Master Rob, the master of ceremony announced, “As most of you know that have attended the show in previous years, we have a special celebration with the top three finalists. The celebration is designed to be a fund raiser for raising money for the Coch Organization Scholarship Fund. The price of admission is $1,000 dollars per person. There are no exceptions. The only ones that are allowed in free are the award winners and their master or masters. The festivities will begin thirty minutes after the end of the ceremony in the Masters’ Lounge.

There were a few more announcements made and then the awards ceremony was over. The top three winners and their masters and canines, or miniature horse in the third place winners case, were led to the Lounge. When they entered the lounge they noticed that there were three stage areas with a bed on each one. Cynful was led to the center one that was a California king size bed. It was half again bigger than the other two king sized beds. Slutroweena and the other winner went to the other beds.

Cynful went over to slutroweena and asked, “Do you feel like putting on a little show for the Masters and Mistresses?

Slutroweena asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Cynful smiled lustfully and said, “I thought that you, me and the third place winner could do a daisy chain until the masters and mistresses came in. What do you say?”

Slutroweena answered, “I’m game if she is. I love sex in all of its varieties and if we can turn the masters and mistresses on more then I’m game.”

Cynful went over to the third place winner and introduced herself saying, “I’m cynfulknotslut a.k.a. Cynthia Palmer. What’s your name?”

The five foot three, 100 pound blonde bombshell smiled and said, “I’m Palominoslut. My master named me palomino because of my blonde hair. He doesn’t ever let me say my real name so I can’t tell you that. I loved your freestyle performance yesterday. I’ve been coming to these things for five years and no one has ever done anything that was nearly as good as your show was. On top of that, you’re the most beautiful girl here. I was just happy to place after watching your performance.”

Cynful was blushing from the compliments and answered, “Thanks. But you and slutroweena are just as beautiful. Maybe even more beautiful than I am. I thought that the three of us could put on a little show for the masters and mistresses when they come in to party with us. Why don’t we get into a daisy chain? We will be able to enjoy pleasuring each other and I’m sure the masters and mistresses will enjoy it.

Palominoslut smiled and answered, “I will have to check with my master but I think he will let me. You better clear it with your and slutroweena’s master too.”

Cynful smiled and said, “Tell you what. The three masters are all together so let me go ask them together for the three of us.”

Cynful went over to the masters and knelt down in a kneeling position. Rob immediately saw her and asked her what she wanted. Cynful explained her idea and Rob responded, “Go over to your bed and let me talk with the other masters. We’ll let you know if it’s all right.”

Cynful did as he said and returned to the bed she had been assigned to. Rob addressed the other two masters and said, “One thing I’ve learned about cynfulknotslut is that she has an uncanny ability of finding ways to make you just want to fuck yourself to death. I can assure you that the other masters and mistresses will enjoy coming in and catching them all in a daisy chain. We can let them do it alone or we can get in the act and form a daisy chain with them and us alternating. Personally I wouldn’t mind a little oral action with any one of our beauties. What do you say?”

The other two masters agreed that they wanted to participate in the daisy chain as well so Rob went to join cynful while the other two masters went to their slaves and brought them over to join the two of them. Cynful lay on her side and leaned over, taking Rob’s cock into her mouth. Slutroweena lay down on her side with her top leg bent and elevated placing her cunt in front of Rob’s Face. He moved his mouth onto her cunt as she took her master’s cock into her mouth and began sucking. Palominoslut lay down on her side and positioned herself in a similar position to slutroweena. Her cunt was now being eaten by slutroweena’s master while palominoslut sucked her master’s cock. Her master then sucked on cynful’s cunt to complete the daisy chain.

It was ten minutes later when the door opened and other masters and mistresses began to come in. When they saw the action on the big bed they all gathered around the bed and watched. Some of them even reached over to squeeze and pinch the girls’ tits.

Rob and the other two masters soon came. Cynful immediately turned around and grabbed slutroweena’s head. As soon as slutroweena’s mouth opened to French kiss, cynful pushed the cum in her mouth into slutroweena’s mouth. She slowly pulled her mouth off of her and allowed the cum to dribble out of her mouth and into hers. Palominoslut hadn’t swallowed the cum in her mouth and she moved over to cynful. When the last few dribbles of cum drained out of cynful’s mouth, palominoslut grabbed her head and kissed her with a deep kiss with a lot of tongue. As soon as cynful realized that she was getting a mouthful of cum she lay on her back and opened her mouth so that palominoslut could dribble the cum into her mouth. When the last little dribbles of cum were out of palominoslut’s mouth, slutroweena grabbed her head and did the same thing with the cum she had taken into her mouth from cynful. The three girls kept swapping cum until they eventually swallowed all of it.

When the three slave girls looked out at the masters and mistresses, it was obvious that there little show had gotten things going. There were quite a few waiting for the girls to finish so they could join in. Several of the mistresses were fucking and sucking two or three of the masters at a time. A regular orgy was already in the process. The three girls separated on the big bed and invited the three nearest masters to them and each one began to get triple teamed by the masters.

That’s the way things went for the next two hours. Then the organizer of the show stopped the action for a minute. When he had everyone’s undivided attention, he announced, “I just want to say that we were able to raise 150 thousand dollars for the scholarship fund. The funds this year that have been raised have already been allocated. Master Robert Billinger will receive a full ride scholarship to medical school and cynfulknotslut will be receiving a full ride scholarship to veterinary school. Both will return here to provide medical care to our members, both human and animal. I would like to thank Master Rob for bringing his slave cynful and Teddy here this weekend and for the wonderful show that they put on for us. I can’t remember such a good freestyle performance in the show’s history. Please give them a round of applause and then let’s have the animals in for a little fun.

The room erupted in applause and cheers. Cynful was actually blushing as she knew that they were applauding her. She also felt proud of what she had done. The organizer opened the door to the lounge and let in Teddy and slutroweena’s dog. What came in behind them though was no dog. It was a miniature horse and he was what palominoslut performed with for her freestyle. Cynful got real excited and immediately knelt as to ask a question.

Rob saw her and spoke loud enough for all to hear, “What is cynful?”

Cynful spoke up asking, “Master, would it be all right for me to take on all three of the animals at the same time? I think you all would like that very much and I would love to do it for you.”

Rob looked at the other two masters who nodded their approval. Then he looked at the organizer of the show and also got a nod of approval. He then said to cynful, “Yes cynfulknotslut. You may show the masters and mistresses just what kind of slut you are by taking on all three of the animals at the same time. But I expect you to take Teddy in your cunt, the horse in your ass and the shepherd in your mouth. Now get busy and put on a show for us.

Cynful called over the other two slaves first and whispered to them what she wanted them to do. Palominoslut readily agreed but it took a little persuading from both palominoslut and cynful to convince slutroweena to do it. When everything was set, cynful called Teddy over to begin fucking her.

Teddy got up from his curled up position in the corner and came running. He jumped up on the bed and found that his bitch, cynful, was kneeling on all fours waiting for him to fuck her. He was never one to miss taking advantage of a willing bitch so he began to lick her cunt and ass. Cynful made a production out of it by yelling, “Oh yes Master Teddy. Fuck me with that wonderful doggy tongue of yours. Rape my cunt with your tongue and your big doggy cock. Oh yes that is wonderful my master.”

Cynful kept up the sexy dialog for the benefit of the masters. Soon Teddy launched up onto her back and began to try and hump his cock into her cunt. Cynful reached back and guided his cock into her cunt. That was all Teddy wanted and he took a couple of steps forward to be able to fuck his bitch as deeply as he could. He then started pounding away, fucking cynful with all of the energy one would expect from a horny dog. When he forced his knot into her cunt, cynful yelled out, “Oh my god Master Teddy. I so love to have your big wonderful knot slammed into my tight juicy cunt. Oh yes Master Teddy, fuck your bitch like you own me.”

Finally Teddy’s knot was sunk completely in and Teddy began to cum. A couple of moments after he finished cumming, Teddy turned ass end to ass end with cynful. When he did that, palominoslut led her miniature horse and coaxed it onto the bed. She wasn’t real sure about whether the horse would accept straddling the dog but she was going to try. She needn’t have worried though because as she got him up on the bed, he smelled the female sex hormones in the air and knew that he was going to get his cock into another female mare.

Palominoslut helped the small miniature horse straddle Teddy and when his cock was at the right distance, she guided it into cynful’s ass. The miniature horse began to fuck his thirteen inch cock into the tight anal orifice. Cynful groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the little horse fucked his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Soon the horse’s cock was bottoming out in her ass. That is when slutroweena led her German Shepherd to cynful’s front and helped him up onto her back so that his cock was in front of her nose. Slutroweena started to rub the dog’s sheath until his cock started to protrude. When it was out far enough, she guided the tip of his cock into cynful’s mouth.

Cynflknotslut was cumming over and over again due to her triple beast fuck. It took her a few moments to remember what she had wanted to do. When she did she extended her arms straight out to the side. That was the cue for both palominoslut and slutroweena to get involved in the action. They crawled on hands and knees to the end of cynful’s extended fingers. They turned their asses toward her and backed up to her hands, guiding her two middle fingers into their wet dripping cunts. The mix of cum from all of the masters that had fucked them and their own cum made the entry fairly easy. Almost simultaneously they pulled off and then inserted all four of cynful’s fingers into their cunts. Palominoslut took them easily while slutroweena had to work onto them back and forth several times before she had them all of the way. Finally they pulled off again with palominoslut doing so a couple of minutes earlier than slutroweena. This time cynful put her thumb over into her palm and with her fingers extended. When the other two pushed back toward her this time cynful pushed toward them driving her hands into the two other slaves. Palominoslut groaned out in pleasure. She was use to taking horse cocks of all sizes and fisting was nothing unusual between her and her master. Slutroweena however wasn’t use to being fisted and had not had any cock larger than her dog’s cock and knot. Her groan was from pain initially but after fucking herself onto cynful’s hand and arm a few times, she became use to it and began to get excited.

Palominoslut had already waved a master over and was sucking his cock. Slutroweena looked over her shoulder and saw what was going on and not to be outdone she turned and yelled, “This slut needs a cock to suck on masters. Please use us as you enjoy cynfulknotslut’s performance with her beast masters.” She continued to rock back and forth, fucking herself with cynful’s outstretched arm as a couple of masters stepped up and presented their hard cocks to the three slaves that were performing for them.

Cynful was in beast paradise. Her three holes were full and she knew she was pleasing her master and putting on a great show for the others. She wanted all of the other masters and mistresses to be jealous of him for having such a good slave. There was one time that Rob was fucking slutroweena when another master had approached him and offered him five hundred thousand dollars for her. Cynful was scared at the large sum and afraid he would agree and sell her. He didn’t answer immediately and cynful started to become worried that he was considering it.

Suddenly Rob groaned out, ‘I’m cumming’ as he slammed into slutroweena’s cunt and sent jets of cum into her well used cunt. Finally he pulled out and looked at the master that had made the offer to him and said loud enough for the whole room. “Listen Reverend Patterson, and that goes for everyone else in the room. Cynfulknotslut is not for sale at any price. All of you keep coming up to me and offering me more and more money. Each time it is more and more outrageous. I don’t care if it’s five hundred thousand or five hundred million. She is not only my slave but she is my wife. I love her and there is no amount of money you can offer that will change that. If you want to continue to enjoy this little celebration with her, then you all will quit asking me if I will sell her to you. The answer is no and will always be no. One more proposition and I will take her out of here and never come back.”

There was dead silence in the room except for the sucking and slurping sounds of the beast and human orgy going on, on the bed. Finally the organizer of the show spoke up and said, “The next person that makes a proposition for cynfulknotslut will be asked to leave and banned from the show for five years. Now lets get back to celebrating such a wonderful sexy trio of slaves the like we have never had the privilege of enjoying before.’

Cynful had been holding her breath and hadn’t realized how tense she had become while waiting for her master to say something. When she heard him cum she knew why he hadn’t said anything, he was just too close to cumming to stop. Finally when she heard what Rob said to the other masters and mistresses she felt love for him like no other. How often does a woman get to see demonstrated in fact that her husband, lord and master loved her and would not trade her for any amount of money? Not just in theory but to actually turn down a large sum like that in her presence. She pulled off of the dog cock she had been sucking and yelled out to the room, “I LOVE YOU MASTER ROB”.

That seemed to break the tension in the room. The masters and mistresses turned their focus to enjoying the three slaves and the orgy they were putting on for their pleasure. When the animals finished fucking cynful, they were replaced by masters and mistresses. Soon all three of the slaves were being triple fucked by the masters and mistresses. The orgy went on for hours but gradually the number of people in the room began to dwindle and finally ended.

The orgy had gone on until the wee hours of the morning. Rob took cynful to the adjoining bathroom to the suite the celebration orgy was held in and led her to the huge multi person shower. They were soon joined by the other two slaves and their masters. Cynful was so exhausted that she wrapped her arms around Rob’s neck and locked her hands together and almost hung there as he gently soaped her up and washed her of all of the cum that covered her body from head to toe. This scene was repeated two other times with the other slaves copying her actions with their masters. They were envious of the obvious love that they saw between Rob and cynful.

Slutroweena loved her master but the feeling wasn’t returned in full because he had a whole bevy of slaves that were devoted to him. She wished that he didn’t have to share his love between her and the other slaves but she wouldn’t even consider leaving him because of it. She just had to be happy with what he gave her which she regretfully knew wasn’t near enough to satisfy her. That was why she had turned so easily to fucking her dog for the pleasure he gave to get her through the times that she couldn’t have with him.

Palominoslut was in love with her horses first and foremost. Her master could care less about her and only kept her because he loved to watch her debase herself by fucking any horse he brought to her. She didn’t consider what she did debasing at all though because she lived for horse cock. She was raised in an organization family and always felt a submissive streak. Her first sexual experience was cumming from just riding bareback on her horse. Things progressed from there and she eventually gave her virginity to her horse. She tried dating several times but she could never cum with a human like she did with her horse. When she graduated from high school she went to the owner of the horse ranch outside of Cochsville and proposed to him. She had meant that she wanted to marry him but he told her that he would be happy to have her as his slave. When she told him that she wanted to marry him he refused and told her she could stay only if she became his sex slave. She begged him to let her be his slave because of the large stable of horses that he had. She literally had her choice of hundreds of stallions of differing breeds to fuck and enjoy. This show that she did each year was something she loved to do because she was allowed to show off just how much she loved horses without having to worry about what anyone else might think. In fact, she relished the praise she always received after one of her performances at the show. No, there was no love at all between her and her master. She wished her master would show even a fraction of the love for her that Rob showed for cynful. She knew that if her master ever tired of her, he wouldn’t hesitate to sell her to the highest bidder.

Rob finished washing cynful and himself and then dried her off. He led her out of the arena and to the masters’ locker area where he stored a set of clothes for her. He helped her put on a simple sun dress and a pair of sandals. When she was dressed, he led her out of the building and to the car. He helped her onto the back seat where he had made up a bed for her to sleep on. He hadn’t told her before the show but they were leaving for college from the arena. They had to get to the east coast so that they could settle in and be ready for college to start the following Monday. Considering it was at least a three day drive to get to North Carolina from where they were in Washington that left four days to get moved into the apartment the organization had rented for them and get familiar with the area. He knew they would need a few days to recover from the long trip as well. He would drive until cynful woke up and then she could drive while he slept.

Rob glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the look of bliss on his angel’s face and loved her even more. He knew that she loved him as much or more than he loved her to do all of these things so willingly. He knew that she did it to make him happy. What she didn’t know was that he would be happy with her even if she didn’t want to be his slave. But that was just an added bonus that both of them were enjoying. He thought of all of the things that they could do while at college. The thought of being in such a target rich environment of young, horny, female flesh that was just on the verge of exploring their sexuality gave him another hard on which he tried to ignore. ‘Yeah’, he thought. ‘Who knows what fun we might get up to during four years of college?’

Stay tuned for Rob and cynful’s experiences at college. Please take the time to make a comment about the story. If you have ideas that you would like to see, please email me through the forum.
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Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 6, Settling in for college

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 6: Settling in for college

The trip to college was quite the trip for cynful. You see, when you’re riding with a sex crazed dog, like Teddy, that seems to want sex every couple of hours, a simple four day trek across country becomes quite the adventure. At first, they would stop at a rest area and cynful would take Teddy to the very back of the rest area as much out of sight as possible and let him fuck her. They found though that they were getting farther and farther behind schedule.

When they stopped for dinner that first day, Rob finally told cynful, “I’m sorry hon, but you are going to have to take care of Teddy in the car. We are over two hours behind schedule now and need to make it up if we are going to arrive on time for registration Friday.”

They finished dinner and got on the road again. cynful sat in the back seat with Teddy lying down and taking over half of the seat away. They hadn’t been on the road but about ten to fifteen minutes before Teddy was up on his feet and nuzzling cynful’s tits and face, licking them over and over. Finally cynful took her blouse and pants off. She got up on the seat on her hands and knees. It didn’t take but a few seconds before Teddy was up on the seat behind her and licking her from her clit to her asshole.

They hadn’t been in that position more than a few seconds before they heard a honk. When cynful opened her eyes and looked out of the window she saw a car that was beside them that was loaded with a bunch of college age boys. cynful blushed at being exposed like that and was starting to think about quitting when she felt Teddy launch up onto her back. He soon had his cock sunk into cynful’s juicy cunt and began to fuck her with the abandon that only dogs have.

The guys in the car beside them cheered and cynful thought she heard them a lot louder this time. She had been so into the fuck that she hadn’t noticed that Rob had rolled the windows down. She suddenly felt the wind blowing in her face and could hear everything they yelled but with the roar of the wind covering it. cynful looked out of the window, initially with little focus in her eyes as she was concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving from Teddy. She eventually looked into the eyes of one of the college aged boys and smiled at him, licking her lips as sexily as possible. She wanted to tease them as much as possible while she was being so royally fucked by Teddy. The added excitement at her public exposure pushed her into a massive cum like no other. The guys cheered as it was obvious to anyone looking that she was in ecstasy.

For the next fifteen minutes, the two lanes of the Interstate were blocked as the two cars drove side by side through the rural and desolate countryside of Montana. When Teddy came and turned ass end to ass end with her, the boys finally figured that the show was over and passed them. The built up traffic seemed to go around them very slowly as she recovered from the excitement of her first ever public fuck in the car. She couldn’t tell what was more exciting, the fuck from Teddy or the fact that it had been witnessed while they were driving down the road. Either way, she was sure that it would happen more than once during their trip.

That evening when they pulled into their hotel in Billings Montana, cynful finally got dressed again, just long enough to get checked into the hotel.
As they were unloading the suitcases to their room, the car full of college aged boys pulled up alongside their car and started piling out of the car. The ones at the far side of the car hadn’t seen Rob or cynful and headed to their rooms but the ones that were getting out on the side where Rob and cynful were getting their luggage recognized the car.

One of the boys went up to Rob and introduced himself saying, “Hey, my name is Gary. My friends and I sure loved the show your sweet little thing gave us on the highway this afternoon. Our friends are never going to believe us when we get back to campus and tell them. That had to be the hottest thing any of us have ever seen. Do you guys always do that kind of kinky stuff?”

Rob answered, “No, but Teddy here is such a horny dog that we had to do something. This beauty here is my wife Cynthia and she is a sinful little slut. I tell you what, get your buddies and come down to room 117 and she’ll put on another show for you. Give us about an hour so we can get cleaned up.” The two young men shook hands and parted.

Rob and cynful were soon in the room with Teddy. The two of them immediately went into the bathroom and had a quick mutual shower. Rob washed cynful, spending extra time cleaning her tits and cunt. He ended up eating her out and bringing her to a quick cum. cynful then washed him and once she had him clean, she got down on her knees and sucked his cock down her throat. She spent the next few minutes, worshipping Rob’s cock with her tongue in every way she knew how. Soon she was swallowing down his load of cum. When she was done she stood up and kissed Rob and hugged him as the warm water cascaded down over them.

Rob finally broke the hug and turned off the water. He said, “We’re going to have guests coming soon. I want you to show the boys a good time and put on a wonderful show with Teddy. Give them something to talk about for the rest of their lives.”

cynful answered, “Should I wear the red teddy that I wore for the show?”

Rob smiled at the memory and said, “Why don’t you wear the cape too and give the boys a modified version of your performance with just Teddy. I’m sure they would love that.”

cynful just smiled and dug into her suitcase for her red teddy she used to train Teddy with. The difference between this one and the one in the show was that this one was held together with Velcro that would rip apart while the one at the show just had the seams weakened so that it actually ripped. She was soon dressed and waiting, sitting on the bed.

Moments after she and Rob had gotten dressed, there was a knock on the door. Rob opened the door and let the six college guys in. They brought in a cooler filled with cold beer and after passing a bottle out to everyone, they visited for a few minutes. It seemed that they had just spent the summer, hiking through the Cascades and were on their way back to college at the University of Nebraska. After a few minutes of sharing their stories about the summer, they asked about Rob and cynful. They told very little of their true story. The gist of what they told them was that they were a newlywed couple that
had just finished their honeymoon and that cynful was a kinky slut that liked to do wild and crazy things like they did in the car.

After about a half hour of visiting and getting to know each other, cynful went from guy to guy and sat beside them just long enough to allow her to get him hard and ready to go and then she would go on to the next guy. Finally Rob caught her eyes and nodded the go ahead. He had Teddy by the collar and cynful went into the bathroom for a minute. When she paraded out, she did so dressed up in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit. The guys looked at her with lust but also with confusion. It wasn’t until Teddy got into the act that they began to realize that a show was being put on for their benefit. They cheered as it looked like Teddy and cynful were actually talking with each other.

They cheered even louder when it looked like Teddy was tearing the red teddy off of a very unwilling cynful. Then they cheered even louder as Teddy began to fuck cynful again, giving them an up close and personal view of the action. When Teddy launched up on her back to fuck her this time, she reached back and guided his cock into her asshole. When Teddy was pounding away at her ass, cynful gasped out and said, “I’ve got two holes left for a couple of you studs. Now get over here and get busy.”

The two more adventurous of the young men went over to cynful. One slid under her and lined his cock up with her cunt while the second presented his cock to her mouth. cynful was in her world now, the world of the slutty sex slave who took on all comers for her beloved master. She was soon cumming over and over again as each of the guys quickly came and was replaced.

Teddy, for his part, lasted a whole lot longer than normal. By the time he knotted cynful and came, four of the guys had cum and the other two were in the process of fucking her or being sucked off better than they had ever been done before.

For the next couple of hours, cynful entertained her guests, each one fucking her at least twice and a couple of them three times. It was finally about twelve thirty in the morning when the guys left. cynful went into the bathroom to clean up and when she was done, crawled into bed next to Rob and cuddled with him. Teddy jumped up on the bed and lay down on the opposite side of her. cynful slept the sleep of someone who was truly exhausted.

The rest of the trip went similarly with the exception that they didn’t have any more orgies at the end of the day. cynful did provide many a passer by a wonderful show of her being Teddy’s bitch in every way possible. She actually found it exciting to have complete strangers driving by and catching glimpses, and some even slowing down for the full show. Rob at times had a hard time driving straight due to the distraction of watching the two going at it in the back seat. But the overall goal of arriving by Thursday night was met. They pulled into town just after midnight Friday Morning with registration for them beginning at nine a.m. for Rob and ten a.m. for Cynthia. They checked into a hotel for the night as it was too late to get the key for the house they would be staying in.

The next morning they went straight to registration and spent the morning at the university signing up for the classes they had been registered for and picking up their books. While Rob was standing in line to try and change one of his classes, he met a beautiful, mocha colored African American named LaTesha Morgan that was about 5 feet 9 inches, had 34C breasts and weighed 123 lbs. She was very well built and looked as if she worked out quite a bit. There was something about the way she carried herself that made her stand out in Rob’s eyes. He struck up a conversation with her and found out that she was a junior in the Business College. Rob found her to be rather charming and after spending the better part of an hour together in line they were on their way to becoming friends. LaTesha couldn’t remember her address that she had just moved into that week and of course Rob hadn’t even picked up the keys to his apartment so he didn’t even know where they would live. They parted telling each other that they hoped they would see each other again though both thought the chances of that were slim since he was in medical school and she was a junior undergraduate student.

After touring campus Rob and cynful went to the address they were given to get the key to their house. The organization rented them a house that had a large fenced in yard with an eight foot privacy fence. It took them a while to find the house but it ended up being fairly close to the medical school and a fair distance from the Veterinary school. The main college campus was closer to the Veterinary school as well so they had to make arrangements for Cynthia to be able to get to classes before Monday. About a half hour after they arrived, and while they were both bringing in their luggage and boxes that you would typically see with students, Teddy came up and barked at cynful. She looked at Rob to see what he would say and with hope in her eyes.

Rob heard Teddy’s bark. He looked over at him and saw that he was jamming his nose up into cynful’s crotch and then he would back up and bark at her again. He said with a laugh, “Take him out back and give him what he wants. You know you want to and the yard is huge. I doubt that anyone can see into the yard anyway.”

cynful beamed a huge smile at Rob. She hadn’t enjoyed any attention all day and it was getting toward evening. She was used to sex four or five times a day by that time, most with Teddy. As she stripped out of her clothes she said, “Thank you Master. I’ve been feeling rather neglected today. I’ll be back as soon as Teddy is done to help unpack.” She turned and ran towards the back door with Teddy bounding along besides her barking excitedly. He knew he would be getting to play with his human slave soon.

cynful and Teddy ran out the back door and out into the yard. They wrestled for a bit before Teddy rolled over onto his back and barked at her. cynful reached over with her hand and began massaging Teddy’s sheath. When his cock began to extend out, cynful bent over and sucked the end into her mouth. She hummed in excitement and pleasure at the pleasure she was giving her canine master. Teddy was staring at her panting heavily as he watched her work on his expanding cock.

LaTesha had gone home immediately after she had finished changing the class she wanted. She thought about the young man she met there and hoped that she would meet him again. She liked him because most white men wouldn’t even look at an African American female, even though her skin was a mocha color and looked like she had a deep tan. She got the distinct impression that he was checking her out. When she finally got back to her house she noticed that she was the first one home. She thought, ‘God I could sure use a good cunt lapping right now. I can’t wait until Susie gets home. That little subbie of mine can sure suck cunt good.”

LaTesha went about unpacking a few boxes that she hadn’t gotten to in the last couple of days. She was just finishing up with the last box when she heard a faint barking. She knew that the house next door had been empty the last few days. She hoped that if they had a dog that he was well trained. She didn’t want to spend nights with a barking dog keeping her awake. The dog kept barking like he was playing so she became interested in what was going on.

LaTesha decided to take a look out of the window and see if she could see the new neighbor. What she saw absolutely stunned her. She couldn’t see very well because of the distance but she could tell that there was a woman in the back yard and she was naked as the day she was born. She could see that she was bending over something. After a few moments she saw it move and could make out that it was a dog. As she watched she saw the woman’s head moving up and down like she was………

LaTesha opened her mouth in shock as realization dawned on her and she said aloud to no one, “My god she’s sucking that dog off. I have got to get Susie a dog. That is so hot.” She stuck her hands down and began to rub her clit and fuck her finger into her cunt.

LaTesha was on the verge of cumming a few seconds later when Susie entered the bedroom. LaTesha looked at her with lust crazed eyes that caused Suzie to shudder. LaTesha ordered, “Hurry up and strip off, get max and come here. I need a good hard fuck.”

Susie didn’t dare object. It was always bad when she ordered her to get max. She could barely take the huge cock into her cunt. It hurt every time she fucked her with it. She stripped hurriedly out of her clothes and then ran to get max. She hurried back and handed Latesha the huge strap on dildo. The cock on the dildo was a monster at thirteen inches long and two and a half inches wide. LaTesha had stripped out of her clothes while Susie was getting max and she was ready. She inserted the smaller four inch cock into her cunt, making sure that the raised nub was on her clit. When she had it on tight she ordered, “Put your hands on the window sill and look into the neighbors back yard. I want you to imagine that it’s that cock fucking you and not me.”

Susie followed LaTesha’s orders and bent over, putting her hands onto the window sill. When she looked into the back yard she saw the woman there bobbing her head up and down. She couldn’t quite make out what she was doing but she looked like she was giving a blow job. She suddenly felt her cunt being stretched out obscenely by the huge dildo. She had been fucked by it numerous times but it hurt every time she thrust it in and continued to hurt for the first few strokes until her cunt stretched to adapt. This time LaTesha didn’t take her time either. She forced it in to the hilt as hard and fast as she could gasping in pleasure to the counterpoint scream of pain from Susie.

As the dildo sank into Susie’s cunt, she remembered what her mistress had told her about imagining that it was the cock in the neighbors yard. But she didn’t see a cock though it looked like the girl was giving a blow job. Finally the girl moved around and she got a glimpse at the massively huge dog she was sucking. This happened just as LaTesha bottomed out in her cunt. She grunted at the sudden pain and her face went white at the thought of what she knew her mistress was thinking. Susie thought, ‘She wouldn’t dare. Not with a dog. I won’t do it.’

It seemed as if LaTesha had been listening in on Susie’s thoughts as she fucked in and out of her cunt. She said, “I can tell that you just realized that the neighbor girl is sucking the dog’s cock. And yes, I am going to get you one and teach you how to do that and much more. And don’t even think of refusing or I’ll send those pictures to mommy and daddy of what you were up to last year. I’m sure they would like to know what a drunken, bondage, lezzie slut their daughter is. When I get done here, I’m going next door to introduce myself. Now just watch the action and see where your future lies.”

LaTesha reached under Susie and grabbed hold of her nipple rings and began to twist and pull them. Susie soon launched into a massive orgasm, followed by another and another. She had three more before LaTesha came from fucking her.

After LaTesha recovered from her cum, she undid the buckles and straps of the dildo. She left the huge monster in the collapsed heap that was her slave. She patted Susie on the ass and whispered in her ear, “I want you to clean the dildo up when you’ve recovered enough. I’m going over to meet our new neighbors.”

cynful continued sucking oblivious of her audience. She turned so that her ass was next to Teddy’s head so she could get more of his cock down her throat. She soon felt him licking her thigh. She decided she wanted some stimulation as well. She straddled his head and lowered her cunt until it was a fraction of an inch above his snout. Teddy took one long swipe with his tongue, licking from her asshole to her clit. cynful moaned in pleasure around Teddy’s ever growing cock, adding to his pleasure. He then attacked her wet and dripping slit with a vengeance. It was only a few moments later that she moaned out her first good cum from Teddy’s licking. His knot was just beginning to swell at that time. He kept licking and licking and cynful began to get more and more excited.

At the ten minute mark, Teddy was just getting to the point where his knot was about halfway to its normal size. cynful quickly turned around and impaled herself on his cock and forced the already three inch knot into her cunt and began to fuck her canine master.

That was when Rob was interrupted unpacking a box by a knock on the door.
When he opened it he exclaimed, “LaTesha! What are you doing here?”

LaTesha was just as surprised as Rob was and answered, “Well hello to you too. I just thought I would welcome my new neighbors to the neighborhood. It’s a small world isn’t it? Just this morning we met and started to become friends and here we are neighbors. How about introducing me to that wonderful wife you told me so much about?”

Rob went up to the bedroom, forgetting that cynful was out in the back yard with Teddy. When he remembered what they were doing out back he turned around, with a full blush going, and said, “Uhhmm… uhhmmm… s…s…s…she……”

LaTesha quickly guessed he was trying to find a way to tell her something other than what was really going on and make an excuse for her. She smiled and decided to go right for the throat. She said, “She’s in the back yard sucking off your dog the last I saw. How about taking me out and introducing us. I’m sure she won’t mind. I sure won’t.” She gave Rob a wink when she said it and grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs and to the back door.

LaTesha opened the back door and walked out to the patio and saw cynful facing them bouncing up and down on Teddy’s cock. LaTesha let go of Rob’s hand and clapped in excitement.

cynful had her eyes closed as she enjoyed fucking Teddy’s wonderful cock.
She suddenly heard clapping and when she opened her eyes she saw a tall statuesque African American woman standing next to Rob clapping. She blushed a little at the unexpected audience. But she was used to having an audience and if she was with Master Rob, there was no reason for her to stop. She waved at the girl with a smile just as she launched into a massive cum. She screamed out her cum, letting the guest know that she loved what she was doing. Finally she fell forward onto her hands and knees and gasped for breath.

Back at LaTesha’s house, Susie was just coming around after her serious fucking from her mistress. Max, the huge dildo, was still stuck in her cunt with the straps hanging down. Susie began to regain her coherence and pushed herself up. She looked out of the window just as cynful quit sucking Teddy. She watched in amazement, her mouth dropping open in surprise as she saw the new neighbor begin to squat over the dog. She thought, ‘Surely she’s not going to fuck the dog. That’s so…… perverted!’

Susie couldn’t see very well and she strained to see more. She remembered that her mistress had an antique set of opera glasses that she had gotten recently when her grandmother died. She got up and ran to the drawer that she stored it in for safe keeping. She got back just as cynful began to fuck the dog. With the opera glasses she could see quite distinctly, every bit of the action between cynful and Teddy. Susie felt her excitement growing and absentmindedly reached down and started to fuck herself with her left hand pushing and pulling the huge dildo in and out. Her right elbow was perched on the windowsill and she held the opera glasses in her right hand. She had her eyes glued to the glasses and watched as she fucked herself. She was really getting into the debauchery of what she was doing when she suddenly saw the new neighbor wave, never missing a beat, as she continued fucking the dog.

Susie moved her gaze in the direction that the neighbor had waved and soon stopped on her mistress standing beside a guy. She gasped in surprise and then moved back to cynful who was fucking with abandon now. She watched as the girl launched into what had to be a massive orgasm. Again Susie was amazed at the feelings this instilled in her. She was fucking the dildo in and out of her cunt as rapidly as she could. She was more excited than she ever had been.

As cynful knelt there on all fours trying to get her breath, Rob introduced her to LaTesha as if this was a normal every day occurrence at some party instead of a naked young college student kneeling on all fours with a huge dog cock up her cunt. Cynful gasped out hello as she finally got her breath and sat back up and began to fuck Teddy in earnest. Her beautiful tits were bouncing up and down in rhythm with her thrusts and counterthrusts as she fucked her canine master.

LaTesha noticed cynful’s nipple and clit rings and the bright red brands on her tits that said, ‘CYNFUL’ on the right tit and ‘KNOTSLUT’ on the left tit. LaTesha grimaced at the obvious pain that must have caused her but recognized the signs of what they meant. While she continued to watch cynful fuck Teddy she said, “Rob I see that Cynthia has a brand on her tits and has pierced nipples and clit. I take it you have a Dom/sub relationship?”

Rob looked at LaTesha and saw the lust that was in her eyes and that there was no condemnation at all there. He didn’t want to just volunteer their master/slave relationship yet though so he said, “Why do you ask?”

LaTesha recognized the question for the dodge it was and decided she would break the ice on the subject. She answered, “Well I have my own little sub slave over at the house. As a matter of fact when I first saw your wife sucking Teddy here, I made her watch out of the window while I fucked her with my monster strap on. I hadn’t thought about having her fuck a dog before. God that has to be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. So is Cynthia a sub?”

Rob realized that their neighbor wasn’t going to be a problem with their lifestyle so he answered truthfully, “Yes LaTesha, she is. She is not only my wife but my slave in every way. Her slave name is cynfulknotslut or cynful for short. As a mistress, please feel free to call her that. I will instruct her that you are to be treated as a mistress at all times. If you want your sub to get some pointers, feel free to bring her over for some sessions with cynful. I’m glad this isn’t a problem with you. We were a bit worried about what the neighbors might think. As a matter of fact, if I had known you could see the back yard from your house, I wouldn’t have allowed cynful to have her romp out here. But I’m glad she did.”

LaTesha answered, “I understand. I have three other roommates besides my sub Susie. One is 19 and two are 18 with one of the 18 year olds having her 18th birthday today. They aren’t aware of Susie’s and my true relationship and for now I would like to keep it that way. They just think we’re a couple of lezzies. At least they’re cool with us sleeping together. I think they are planning a little party for her this evening. I have to go to work soon so won’t be able to be there or I would invite you over. I don’t think it would be fair to them to have you show up without knowing any of them. We’ll plan a little get together next weekend.”

LaTesha continued with Susie’s tale saying, “Susie’s an interesting case.
For quite a few reasons, there was no way I could leave Susie to her own devices in the dorms. We were roommates last year and she was out partying all night almost every night. She was a party animal, coming back drunk, loud, and waking me up every time. She was on the road to flunking out because she would stay out until two or three in the morning. She was starting to interfere with my grades so I finally decided to do something about it. One Friday while she was partying, I went to a local adult store and got some toys. When she returned at 4 am, I helped her strip and get into bed. She was so drunk that she never noticed when I put cuffs on her wrists until it was too late. Then it was easy to add a spreader bar, dildo and butt plug to the mix. She woke up at 3pm that day and asked me what was going on and demanded to be released. I told her I was pissed at her for continually coming in and waking me up in the early morning hours. I showed her the pictures I took of her after I had her all bound up and even got a timed one with me eating her cunt out. I was wearing a wig to disguise who I really was and hid my face so they can’t tell whether I’m black or white. When I told her she had better straighten up or I would send those pictures to her parents, she got belligerent with me. I knew she hadn’t been to the bathroom since she had come in earlier in the morning. I realized that she probably had to go like crazy so I pulled her legs up by the spreader bar until her cunt was over her face. She begged and begged me to let her go but I told her that it was obvious from her attitude that she hadn’t changed and I wasn’t going to put up with it. When she learned that I wasn’t going to let her go until she pissed on her self, she really started to beg. I just ignored her until she couldn’t hold it any more. When she started pissing, I twisted her nipples and caused her to scream. She got a mouthful of piss and started coughing and crying like crazy. After she pissed on herself I sat down at the computer and started writing an email to her parents. That woke her up and she began to beg and promise she would be good. When she did I laid out the rules. The deal was simple at the start, she could go out one night a week, and had to be in by 2am. She could not cut a class, or score less than 85% on any exam, or she would pay a penalty. For about the first month everything was fine but then she fell off the wagon. This time I was more than pissed off. By the time the weekend was over she was calling me Mistress and I had her nipples and clit hood pierced and she had a red ass and tits. She’s been quite a compliant little sub since then. She’ll do just about anything I want within reason. She did balk a bit when I told her to dream that the dildo I was fucking her with belonged to Teddy there. I must say, it excited the hell out of me to imagine it was Susie fucking him.”

Just as LaTesha was finishing her story she caught a glint of light from the direction of her house. She looked over and saw Suzie in the window watching. She looked hard and realized that Suzie had gotten out her grandmother’s antique opera glasses. She said angrily aloud to herself, “That little bitch. She knows that she’s not supposed to touch those glasses. I’m going to have to punish her ass.”

LaTesha fumed as she watched cynful fucking Teddy. Her mind was trying to think of a way to make Susie pay for taking her precious opera glasses. They were something that had been passed down from generation to generation. No telling how old they really were. As she watched cynful fucking Teddy, an idea began to form. Finally she said, “cynful, you seem to have acquired an audience over at my house. Why don’t you wave at the second story window and wave at the little voyeur and then wave her down? I want her to meet you.”

cynful immediately followed orders. She turned toward the house next door and diverted her eyes to the window Susie was at. She waved excitedly at her and then waved for her to join her.

Susie had been watching and fucking herself, oblivious to anything else.
She closed her eyes momentarily as she neared orgasm. When she opened them again, she was shocked into inaction by what she saw. The neighbor girl was looking straight at her and waving. Then she began to wave for her to join her. Susie almost dropped the opera glasses. She definitely stopped fucking herself. She soon got control of her emotions and moved the glasses so she could see her mistress. What she saw scared her. She could see from her mistress’s face that she was angry. She also saw that she was pointing to the ground in front of her as she stared at the window.

Susie was truly scared now. Mistress was angry at her for something and she didn’t want to incur any more of her wrath. She quickly jumped up and grabbed a terrycloth robe and began to run down the stairs and out of the house as she struggled to put it on. To anyone looking, they would have laughed at the way she was running. In her panic, she had left the dildo in her cunt and it caused her to waddle in a very funny way. She even forgot to put the opera glasses down. Halfway to the neighbor’s house she realized she still had them and in a panic, put it in her robe’s pocket.

When Susie got to the neighbor’s house she immediately entered the back yard through the front gate. She waddled as fast as she could around to the back of the house. She didn’t stop until she was in front of her mistress and kneeling.

LaTesha waited a few seconds before she said anything. When she finally began to speak she said angrily, “You filthy little cunt. After all I’ve done for you, you can’t even follow a simple order. Now I want you to think back a couple of weeks. I gave you a very specific order about something. Do you remember what that order was you stupid cunt?”

Susie was so panicked that she couldn’t remember an order from a few minutes ago, let alone from a couple of weeks ago. Her pause was too long however and suddenly she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her cheeks from where her mistress slapped her. She fell over screaming from the force of the blow. Suddenly she heard her mistress yell in an even angrier voice, “Get back in position you stupid cunt and answer my question.”

Susie was shaking in fear so much, she could barely move. When she eventually got into position, she whispered dejectedly, “I… I… I… d…d…don’t remember mistress.”

LaTesha angrily said, “I’ll give you a little hint you stupid cunt. You were just using it to watch cynful fucking Teddy. Do you remember what I’m talking about now you stupid bitch?”

Susie did remember and she immediately remembered the orders her mistress had given her. She was to never touch the opera glasses for any reason, even if her life depended on them. Her face went white as she knew she had seriously screwed up. She quickly fell down and wrapped her arms around her mistress’s feet and began to beg, “Please forgive me mistress. I forgot. I’m so sorry. Please don’t punish me. I’ll do anything for you if you forgive me.”

LaTesha answered, “You’ll do anything for me whether I forgive you or not. But I’ll tell you right now that you are going to have to work off my anger. You fucking know you deserve it too. I have an idea of what I am going to do to you. You do this and I won’t paddle you. Do you agree?”

Susie answered in confusion, “You didn’t tell me what the punishment would be. How can I agree to something you didn’t tell me?”

LaTesha’s anger was beginning to wane a bit but she didn’t want Susie to know that. She acted angrier still and said, “I’m not going to tell you what I had in mind. You either agree to it or I paddle your ass every night until you pass out and then after a week of that I will send all of the evidence I have of your activities to your parents. Now what is it going to be?”

Susie knew she was between a rock and a hard place. She bowed her head down in defeat and mumbled very quietly, “Okay, I agree to your punishment.”

LaTesha slapped Susie again and said, “That wasn’t good enough bitch. Say it so everyone in this yard can hear you.”

Susie was crying in full body sobs as she tried to get the words out, “I…I…I
a…a…agree ‘sob…sob…sob’ to ‘sob…sob…sob’ to your ‘sob…sob…sob’ punishment

LaTesha smiled as she knew she had her right where she wanted her. She answered, “For violating my orders so grievously and because you did it so you could watch cynful fuck Teddy here, I think it only appropriate that you become Teddy’s bitch for a week. You will take care of his every need just like cynful does normally. There is no negotiation. For the time, you will stay over here with Teddy and Master Rob will be your Master. You will follow and obey him, just like you obey me. After your punishment is over, you will continue to follow and obey his orders as if they are mine. The only orders that take precedent over his from now on are mine. Otherwise he is your lord and master. Do you understand cunt?”

Susie was sobbing terribly and squeaked out a yes as she nodded her head in agreement. She did ask, “C…Can the punishment start after the party for Abby? ‘Sob…sob…sob’ I promised her I would be there.”

LaTesha relented but wanted to exact her first bit of punishment from her and said, “I want you to get out of that robe and crawl over to where cynful and Teddy are fucking and I want you to get down there and lick where they are joined. When the dog finishes cumming and pulls out, you will suck him clean and then suck his cum out of cynful’s cunt. Only when you’ve done that can you go back to the house.

Susie looked at LaTesha in amazement and said, “You’re going to make me lick up dog cum. I c………”

LaTesha interrupted Susie in mid sentence and said, “Before you say you can’t, remember the consequences. I’m sure your loving parents would like to know what a drunken, lezzie whore you are. Now get to it before it’s too late.”

Susie lowered her head in defeat and crawled over to cynful and Teddy. cynful had watched the entire thing and just couldn’t understand why Susie would agree to something like this and still be so dejected. No matter though. She was nothing but a slave and it was up to the masters and mistresses to make the decisions. She kept right on fucking Teddy through the whole thing. She watched with intensity as Susie crawled toward her. She gasped in erotic surprise as she felt Susie bend in and give her first tentative lick of the joined cock and cunt. What she couldn’t see were the silent tears streaming down Susie’s cheeks.

Susie may have been excited about watching another girl fucking a dog. But she never imagined that she would be involved in bestiality in any way. To her this was as low as a person could go. And to be made to do it in front of witnesses just added to the whole humiliation of the whole thing. Any form of resistance or belief that she would ever be free of her roommate's grasp, was quickly being squashed. She fully began to realize that her future was to be a sex toy for LaTesha to play with. These thoughts were the focus of her entire awareness as she bent down and on autopilot began to lick the joined cock and cunt.

cynful’s excitement began to skyrocket as she felt the dual stimulation of Teddy’s cock in her cunt and Susie’s tongue all over and around the area they were joined. Her excitement was building more and more until suddenly she felt Teddy begin to shoot stream after stream of burning hot doggie cum into her stuffed cunt. That was enough to push her to the edge but not enough to push her over into a good cum.

Susie was tentatively licking around the joined cock and cunt for a few moments when she felt the pulse travel through the cock. She kept licking until just a bit of dog cum began to seep around Teddy’s knot. When she got her first taste of dog cum she began to pull away.

cynful was almost over the edge of cumming when she felt Susie begin to pull away. She immediately reached down with both hands and pushed Susie’s face back into her cunt and yelled, “Lick me you stupid bitch. I’m almost there. Don’t stop now.”

Rob and LaTesha had been watching the whole thing. When they watched and heard cynful ordering Susie around and forcing her face into where her cunt and Teddy’s cock were joined, they began laughing. LaTesha finally got control and looked at Rob and said, “Listen Rob. I meant what I said about her following your orders as if they were mine. Don’t let her ignore you. And after that little show cynful put on, I think she should get to mistress over Susie as well. Susie really pissed me off so for the next week, I want her to spend as much time as possible with Teddy. You can have Teddy do whatever he wants with her for all I care. I’ve got to get to work. Thanks for the show. I can tell it’s going to be a fun year. Oh, let her enjoy her last night of relative freedom so she can enjoy the party. I’ll make sure she comes over tomorrow for you to play with. Bye now.” She leaned in and gave Rob a quick kiss on the cheek before turning and walking to leave through the front gate to go home.

cynful guided Susie through the arduous task, for Susie, of sucking Teddy’s cock clean of their combined juices. Then she made Susie suck all of the dog’s cum out of her over flowing cunt. For the next hour, cynful enjoyed cum after cum until she couldn’t stand it any more. Finally she pushed Susie away and said, “I think master has something he wants to say to you before you go. I’m all cleaned up now. It sure has been fun. I’m going to enjoy having you live next door.”

Susie dejectedly got up and walked over to Rob. She never saw what hit her as Rob slapped her hard with an open hand across the face. She found herself picking herself up off of the ground again for the second time that afternoon. She wondered what she had done wrong when it dawned on her that she didn’t treat Rob like she did Mistress LaTesha. When she got up, she knelt in front of him and waited.

Rob waited until Susie was in position before he said anything. When she was he said, “In the next week or two, we’ll get rid of that little bit of a stubborn streak. Your problem is that you haven’t accepted your position as Mistress LaTesha’s slave. Well you better take a good look at these.” Rob threw down several pictures in front of her.

What Susie saw caused her to faint. When she came around, the pictures were gone. She looked forlornly at Rob and asked through her tears, “Tell me you didn’t send those pictures of me sucking the dog to my parents. Please don’t send them. I promise I’ll obey… PLEASE.”

Rob smiled and said, “Those pictures will be given to your mistress tomorrow. Then of course we’ll want to get some of you with Teddy fucking you both in the cunt and the ass. After that, we’ll just see what happens. Now it’s time for some ground rules. Your mistress has given you to me for the next week, except for tonight. Tomorrow morning I expect you to come over to the house and cook breakfast for us. I want you to plan on having breakfast ready for us at seven in the morning. Don’t even think of coming in the front door. All of the doors will be locked and if you ring the door bell, you will be punished. There is a doggy door here in the back that you can crawl through. For the duration of the time you are serving me, you will cook breakfast for me. Keep in mind that Teddy tends to get horny at night so if he sees you before you get inside or once inside and he wants to fuck you, be sure and let him. That is no excuse however, for being late with breakfast. If you think you might be late, it would be better to start a little earlier. The next rule is that you will no longer walk on this property. You will crawl like the dog’s bitch you are. The third rule is that you will always be naked while you are on this property. Rule four is that you will take care of all bodily functions in the back yard. You are not allowed to use the toilet in either house any more. The back yard is the only place a doggie bitch like you should go. Any time Teddy barks at you, I expect you to immediately start to attend to his needs. He will let you know whether he wants a fuck or to be sucked. All you have to do is stay on all fours and he will make the decision which hole he wants to fuck you in. I would recommend that if you haven’t been fucked in the ass that you get yourself loosened up with that dildo or you’ll be screaming bloody murder and the neighbors will call the police. Just think how mom and dad will react when they see the police report of you being fucked up the ass by a dog. I’m sure they would be proud of their lovely daughter. If you’re smart, you’ll sleep with that dildo in your ass tonight. Now get back to your house. You’ve got a birthday party to attend.”

Susie looked for her robe but couldn’t see it any where. Rob knew what she was looking for but wasn’t going to say anything until she asked. She kept looking over at him as if she wanted to ask but always stopped at the last minute. Finally she took a deep breath in resignation and crawled out of the still open front gate and all of the way home. Fortunately for her, no one came down the road in front of the houses when she was crawling between the houses. As she crawled, she wondered, ‘How much more screwed up can my life get. How can I ever face my parents again after all of the pictures that have been taken? On top of that, how could anyone be as happy as that cynful girl, or whatever her name is, when she is nothing more than a slave for sex? God, how I envy her! I’ll have to ask her how she adjusted to her life that way.’

Susie entered the house none too soon. If she had been a few seconds later, the birthday girl would have seen her crawling naked into the house. She heard the car pulling into the drive as the door was closing behind her. She hurried up the stairs to LaTesha’s room. She couldn’t really call it her room since she was nothing more than property to her mistress. She went into the suite bathroom and filled the tub. She knew she could soak and scrub for the rest of her life but she would never again feel clean. She had sucked a dog’s cock. Nothing could be lower or worse than that. But at least the hot water would help her relax. The thing that added insult to injury about the whole thing was that she had cum while she was being forced to suck the dog’s cock. It wasn’t a big overpowering cum like some she’d had but she did cum. Being forced to suck the dog’s cock was exciting to her. She could never admit that to anyone, let alone herself, but that was the case. She decided she would stay in the tub until the last possible minute. Then quickly get dressed and party like never before. She had the suspicion that this would be her last free night for a long, long time.

One of the nice things about the visit with LaTesha was that while Master
Rob and Mistress LaTesha had been watching, they also discussed transportation to and from the main college campus and it was arranged for cynful to ride with LaTesha to classes. Rob and cynful spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening unpacking and getting settled in. When they were comfortable with how they had everything, Rob led cynful by the hand to the door just off of the kitchen. It didn’t escape cynful’s notice that Rob had to unlock the door to go down the stairs. The stairway was rather dark and there was another locked door at the bottom of the stairs. When Rob opened the door, Cynful gasped in surprise. In front of her was what could only be described as a dungeon. There were manacles on the wall and floor. There were huge hooks on pulleys attached to crossbeams that supported the floor above. There was an area with a sink and open drain and an open shower head. There was a table there with shackles attached to it as well. There was also a St. Andrews cross. There were several cabinets in the room but when they looked, there was no actual equipment in them. Rob did find a note in one of the cabinets that gave them the address to a porn shop close to where they lived that catered to unusual tastes. It also had a code on it and indicated that they had a two thousand dollar credit line to get started on outfitting the dungeon.

Rob showed the note to Cynful who clapped her hands together giddily and said, “Oh goody master. Let’s go get our stuff tonight? I want us to have our very own dungeon so we can have all sorts of fun together.”

Rob shook his head in amazement as he was constantly being surprised by how
Cynthia responded to all of the things she was exposed to as a sub in the Coch Organization. He finally answered, “Then why don’t we go see just how much of this limit we can spend tonight. Come on you little slut. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep up with you. You do surprise me a little more every day. Just three months ago I would have never dreamed you could be like this.”

cynful turned toward Rob and put her arms around his shoulders and looked up into his eyes with love and adoration saying, “I don’t know how many times I have to say this to you, my master, but I’ll keep saying it as long as I have to. The old Cynthia Palmer died when I found out that my brother had sold me out to some bookie. When I was given a choice of becoming a crack whore and ending up in some gutter somewhere or being a slave to someone unknown and live my dream I decided that the latter was much preferable to the former and devoted my life to that choice. You know what changed when I found out that the master in question was you?”

Rob truthfully answered, “No I don’t. What changed when you found out it was me?”

cynful answered with sincere conviction saying, “If I was willing to give my all for a master I did not know, then I had to give you everything else I had left. That is my love, my trust and my undying devotion. You are the master of my heart and my soul. I am truly yours to mold and play with as you see fit. I pray daily that you will never violate that trust but you are my master in every way and it is my duty to help you to enjoy this body that belongs to you to the best of my ability.”

Rob bent his head down and took cynful into a bear hug and kissed her with every ounce of passion he had. He whispered after he broke the kiss, “I accept your gift and promise to always honor the trust you have given me my love. I also promise that we will explore every facet of play we can and find out what you love and what you don’t. If you ever find you don’t like something, just let me know and I won’t do it again. Now let’s go find out what kinds of things we can find to play with. I’m sure we need to find a variety of clamps, whips and dildos but we’ll just have to shop and see what else they have.”

The two left the house with Teddy and drove the half mile to the porn shop.
After showing the clerk the note, they were made to wait as he phoned the owner. Within five minutes the owner was in the shop and approached Rob and cynful. He shook Rob’s hand while he appraised cynful with his eyes. He said, “I was told you had a red headed beauty of a sub but I’d say she was an angel. She looks so innocent, are you sure this is the same slave I was told about?”

Rob laughed, “Let me introduce you to cynfulknotslut. She answers to cynful. We are here to stock up our new dungeon. The note said that we had a two thousand dollar limit to get us started.”

The owner of the shop had an evil, lustful sneer on his face as he said, “Yes the agreement was that I would give you a two thousand dollar credit line but that she would have to work it off. I have a little stage area in back and I usually keep a slave handy so customers can test their equipment before they buy. I tell you what. You put her back in that room and when she has earned me double the amount of credit you have, we’ll call it even. I’m guessing that if she is as good as I’ve been told, she will be done before the night is through.”

Rob responded as he looked at cynful, “I tell you what, you get on your phone to your organization members and tell them we have a little surprise for them tonight and charge them an admission. I promise it will be worth their while. cynful will earn the two thousand like you said but the money from the show will go to any additional purchases we might want to make over and above that. What do you think about doing something like that?”

The owner answered, “Let me have 25% of the take and it’s a deal.”

Rob was surprised, He expected the guy to want a lot more than that and had hoped for a 50/50 deal. This was much better and so shook his hand and said, “We have a deal. Let me get our purchases first and then we’ll have cynful in the back room. We’ll stay until you tell me she has earned her keep. I want to be in the room at the same time so I can protect my slave. Once she has met the requisite amount then give us about 30 minutes to get set up for a show. I want it understood that I will allow no permanent damage to be done to her. I also expect that any customers desiring to enjoy all of her assets will take appropriate precautions. I will not have my slave put at risk of being exposed to some disease.”

The owner shook Rob’s hand and answered, “It’s agreed. Just bring your purchases to the counter when you’re done and the cashier there will put it aside for you. When you’re ready, let him know and he will show you to the back room."

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that was a great start to a wonderful story i cant wait to read more of what you have in store, thank you for posting!
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Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 7, Night At The Porn Shop

After talking with the owner of the porn shop, Rob and cynful began to shop. Cynthia giggled and acted like a girl in her favorite toy store as they went from aisle to aisle. When they got to the clamps section, she took one of every different combination of clamps. Giggling and smiling at Rob. She went up to him and whispered in his ear, “Just wait until you get a chance to try all of these on your little doggy slut… hehehehe…”

cynful went to the dildo section next. She picked up a nice leather brief case that when she opened it, it had every size dildo in it from a fairly small five inch long, one inch diameter dildo to a fourteen inch long, three inch diameter dildo. There were a total of six in the case. There was also a total of six butt plugs in the case as well. All of the dildos and butt plugs had a vibrator included in them. After almost reverently running her hand over the dildos, cynful threw them into the bag that Rob had.

cynful turned back around and saw a silver dildo with a control on it. She picked up the package and saw that it said training dildo. Cynful turned around and held it up to Rob and said, “I think that we should definitely get this dildo. That way I can wear it while I’m at class and train my cunt muscles to be nice and strong so I will always keep it nice and tight for you. What do you think?”

Rob answered, “I think that’s a wonderful idea. I wouldn’t want that sweet cunt of yours to permanently lose its wonderful tightness. Make sure you get a set of each of the electrical dildos too.”

cynful turned around and grabbed the dildos that Rob had pointed too and dumped them into the bag. The bag was getting full so they went up to the counter and traded it with the clerk for an empty bag. They were just turning around to continue shopping when the door to the store opened and in walked an older woman with a large Rotweiller.

cynful looked at the dog with lust in her eyes. She started getting excited. She turned to Rob and looked at him with all of the lust and hope that she had. She didn’t say a word because before she could Rob said, “Go ahead you little dog slut. Have a go. I’m sure all of the customers would enjoy the show.”

cynful turned to go but quickly turned back and said, “Why don’t you go get Teddy and bring him in. It’s obvious we can bring him in and they won’t say anything. I’m sure he hates being locked up in the car.

cynful walked over to the mistress, who had just walked to the dildo section that they had come from. She walked up behind the woman who was now crouching down and picking up the biggest of the dildos and holding them in front of the dog. There were about six different types of very large dildos that she picked up and held in front of the dog one after the other. When she did she would say in a kind of baby talk, “What do you think of this one my lover boy? Is this the one you want to use on mommy? Is it boy?”

It was on the fourth dildo that the dog barked and took the dildo in his mouth, balls first with the business end sticking straight in front of its nose. Cynful couldn’t help but giggle at the funny site. The woman quickly stood up, blushed in embarrassment and looked at cynful.

Before the woman could say anything, cynful held out her hand. When the woman hesitantly extended hers to shake it, cynful said, “I was just admiring your dog here. Would you let me have a go at him? Please?”

The woman looked at cynful as if she had just grown horns. She asked, “You want to fuck my Brutus? Here? In the store?”

cynful got down on her knees in front of the big dog and hugged it. With her arms around the dog she looked up at the woman with pleading eyes and said in a raspy, lustful whisper, “Oh yes. He is such a beautiful animal. I can’t wait to get his cock in me.”

The woman, rapidly overcoming her embarrassment said, “I think you’re in for a surprise. My Brutus here is a specially trained stud. He will give you a wonderful ride. You have to do whatever he wants with you, if you do this. I also want you to do it up front where the customers can see you.”

cynful stood up and hugged the woman and thanked her. She headed to the front of the store and told the clerk to play some music for her to dance to. As soon as the music started, cynful began to dance seductively to the music. She slowly began to unbutton her blouse as she danced. It didn’t take long for the customers to notice something going on at the front and began to congregate around the area where cynful was dancing. When she had the shirt unbuttoned, she pulled it open, exposing her tits to the crowd.

Cheers went up as she exposed her tits. The cheers quickly turned to groans of disappointment as she pulled the blouse closed. She continued to sway to the music for a couple of strains and then she took the blouse off completely. She threw the blouse to Rob who was now standing there with Teddy on his leash.

cynful continued to dance and began to work on her shorts. She slowly unbuttoned them. They all knew that she wasn’t wearing panties immediately. There was nothing but bare skin showing, not a single tuft of pubic hair. When they saw her bare skin they cheered again.

Cynful would have teased them some more but she was way too anxious to get to fucking the dog. She quickly began to pull her shorts down. She kicked them off in the direction of Rob and got down on her hands and knees. She called out, ‘Brutus… come Brutus.”

The woman holding Brutus’ leash knelt down, held the dildo in front of him and ordered, “Fuck her Brutus. Fuck her good.”

Brutus took the dildo by the balls end in his mouth. He quickly bounded up to cynful and began poking the business end into her ass. She was surprised that he was trying to force the dildo into her instead of licking her like most dogs do. She was already excited from the dance and she wanted to be fucked so she reached back and lined up the dildo with her cunt. Brutus pushed forward and began to fuck the dildo in and out of her cunt. It was amazing, the way he made it go in and out like a real cock. Every once in a while he would force the fake cock all of the way into her cunt and begin to lick her cunt and ass. After a few minutes of that, he would take the base of the dildo in his teeth and begin to fuck in and out again. cynful’s excitement began to grow and grow.

Brutus had been taught to take his human bitch to the edge with the dildo and then leave it in and stop. When he did, cynful yelled out, “Nooooo……… don’t stop. I need to cum. Fuck me Brutus, please fuck me.”

That was the command Brutus had been trained to wait for. He immediately launched up onto cynful’s back and began to position himself to fuck her. His cock began to batter her all around the dildo in her cunt. cynful reached back and guided his cock up to her asshole as she lowered her ass just enough to make it easier for the dog. She desperately wanted that cock in her ass. She had been so close to coming and was so excited she would almost do anything to go that last little bit over the edge. Besides, she thoroughly loved a double fucking.

When Brutus felt the tip of his cock hit her anal rose bud, he pushed in with all of his strength. cynful was use to being taken in the ass by Teddy so it slid in fairly easily. She still let out a grunt from the invasion of the large cock. When the crowd saw it begin to enter her asshole, they began to cheer.

cynful’s ass was well lubricated from all of the licking Brutus had done. He continued to hump his cock further and further into her asshole. As he did, cynful pushed back toward him to help. She was really getting close to cumming so she began to yell for everyone’s benefit, “Fuck me Brutus. Fuck me in the ass you wonderful dog. Make me cum. I’m almost there so keep fucking me. That’s a good dog. Fuck me… fuck me… fuc…………… ahheeeeiiiiii”

cynful launched into a massive cum. The crowd stood there in stunned silence as cynful shook in intense pleasure from her cum. The combination of the dual fuck from the dildo and the dog in front of an audience gave her a wonderfully exciting cum. It was ranked up there along with the best she ever had. For the next few moments the crowd stood there in stunned silence as they watched her body spasm from the force of her cum.

Finally Brutus’ owner began to clap and cheer. This woke the crowd out of their stupor and they all began to cheer. What they didn’t notice was that Brutus was still humping away at her ass. Cynful’s arms collapsed and she folded them up under her head as she rested through the wonderful fucking.

Rob looked around at the growing crowd. Word had apparently gotten out because it seemed that more and more people were showing up all of the time. He didn’t know how they were finding out, but he had a good idea it was the owner of the shop. He glanced over at the clerk and saw him on the phone as well. He suddenly got an idea and yelled, “Hey everyone. Cynful here is my wife. If you like this show, why don’t you leave a nice tip for her? We’re both just poor college students and could sure use the cash. Also, cynful will be in the back room after this for you to try out the stuff before you buy it. Please do the owner the favor of buying a lot for providing you with this wonderful show. And if you like this one, hang around for the show at closing. If you think this is good, just wait. That show will be even better. The clerk will take your tips and donations for us. Thanks and enjoy the show. I hope we’ll see you in the back room.”

All of the guys began to gradually make their way to the counter without taking their eyes off of cynful. They weren’t about to miss any of the action. They didn’t just leave one or two dollars. They were leaving amounts from 10 to 100 dollars. There were at least thirty people in the store at the time and more were coming in all of the time.
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As the patrons were tipping, Brutus kept fucking cynful’s ass like there was no tomorrow. Finally his knot began to pound away at her entrance. It was swelling rapidly and cynful knew that if she didn’t get it into her ass soon, it would tear her apart when he did. She began to push back hard, grunting with each push because of the pain. On the third push, it finally sank in and cynful screamed in pain.

Brutus began to fuck her with a machine gun action as he forced his hips into cynful’s ass and his knot moved back and forth rubbing against the dildo in her cunt. She soon returned to actively pushing back when Buster pushed in. Her excitement continued to build and build. She was on the verge of cumming when she felt a lick from her chin to her nose. She gasped and opened her eyes and her mouth at the same time. She stared into Teddy’s eyes as he stuck his tongue into her mouth and began to lick her there, fucking his undulating tongue into her throat. To every one in the porn shop it looked like she was French kissing the dog.

Teddy soon pulled back and launched himself onto her back, face to face with Brutus. Just as Teddy began to try and fuck his cock into cynful’s mouth, Brutus started cumming and howled out as he did. This put cynful over the edge into a massive cum. She began to scream in ecstasy when Teddy found his mark and sank his cock all of the way down her throat. He began a rapid fucking motion, fucking her throat and muting her scream of ecstasy.

Brutus soon turned around ass end to ass end with her as Teddy continued to fuck her. This was the way things went until Teddy began to cum down her throat. Cynful greedily swallowed her canine master’s cum as he pumped it almost directly into her stomach. When he pulled his cock out of her throat a final spurt of cum splashed across her face. The gathered crowd of over 50 people erupted in cheers and applause. They knew that the show was winding down. Teddy immediately returned to Rob as Brutus began to try and pull his cock out of her ass. It was a couple of minutes later when he finally did. Cum ran out of her gaping ass and down over her filled cunt and thighs.

cynful knelt there breathing hard as she recovered from the intense dual fucking. The clerk saw the mess she was making on the floor from the cum and threw a towel at her. cynful felt it hit her in the face and immediately grabbed it. She began to clean herself up as best she could but the cum just kept flowing out of her ass. Finally cynful looked toward the clerk and said, “Can you hand me one of the moderate sized butt plugs from the stuff we gave you. I don’t want to leak all over your store.”

The clerk reached down to the bag he was keeping for them. He opened the case and took out the next to the largest of the butt plugs. It was eight inches long and at its widest, three and a half inches in diameter. Its narrowest diameter was two inches. When he handed to cynful she was startled at the size of it. She gave him a perplexed look but didn’t say anything. She heard exclamations and murmuring in the crowd as they took bets as to whether she would put it in her ass or not. She decided it was time for another show.

cynful took the butt plug and moistened it by bringing it to her mouth. She licked it in as lustful manner as she knew how. She covered it completely with saliva and after pushing it all of the way into her mouth one time at the end, she took it and slowly pushed it into her ass. It proved to be a bit difficult and caused her some pain. Finally she stood up and squatted down. She put her entire weight onto the butt plug and forced it into her ass. She let out a loud groan of pain as the plug spread her ass out and sunk in. Finally it was seated fully and she got up. She waddled more than walked to Rob who was quietly waiting for her. She smiled as she saw cash exchanging hands. Her smile turned even more radiant when she looked at the counter and saw the mound of cash that had been left for them by the clerk.

Rob announced, “That’s the end of the show for now. For invited guests there will be another show when the shop closes. Please let us have some time to finish shopping and then cynful will be in the back room for you to try your purchases out before you buy. Thanks for the donations. They will go a long way to helping us get through college. We’ll see you in the back room in a bit.”

Cynful started to go with Rob when she stopped in her tracks. She squatted down and pulled out the dildo in her cunt. She turned and walked up to Brutus’s Mistress and said, “I think this belongs to Brutus. You have trained him wonderfully. Would you stay for our performance tonight so that I can use him in the show? I would love for you to participate in it as well. I need a Mistress to pull off what I want to do.”

Brutus’s Mistress answered, “As much as I would love to stay, I have other obligations that I can’t get out of. I will let you use Brutus however. The owner has my address so please bring Brutus back yourselves. Brutus and I would love to spend some quality time with the three of you.”

Cynful took the leash that was offered to her and she led Brutus over to Rob. She explained everything to him and he gladly took the leash and gave Brutus’s owner a wave of thanks. They turned down the aisle with the whips and they began to fill their bag with one of each of the whips, floggers, paddles and canes. They then moved on and found the enema equipment. They took one of each there as well. As they rounded the corner at the end of the aisle, cynful noticed a door to another lit room and saw racks of clothes. She grabbed Rob’s hand and pulled him through the doorway.

They found themselves in a room filled with racks and racks of costumes. They began to go through them. She couldn’t find what she was looking for at first. She went to the back of the room to an area that said storage and started lifting up clothes that had been placed on the table. That was where she found what she wanted. She first pulled out a pair of Bavarian Lederhosen for Rob. She continued to dig through and found a Bavarian peasant girl’s dress that was only one size to small for her. She could make it work and it would be more form fitting that way. They went back out to the main area of the costume room and pulled out the third costume they would need. They just had to find the person to wear it. cynful was sure she would find someone by the time the show was supposed to happen.

Master and slave left the room with cynful carrying the costumes and one full bag of equipment. Rob had his hands full of another bag of equipment and the two dogs in the other hand. They quickly made their way to the counter where they placed their purchases. The clerk totaled their purchases and it came to over three thousand dollars. Rob started to take a bag to go put the stuff back when the owner put his hand on Rob’s to stop him. He said, “I know you think that there is no way you can afford all of that, even with her working it off but you would be wrong. Your slut here earned you over two thousand dollars in tips alone for her show. I guarantee that you can make up the remainder in the back room and then some. Everything you make on the show should be pure take home cash. So the stuff is yours as long as you follow through with what you have planned.”

Rob was surprised at the amount of tips cynful had earned. There had been one thing he left behind because he thought it was too expensive. He now realized that it was definitely on the doable list. He told the clerk what he wanted and then had the owner show them to the back room.

When they entered the room both Rob and cynful saw that she had a choice of hanging from shackles or putting her head and arms in a stock. Rob left the decision up to cynful and she chose the stock. The owner held up a set of signs with different prices on it. After the show that cynful had put on earlier, Rob knew that she would be in high demand. He chose the highest price listings. The owner attached the sign to the stocks so that it could be read as soon as a customer entered.

The sign said,

BLOW JOB = $100
FUCK = $200
ASS FUCK = $300
DUAL FUCK = $500
GANG BANG = $1,000 OR

Cynful saw what was on the sign. Never in her life had she imagined that she would be used as a whore. But that was what she was at that moment. At first the initial shock of it bothered her until she realized that she was her master’s toy and that she was there to please him. If that meant that she had to whore herself out then that is what she would do. She might not like it but she had made up her mind that she would willingly submit to whatever her master wanted. She would never complain about what he did to her. A slave doesn’t get that privilege. A slave just submits to her master’s pleasure. That settled in her mind, she was ready for her night in the back room.

It wasn’t long before a customer came in. He carried a couple of whips in his hand. One was a flogger and the other a cat. He stepped up and without saying anything took a couple of swings with each. Each swing landed on cynful’s back and she screamed out in pain. With the first scream Rob shot up and started to go stop the customer. Cynful opened her eyes just in time to see him getting up. She shook her head no vigorously just as the next strike hit. She screamed out in pain as she continued to shake her head no. She quickly opened her eyes again and gasped out, “It’s okay Rob. We have an agreement with the owner. Besides, you will be doing this to me soon.”

Rob shook his head in amazement as he sat down on the chair again. The customer used the flogger on her a couple of times and then left. He never said a thing to either of them. As he was leaving another one came in. He had a package with a dildo that had metal strips on it along its long axis and a remote control. He found one just like it in a cabinet. He took the demonstration model and put the dildo into cynful’s cunt. He took the control and tried each setting. There were ten settings and they ranged from a mild tingle at one to a heavy excruciating shock at ten. Cynful screamed in pain with the five highest settings. Then he put it on random. This randomly shocked cynful at different strengths and lengths of time. He let it cycle through at least five settings and then pulled the dildo out. He held the dildo in front of cynful and she dutifully sucked it clean. He put it on the cabinet counter instead of back in the cabinet so it could be used properly.

The customer paid Rob the $200 for a fuck and went back behind cynful. He put the required condom on his rampant cock and then proceeded to fuck cynful. He was just getting started as another customer came in. Before that customer managed to get half way across the room, the one fucking cynful came. He pulled out and stripped the used condom off, throwing it in the trashcan on the way out of the room.

The new customer proceeded up to cynful. He had different sets of tit clamps. Three sets to be exact. He took the first, which were essentially just alligator clips. He clipped one onto each of her tits and on her clit. Cynful was use to clamps and clips and just groaned from the short bit of pain. The customer left the clips on for about thirty seconds and then took them off. He set them aside and took the next set of clamps. These were vice clamps. He pinched and pulled on her nipples and clit to make them just a bit harder and then placed one on each tit and her clit. He turned the nipple clamps until they were firm initially. He then took turns turning the screw of the clamp tighter one turn. He soon had cynful screaming in agony with each turn.

Rob coughed and the guy looked over at him and saw the look he was getting. He quickly loosened the screws and took the clamps off. Cynful screamed in pain as the blood flowed back into each nipple and her clit. The third set of clamps was a combination alligator clip with a screw clamp. It had teeth along the front edge only. It was rectangular in shape and had screws that connected the top and bottom part of the clamp so it could be tightened down. There were only two clips to this clamp. There was a chain connecting them as well. The customer put the clip on each of her nipples causing her to cringe in pain and let out a little yelp with each one. He pulled on the chain, pulling her tits out into a conical form. This caused cynful to cry and whimper but she didn’t scream. Then he started turning each screw a quarter of a turn each. When cynful screamed loud with each turn two times in a row he stopped.

The customer went over to Rob and paid him the $300 dollars for an ass fuck. He immediately went over and put on his condom. He then pulled out the butt plug and took it to cynful’s face. She opened her mouth without being ordered and he stuffed it in. He returned to her back side and unceremoniously sank his stiff cock up her ass. To his surprise it wasn’t as loose as he expected. cynful’s training had helped her to be able to tighten her ass muscles enough so that she could still give a good ass fuck even though she was stretched out by the dildos. While he was fucking her ass, he reached under with his left hand and began to pull on the chains connected to the clamps on her tits. He spanked her with his right hand.

Cynful felt the pain in her nipples transfer straight to her cunt and she started climbing to a good cum. Soon the guy was cumming up her ass. She wasn’t close enough to cum so she began begging, “Please don’t stop. Please keep fucking me. I’m so close pleeeaaase help me to cummmmmm.”
Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 7, Night At The Porn Shop continued
By redlegtiger

As soon as the customer quit cumming he pulled out. Cynful yelled out a long no as he did and continued to beg for him to help her cum. When he reached down under her he grabbed the chain and pulled down on it hard. He jerked it back and forth so the teeth would dig into her nipples and the sensations and pain that it caused pushed her up over the precipice and she came, screaming out in a combination of pain and pleasure. Rob was amazed that she came from just pulling the chain of the clamps. He decided that he needed to get a set of those. He didn’t remember having a set with a chain connecting them like that one.

The customer reached under half way through her cum and released one of the clamps. The added stimulus pushed her cum higher and harder even though it had started to wane. Half way through this cum he again reached under and released the other clamp. This pushed her orgasm even higher until she passed out. When the customer was done he came over to Rob and handed him the clamps with the chain. He said, “You won’t find these in the store. This is a little something I made. After the little show you put on earlier, I just had to give your beauty a gift worthy of such a slut. I look forward to the show tonight. Welcome to town.” He then turned and walked out.
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Cynthia Palmers New Life Chapter 7, Night At The Porn Shop Continued
By redlegtiger

Other than the gift, that’s the way the next few hours went. Customers would come in and test the equipment and either leave, or pay for a fuck. There were no gang bangs though there was one dual fuck. It was a husband wife team. The woman had cynful eat her cunt while her husband fucked her ass. It was about a half hour before closing when they got another surprise for the day. Their new neighbor LaTesha came in with a cat and a set of tit and clit clamps.

When she saw cynful in the stocks and Rob sitting there, she said, “Now isn’t this fun. I didn’t expect to find you two here tonight. I see it didn’t take you two long to find the local pervert supply store. I thought I would stop by and get a couple of things for my misbehaving slave. I wanted to test them to see what kind of reaction I would get from them.”

She then went up to cynful and first began attaching the three alligator clips to her nipples and her clit. Then she stepped back and took a couple of swings with the cat in the air to get a feel for it. When she felt ready she stepped up and began to whip cynful’s back. She took two swings and then stopped as the clerk and told her to. But Rob said, “Go ahead and whip her until she begs you to stop. Cynful, if you beg too soon then I will whip you until I’m sure you really mean it and I’ll use these clamps on your tits while I’m doing it. Not to mention that I won’t let you fuck Teddy for a week.”

Cynful had actually been thinking of begging her to stop quickly just to get Rob to use the whip on her. There was no way that she could go without Teddy for a week though. She clenched her teeth and said, “Yes master. I promise to take my punishment like a good slave.”

With that LaTesha said, “I want you to count and ask me for the next one each time. I want to see just how long we can go before your begging me to stop.”

LaTesha swung and brought the cat down on cynful’s back. She counted one and asked for another. They continued this and cynful kept counting though it took her longer and longer each time to quit screaming. They were above 50 when Rob finally said enough. He went up to cynful who was crying terribly by that time and he asked, “I know that you were hurting terribly. Why didn’t you ask for it to stop?”

Cynful said through her tears, “I didn’t want to disappoint you master.” And then she giggled through her tears, “And of course you know I could never go a week without Master Teddy. That was cruel but wise of you sir.”

When Rob looked up he saw the clerk and the owner standing at the door. The owner said, “The time has been up for a couple of minutes but we were enjoying the show. You have about twenty minutes before the show starts. You might want to start getting ready.”

The clerk handed the bag to Rob with the costumes in it. He looked at cynful who was still in the stocks crying and decided to ask for her. He looked at LaTesha and said, “cynful wants to put on a little show for a group of people. We were going to try and find someone in the crowd but we would be honored if you would help out. She has a Hansel and Gretel thing planned. She needs a wicked witch to put the two of us under her spell. Then force her brother to help do unspeakable things to her. I’m sure she had a threesome in mind and the two dogs as well. We have the costume here if you agree.”

LaTesha answered, “Of course I will. That sounds like a lot of fun. But what is this group of people?”

Rob answered, “There is a large international group of slave owners that obtain and train sex slaves. I was going to talk to you about it in a couple of weeks but I think this will expose you more. The cost of membership is $50,000 or two slaves. The two slaves must be turned over to the local group for auction. Any money over the $50,000 will be put into a special account that you can use for purchases of equipment or buying new slaves. I think that you have it in yourself to do well with the organization. Are you interested?”

LaTesha said, “$50,000 is a lot of money. I don’t know where I would get two slaves either. But I definitely would be interested if we can arrange it.”

Rob responded with a smile and said, “Then I will introduce you as a candidate tonight. You will not be allowed full membership until you pay your application fee. You have a year to pay your debt. Until then you can only attend functions as a guest of another master or mistress. Once you have paid, then you can attend any function of the organization that you want. I warn you that the organization is obviously illegal but then so is blackmailing your sub Suzie so I didn’t figure that would bother you.”

LaTesha laughed and said, “Yeah, I never even thought about the illegality of it. But you’re right. Blackmailing that little bitch Susie was against the law. I kind of figured that a sex slave ring would be illegal. That doesn’t change things a bit. Just help me find a couple of slaves and I’m in. Now let’s get cynful free and get ready for this show.”

They spent the remaining time taking cynful out of the stocks and then getting dressed in the appropriate outfits. About ten minutes to show time, several men came in and moved the equipment out of the way. Rob, Cynful and LaTesha were all going over what they would do and say while the room was being set up. The owner came in and LaTesha explained that they would need some bread and that she needed him to participate in the show. The owner readily agreed and left to get a costume from the store room. When it was time for the show the three took their place as people started to come in the room. There was soon standing room only. Cynful realized that there was over a hundred people in the room and the only area that was clear was the area to the left and right of the small stage, a gap of about five feet from the wall to the crowd and the stage.

The owner came in carrying a loaf of bread, handed it to Rob and announced, “Tonight we have a special performance to be put on by our two newest east coast members. Rob is a life time member of the organization from Washington and is out here for medical school. His slave wife is also attending the veterinary school and is going to be working for the organization exclusively. All of the dogs that you get once she graduates will be receiving a clean bill of health from her before they are sent off to their new owners. cynful’s mother is the current organization trainer and is why the most recent dogs are much better trained than the previous ones. Two of those dogs will be performing with them tonight. I can assure those who weren’t here earlier that they do put on quite a show. I turn the rest of the time over to Master Rob, his slave cynful and their guest LaTesha.”

Rob whispered in the owner’s ear and the owner announced, “I have just been informed that their guest is actually a new applicant to the organization and that Rob is sponsoring her. She already has one slave and has promised to bring in two more for her membership fee. Let’s give a warm welcome to Master Rob, his slave cynful and Novice Mistress LaTesha. Welcome LaTesha to the group.”

A round of applause went up to greet them. It was only when they quieted down that Cynful and Rob began to walk away from the stage to the right to walk down the gap between the wall and the crowd around the room. Rob was tearing off small bits of bread as they went and dropping them on the floor. Cynful started out by saying, “Hansel, do you think the stories are true that there is a wicked witch in the forest?”

Rob playing Hansel answered, “I think that was just an old story that adults tell to scare kids from going too deep in the forest Gretel.”

Cynful playing Gretel paused just momentarily then said, “Thank you for helping me get away. It hurt terribly when papa put his thing in my private place last night. It made me bleed and hurt real bad.”

Hansel answered, “I know. I wanted to hit him but was too scared. I knew that if we stayed that papa would keep hurting you. You’ve seen how he hurts mama in the bottom all of the time. I bet that if you stayed he would be putting in his thing in your bottom like he does mama.”

When Rob and cynful were two thirds of the way around the room, the owner, now dressed in a huntsman outfit, led Teddy and Brutus from the right of the stage and began to follow the bread crumbs slowly. He was quietly encouraging the dogs to eat the bread crumbs as he went.

Gretel watched Hansel drop the bread crumbs for a couple of steps and then asked, “Why are you leaving a trail Hansel. If we are running away, won’t that lead papa right to us?”

Hansel said, “In case we ran into problems that we can’t handle, we can get back to the village. I’m still not real sure we’re going the right way so I want to be able to get back so we can go another direction if this doesn’t work out.”

They were now at the left side of the stage. They stepped up on it and started walking across, Rob still dropping crumbs. As they passed the center of the stage, LaTesha threw some glitter at cynful from the gap between the curtains along the back wall of the stage. Cynful froze in place and didn’t move as Rob continued to the edge of the stage before noticing that she had stopped. He turned around and said, “Come on Gretel, we don’t want to stop now.”

Cynful said, “I can’t move Hansel. I’m trying but I can’t move.”

Just as he was stepping toward cynful, LaTesha stepped out from behind the curtain laughing in a cackling laugh like the witch she was playing. She said as she threw a small handful of glitter at Hansel, “Both of you little kids are under my spell now. It has been too long since I enjoyed the flesh of a virginal girl and boy. Come boy. It’s time for you to take your sister’s clothes of.”

Rob started moving forward towards cynful but he was walking stiffly and in a jerking manner as if he was fighting trying to walk. He yelled at the witch, “Stop it witch. I won’t take my sister’s clothes off. You can’t make me.”

LaTesha as the witch said condescendingly, “So you won’t do it little boy. We’ll just see what you will or won’t do. I’m betting you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do. Now take off the little bitch’s clothes. She has an appointment with the god of all canines and his right hand mutt. You on the other hand are going to help her get ready.”

About that time, Rob had reached Gretel and still acting like he was fighting every inch he moved, he began to undress cynful by unbuttoning her dress. He started begging, “Please don’t make me do this. Don’t make me strip my sister.”

LaTesha cackled again and said, “You will do much more than strip your sister little boy. Now hurry up and finish the job. When you are done, you will get on your knees in front of her and suck on her little cunt.”

Rob fell to his knees as if he was forced to. He pulled the dress down until it lay in a puddle around cynful’s feet. She lifted first her left foot, acting like she was forced as Rob had. She moved it to the outside of the dress, then the right foot. She was now naked, the signs of her whipping on her back from earlier still showed. Her feet were now about three feet apart. Rob leaned in toward cynful saying, “Please don’t make me do things to Gretel. Please have mercy………mmmm… mmmm…mmmm”. He mumbled through the last of what he was going to say, right into cynful(Gretel’s) cunt. He began to eat cynful’s cunt for real.

Hansel(Rob) began to aggressively suck and chew on cynful’s wet cunt. He spent several minutes licking her inner and outer lips and thrusting his tongue deep into her hole. As he felt her excitement increase he finally moved to her clit and sucked and nibbled on it until she was on the edge. Just as she was tripping over into an orgasm, Rob remembered how her orgasm before had increased with the pain of pulling the nipple clamps off. He bit down hard on her clit causing cynful to scream in pain and bring cheers from the audience. The addition of the pain sent her orgasm screaming skyward to a massive orgasm. Gretel’s(cynful’s) scream of pain turned into a scream of pure pleasure. She came so hard that she collapsed to her knees. Rob just scrambled out of the way in time for her to fall forward, catching her self with her hands.

The wicked witch(LaTesha) stepped forward from her position at the back of the stage. She was wearing a black witch’s hat, a black robe that hung open, a bustier that held her naked tits up for all to see and a strap on dildo with a twelve inch dildo attached to it. She stepped up behind Gretel and quickly pushed the cock into her saturated cunt causing Gretel to cry out.

While the witch had been approaching Gretel, Hansel had gotten up and moved in front of her head as if he was still being forced. He had pulled his stiff cock out and was standing there ready when Gretel cried out. He stuck his rampant cock into her mouth and down her throat cutting the cry short.

Cynful had gagged when Rob’s cock went down her throat. She hadn’t been expecting it at the time. When they had talked about the scenario, they had agreed that she would suck him off. Between Rob biting her clit so hard and forcing his cock straight down her throat she realized that something had changed in Rob. She found her excitement and orgasms were getting better this way. She may not like the pain, but it definitely improved her orgasms. She hoped that Rob wouldn’t take it too far.

Hansel and the witch continued to fuck Gretel like there was no tomorrow. They were pummeling her back and forth without mercy. The witch was the first to cum. She shouted out in pleasure as she fell forward, supporting herself with her hands on Gretel’s back. She stayed that way as her orgasm surged through her. Hansel was still fucking Gretel’s throat and was no where near cumming.

While the witch and Hansel were fucking Gretel, the huntsman(The owner dressed in a huntsman uniform) was leading Teddy and Brutus around the outer edges of the room, making sure that the dogs ate the bread crumbs that Hansel had dropped. He made his way to the front left of the audience and waited until Hansel came down Gretel’s throat.

Hansel stepped back after cumming and announced, “I’m free of your spell witch. We are leaving. You can’t hold us here any more.”

Hansel reached down and helped Gretel up and as they turned to go off stage to follow the bread crumbs back. As they were getting up the witch laughed and said, “And where will you children go my sweets. My huntsman has been following you for miles and his hunting dogs have been eating your crumb trail. You have no where to go. Besides, do you think that I would let you go?”

The laughed again with an evil cackle and stepped up in front of Hansel and Gretel. She said as she ran her open hand down the right side of Gretel’s face, “And now that you have entertained me my sweet little play toy. You will entertain my huntsman and his boys.”

The witch turned and went back to the wall where she started from and turned back to face the audience and announced, “Come my huntsman. I have new toys for your boys. Come and play.”

That was the sign the huntsman was waiting for. Hansel began moving backward away from Gretel. He moved as if he was fighting an unseen force to keep from moving away. Gretel fell back down to her hands and knees so that she was staring ahead toward the direction the dogs and the huntsman was. The huntsman leaned down and released the leashes from the dogs’ collars.

The dogs rushed up to Gretel. The first one there was Teddy and he immediately launched himself up onto her back. He started humping into the air at first. He soon had his cock lined up and when it hit Gretel’s cunt he drove it into the hilt.

While this was going on, Brutus had launched himself onto her back from the front. He was humping air until Gretel cried out in pain from Teddy’s cock sinking into her cunt. Brutus at the same moment as she cried out sank his cock halfway into her mouth.

Cynful of course made it look like she was forced but she quickly clamped her mouth on the cock and started sucking. This is what she loved. She was a true canine slut and was terribly excited. She knelt there and took the battering that the dogs were giving her. Her body shook from the power of the thrusts.

Hansel stood to the right of the stage and watched the dogs begin to fuck his sister. He yelled, “Let her be you filthy ole witch. Don’t make my sister mate with dogs. How evil and cruel can you be?”

The witch laughed again and announced, “I think that you protest too much my little boy toy. I see that your manhood says that you find your sister being fucked by two hunting dogs excites you. I have need of that manhood.”

The witch waved her hand and Hansel fell to his knees. He began walking on his knees towards her. When he was about half way, where there was a good view for the crowd, he stopped and lay down on his back.

The witch had taken off the strap on and moved over to Hansel and sank down on his cock. She fucked herself on his cock for a few moments and announced, “Come huntsman and take care of your mistress. I need your fine cock in my ass.”

The owner was surprised at this. They had talked about the dogs but hadn’t talked about him participating in the show. He wasn’t going to pass up the chance to fuck a hot babe like LaTesha. He had been seeing her come in to the shop for months and wished he could fuck her. It looked like now was his chance. Slipping into character he started towards the stage announcing, “I’m coming to you my mistress. You know that your wish is my command.”

LaTesha had been fucking away at Rob for a few moments and had decided she wanted a double fuck. She had always wondered what one would feel like and decided that now was a perfect time to find out. That was why she as the witch had yelled for the huntsman. As the witch she yelled out, “Come, my huntsman. Your mistress needs her ass fucked. Come and prove to me you are the man I need.”

The huntsman came up and grabbed hold of the witch’s ass cheeks. He had taken his erect cock out of his pants as he approached. He spit into his hand and moistened his cock up while he put a wad of spit onto the witch’s ass. He lined up his cock and began to slowly push in. It was slow going at first but soon he was in to the hilt. He began to fuck the witch like there was no tomorrow.

The audience was getting a great show. This was more than any of them had expected. They imagined just a regular fuck show but nothing like what they were seeing. They stood in stunned silence. Many of the masters and mistresses had brought their slaves. They had but them to work, sucking on their cock or cunt while they watched the show. The smell of sex permeated the large room.

The witch came soon after the huntsman started plowing her anal passage. She continued to cum over and over as she was fucked by the two men. Cynful meantime was coming over and over from her dual fucking from the two dogs. The two dogs came first. Brutus pulled out and found a quiet corner to lie down in while Teddy was knotted to his bitch. He turned ass end to ass end with her and was waiting for his knot to go down. The owner was the next one to cum and yelled out his orgasm, letting the crowd know he was cumming. A couple of minutes later Rob came.

After they had recovered from their cum, they all stood up and looked over to cynful who was still cumming from being knotted to Teddy. The owner looked at Rob and asked, “I take it the show is over?”

Rob quietly said, “I definitely think they got their money’s worth, don’t you?”

The owner laughed and said, “More than their money’s worth if you ask me.”

The owner turned to the crowd and announced, “Masters and mistresses that concludes the show for tonight. Let’s here a round of applause to our newest master Rob and his slave cynful and our new applicant LaTesha for a wonderful show.”

The crowd erupted into loud cheers, except for those few who were cumming at the time. They were screaming out their cums instead. When the noise died down the owner announced, “Rob, LaTesha and cynful are all students at the university. You all know what it’s like to be a poor college student. If you think the show was worth more than the admission fee, please leave a donation to them with the clerk at the front desk. I will make sure that 100% of the donations go to our wonderful new additions to our group. Now let the orgy begin.”

That was all it took. Clothes started coming off and the audience was soon one seething mass of flesh as fucking of all kinds was going on. After they recovered, Rob, cynful and LaTesha joined into the orgy. They stayed for the next couple of hours until everyone was fucked out. Because they had already cum a few times during the show, the three performers found themselves worn out well before any one else was. They went to the clerk and told him that they would watch the front of the store if he wanted to join in the fun.

That is where they stayed for the rest of the night as masters and mistresses came out. They were welcomed and congratulated as each master and mistress left. Each one left a sizeable donation for them as well. After the last one left, leaving them and just the owner in the store, they began to count the donations. The owner counted up the admission fee for the show. When they were done counting, they had over seven thousand dollars from the donations and two thousand five hundred as their share of the admissions. They couldn’t believe how much they had earned.

The owner congratulated them and said, “Consider all of the items you purchased paid in full. You also have a credit line of fifteen hundred dollars to purchase items in the future as well. LaTesha, you have a five hundred dollar credit line now and the items you got tonight are on the house. All three of you made me a lot of money tonight. If you ever want to do something like this again, then just let me know. You were a big hit. They’ll be talking about this for weeks.”

Rob split the money three ways and handed LaTesha her share. This was totally unexpected and she thanked them profusely. LaTesha had taken a taxi to the shop and needed a ride home so rode with Rob and cynful. The first light of dawn was just beginning to peak over the horizon as they pulled into their drive way at home. LaTesha invited them in for a quick morning snack so they could meet the other members of the household.

When they entered the house, the stench of vomit was the first thing to hit them. When they entered the living room, they were met with a startling site. It seemed that the birthday party for the young 17 going on 18 year old girl had gotten out of hand. There was a girl on the couch with a vibrator in her cunt vibrating away and a closed bottle of hot sauce in her ass. There was another girl passed out on the floor with vomit by her head. Susie and the other girl were missing so Rob had cynful stay downstairs with Teddy while he and LaTesha went upstairs to check on the others. They found Susie and the birthday girl on LaTesha’s bed passed out in a 69 position. LaTesha was furious.

This is the end of Chapter 7. Stay tuned for the next chapter showing the consequences for the four roommates of LaTesha.

If you like this story, please leave me some love. That is what keeps us authors writing. I haven't heard anything from any fans for a while so may not continue the story here if fans aren't reading it.

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:wub: I can't beive I didn't notice you'd moved this down here :heart: :heart: You get all the love from me, I simply adore this and put thumbs up for more. I can't wait till the next part I belive someone is in a whole heap of trouble :wub: Thanks for the awsome updates :heart:
Posted: Oct 14 2007, 10:57 PM
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WOW :w00t:
Posted: Oct 16 2007, 02:43 AM
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Darinieh and Goldengirl,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll be writing more in the not too distant future.

Posted: Oct 16 2007, 02:37 PM
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Finally I read it :rolleyes: Great story Thanks alot :rolleyes:
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